Rainbow Classic Felt
Happy Face Bean Bag

Designed by Karlene Sullivan


  • Rainbow Classic Felt
      2, 9" x 12" cuts Yellow
      1, 9" x 12" cut Black
  • All purpose glue
  • Yellow sewing thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Approximately 2-3 cups of beans
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut happy face pattern out carefully. Trace or pin top & bottom pattern pieces on yellow felt squares. Cut out carefully. Trace or pin face pattern pieces on black felt square. Cut out carefully.

Step 2: With needle and thread, carefully sew your two round top and bottom pieces together (You may use a sewing machine if you have one). Stitch as close to outside edge as possible, but not so close that your stitch will not hold. Leave about a 1 inch hole in your seam for filling bag.

Step 3: Turn your bean bag inside out carefully so you don't pull out stitching. Place your forefinger inside along seam and carefully push out as you gently pull to reshape your bean bag. You want it to be a nice, round shape.

Step 4: Fill your bean bag with beans to desired fullness. Sew up the hole with small, tight stitches so that you don't notice the stitching on the outside of your bean bag. Poke it gently around to reshape

Step 5: Carefully glue on eyes and mouth with any all purpose glue that dries clear. Let glue dry for a couple of hours. Now your happy face bean bag is complete. Create your own bean bag pattern and choose your own felt colors. The possibilities are endless!

Click here to view and print patterns.

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