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13 March 2006
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Doctor Who | News | 21 September 2005

Power partially returns

Classic Dalek clips come back.

Two clips from a missing 1960s story have been discovered, nearly 40 years since they were last shown on TV.

Click here to watch the videoWatch the Power of the Daleks clips (Windows Media or Real)

The two short segments are from Power of the Daleks, which saw the debut of the Second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton. The clips were shown last weekend on a BBC Two programme called Sunday Past Times. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the rare footage and notified the BBC.

The first of the short clips shows a Dalek production line and the second has the Doctor's arch enemies parading outside their space capsule.

Paul Vanezis of the Restoration Team was able to track down the uncut versions of the scenes and our thanks go out to Mark Ayres for synching it with the original audio track for the very first time.

It's hoped that the footage will be included with a Classic Series DVD release next year.

Send us your comment now. We'll publish the best on this page.

darren halliday
Great news on finding new clips, power is a great story ive heard the soundtrack cd and hope one day all six episode are found.

This is fantastic news! Lets hope that a complete recovery of at least one episode of this classic is on the horizon!

Stephen P.
A nice morsel of Who memorabilia, though strangely similar to scenes I've seen before on this very website! I'm still hoping for lost footage to emerge of the Troughton masterpiece, "Evil of the Daleks"--particularly scenes of the climactic Dalek civil war in Episode 7, the Daleks' very own Gotterdammerung.

So nice to know that even little bits of what we thought were lost clips of doctor who are still out there :)

I Never Honestly believed that anymore of this story existed now that these clips have been found maybe just maybe the whole story exists somewhere!

More clips found. horaah for the bbc Now to find the "Tenth planet" episodes!

John Leachman
Just wondered, if the long lost clips from Power Of The Daleks have been missing for such a long time, why didn't anyone think to ask the guy who assembled the footage for the Dr. Who Confidential 'Ultimate Guide To Dr. Who' shown near the end of the latest Dr. Who series, as one of the clips was shown on that !!!

TheDalek Emperor
Damn! so you still havent found any "groovy" 60's footage of me! the Dalek supreme told me that that last little number in the parting of ways made me look fat! i was definately more slender back then.

bonnie jock williams
Every recovery of missing clips is a small the challenge is to find the source tape for these clips!!!!

How on earth did a BBC programme not know that what they were showing was missing footage? Those within the BBC's different departments need to talk to each other more.... But none the less, Power of the Daleks is one of my favourite Troughton stories, and heres to more Troughton discoveries soon!

Masked Apple asked what made these clips different to the ones previously found. They are physically different excerpts chosen by a different programme director from when the episodes existed in their entirety. The production line clip is much longer than the version we had before and the other clip might look familiar - it's the same set as used in another surviving clip - but it's completely new!

v doctor
it was fantasic from the time but special effects take the cake! i love dr who and the daleks extermanate!!!

Wow. Some toy Daleks being pushed along in a line and four "real" ones (one of which nearly falls over) bumbling about in front of some cardboard cutouts.

great one day i hope the story will come back

wow! i want to thank you for making these clips available. to me power is by far the best story in the series.

Sunday Past Times is always worth a watch!

Masked Apple
How do these clips differ from the identical clps that have been in numerous Doctor Who retrospectives and the Doctor Who Years : The Sixties thats currently streaming on this site?

Russell Buer
Oh what Joy to this 48 year old fan "we will grow stonger and take our rightful place in dvd universeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garry Carmody
The six part story of Power is out there somewhere,even if only one episode....wishfull thinking

Yay more clips found and I hope more are found for this story that does exist that dosn't exist anymore. Come on BBC find us more clips.

Wonderfull news one of my favorite dalek storys a step closer to being recovered, the mp3 version is good don't get me wrong but would like to see it properly.

they so cool. it'd be great to see some more classic clips from times gone by.

Captain Jack
wonderful to see more of the old daleks again

S.N (15)
Absolutely amazing. What a joy to see history with some gratitude right under our very noses! I just wish this story could be all together once again.

Phil Allely
The two latest clips from long deleted classic who means that we fans have yet another reason to celebrate the once-more coolness of all things Who. After all if it takes forty years to unearth a few clips, so be it, what's that to a time lord anyway. The Lost In Time boxset was superb and these clips will be surely be the icing on the cake when we get the next classic serial released on dvd. Keep checking dusty shelves and boxes everybody!!

the daleks stories should be release on dvd (genesis of the daleks,destiny of the daleks,revelation of the daleks)please.

Dan Brown
I just checked last night and these clips are already on The Lost In Time Doctor Who DVD....

The impossible still happens then. When someone high up said that realistically there was no chance of anything else being unearthed!!

Chris Gilbert
Lets hope the clips come from the Power episode that is often rumoured to exist, episode 4? If so does the episode exist somewhere? Be great to have something back in the archives from the rather depleted Season 4.

It's great to see more and more dr who footage is being found after being lost for so long!!! Hopefully soon they'll find the whole episode for us all to enjoy!

What a wonderful birthday present - thanks

David Wilson
Any new clip found brings hope that there are complete episodes still out there.. One day, yes one day they will come back. Come on world clean out your cupboards find those missing episodes... someone must have a few hidden away somewhere..

Michel Antler
It's always worth celebrating when new clips are discovered, and these are really special. Hope there's more undiscovered clips (and episodes!) to come...

bryan preston
Smashing wouldnt it be great to find more of this classic episode and be able to restore and air it

Daniel Hughes
Wow! Great clips, wish a whole episode/story came back!!

Mark Egerton
Good to see there's still more missing Dr Who out there - here's to the next find!!!

Matt Trinder
This is great news, the discovery of any missing doctor who clips, espicially form the depleted troughton era is something to celebrate. But the sad news is that the Lost In Time DVD is now an incomplete collection, can i sue the BBC for fradulent advertising?!

Richard Hawton
I love the fact that even when they're not gliding around, the Daleks from the sixties are always moving with agitation, which implies a pent up power. Even our most recent Daleks didn't have this...

Dave Farmbrough
It's great that these clips have been found, but how many other gems are laying undiscovered just because people don't know they have them? In the absence of any recent complete episodes being recovered, archivists and librarians should now be reviewing their holdings to see whether there is any lost material at the end of re-used tapes.

The clip looks great, it's a pity this is a lost story. It makes me want to buy the audio version even more.

oh how i wish for the whole thing to be found. this clip is so tantalising. thanks.

Stephen W
Absolutely fantastic to see these additional clips, if only more could be found.

floyd bramald
i love doctor who its the best progrom scince thomas the tank love the daleks

Looks very similar to clips that already existed. But hey, every little bit helps! Thanks, BBC, for letting us see this.

Isn't that the clips which were used towards the start of the Doctor Who Confidential episode about Daleks, just slightly longer and not cropped to 16:9?

Wow! You know, one day we could end up being able to see those long lost stories from the 60s if this keeps up. Well done to those who spotted it, what a treat!

Wow, a very classy clip. When they're filing along, especially, it looks like something out of Metropolis...

Why can't you put MPEG clips for those of us who don't wish to purchase american computers to use proprietary formats?

Cory Eadson
It's great news that this clip has been found. Here's hoping more will be returned in the future!

Charlie Boddington
That's fantastic the way they have been able to do it again, it's wicked seeing the old Daleks! Also it's amazing I can actually watch it in Windows Media Player!! Thank you so much!

Paul Abbott
As ever, rediscovered footage makes all the fans weep for what we will (probably) never see. Keep hunting everyone - let's get those gaps filled in!

Benji Clifford
Its so great to have it back! There must be more out there! There must be!

Alan Kelly (age 24)
Fantastic! A small but very welcome find of such classic clips! An absolute joy to watch! With finds like this I remain convinced that there has to be more Doctor Who material out there that has been lost for decades just waiting to be found! Let's hope and prey for many more finds like this!

Al Hine
WOW! It's nice to see these clips -anymore lurking in the BBC vault?

just seen the two classic clips on the doctor who site (daleks) and all i can say is what a great find!

Its great to know that a little more of that story can now be seen. And i'd like to thank all the fans who notified the BBC of these clips. I just cant beleive that these clips were under the noses of a lot of people and were never noticed before.

Dan Ludlow
What a great find! I think that we are all hoping for the day when the six episodes of this classic story are found. Please let it be soon.

Ashley Broomhall
I think this might prove that some of the lost episode could still be in the bbc. I think the question people would like to ask is were did this programe get the clips in the first place?

Colins Lucky Knickers
Always good to find another lost clip or episode, especially a Troughton or Dalek one!!!

Anthony & Bayley
Me and me boy watched these and enjoyed seeing some classic Daleks in action!! I loved the production line using the old Herts toys!! Bayley just liked the Daleks

absolutely marvellous! it's great to see more and more great clips of doctor who, i hope you find loads more old and lost clips!

Shaun Greenacre
Another welcome edition to the Doctor Who archives. I can't help but wonder how many more remain? Here's to the next 'missing' find! lets just hope that the next one is a little more substantial. ;0)

dalek fan
it's slowly coming back! I wonder when it will be complete!

John S. Hall
Ironic that these clips turn up after POWER OF THE DALEKS has been released by the BBC in "reconstructed" format... Maybe they should do the same thing to other missing stories so that more clips will turn up! ;)

Wow, those must be really observant fans! Congratulations on getting those clips back, I'm going to watch them now...

michael magee
first of all Patrick Trougton, my favourite doctor and the daleks are my favourite 2nd favourite monster so I think you should put them on the clips its splendid!!!

It is fantastic that more of this story has been recovered but due to how it was and where brings one to think that maybe the bbc do not know the full amount of this story or stories that they hold how is it that a bbc 2 program knows where the clips were and not anyone else perhaps another look a bbc.

Patrick Furlong
Brilliant! Quality clips - another 12 seconds of unseen (by me) Dalek footage.

The Daleks look great on TV. I would love to have as much Dalek dvds as i could. Thank you for making the Classic Series possible to get. You are the greatest BBC. THANK YOU. I reallyt like the Doctor Who books. The British Broadcastion Co-operation is absolutely great. BBC IS WONDERFUL

stephen tyler
this is relly cool and can't wait till the dvd comes out next year

Jason Davis
Where did they find the clips for the programme originally?

shame both clips are very similar to ones which already survive.. :(

Barney (12)
Great clip. Well done for finding it. It's good to see the old Dr Who series, and compare how different they were to the new series!

Rob Brown
My only thought on seeing this again is: who are they actually talking TO? They seem very keen to tell each other that they're Daleks! Cute find though...

Alex (12)
Fantastic! Seeing as most of the episodes from the Patrick Troughton era are lost, it is nice to know that lost footage is being discovered. One question though: Just because a clip has been found, the BBC won't add it onto the Lost in Time DVD that came out last year?

David Dungey
It's very good to see clips like this. Just a visual snapshot like this can do wonders for your imagination as to what The Power of the Daleks was really like in 1966.

Mike Plant
Nice to know this story is a tiny bit more complete :)



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