Mistakes happen.

The number of things that can go wrong with a book from conception to print is simply staggering, so it’s no surprise that things slip through the cracks occasionally. Even so, when it happens, the folks here at White Wolf kick themselves and ask, "How’d that slip get by us?"

Once a book’s in print, though, the only thing we can do is resolve to correct it in a future print…or publish some errata on the web site. So here we are.

This is a work in progress. The plan is to update it every month, as we find more stuff that needs fixin’. If we don’t find any mistakes in a given month, we won’t update. Here’s hoping.

Dark Ages Errata

Dark Ages: Vampire

You might have noticed that some text was missing from the clan descriptions of Nosferatu, Ravnos, and Tremere. Those quotes should have appeared as follows:

Nosferatu: Put aside your distaste, my liege, we are all equal under God. You know that you need me, and the price He demands for that is my company for a time.

Ravnos: Come, My Lord, this exquisitely crafted dagger must be worth at least 20 drachmas to you… after all, I would hate for you to find it in your back should I sell it to your brother down the street. What? You didn’t know that he was planning to rise against you. The things you hear in my line of business…

Tremere: It pains me to disagree with your Ladyship’s privy advisers, since they have doubtless guided you wisely before – but I believe your enemy will be expecting such a move. If I might humbly suggest a more… novel approach?

Dark Ages Europe

Page 91: Nastasio is actually a Ventrue, although the text implies that he is a Lasombra. See Iberia by Night for full details on him.

Page 74: Lucretia von Hartz is having a bad night. Not only is her named misspelled as "Hardtz," but she’s referred to as Lord Jürgen’s childe. That’s incorrect; she’s Jürgen’s vassal, but her sire is Kuritz (full details on her can be found in Under the Black Cross).

Dark Ages: Mage

Oxford University is not and never has been in London. It’s in Oxford, strangely enough. Believe me, we’re just as annoyed about that one as you are.

There was no index in Dark Ages: Mage; this was a space concern. The index can be found by clicking HERE. Thanks to JDRavnos for compiling it.

Oops. The Herbalism Skill appears on the character sheet but is found nowhere in the book. You can either replace it with Commerce (from Dark Ages: Vampire), or use the following Skill description:


Unlike the simple knowledge of herbs granted by the Hearth Wisdom Knowledge (herbs used mainly for cooking or medicine), this Skill provides a character with a knack for understanding the use and power of particular growing plants, whether they be herbs from a garden or the bark from an ancient cemetery yew tree. This skill is essential for making magical elixirs and poultices (see Dark Ages: Mage, pp. 205-206). While any plant-based potion can be devised without this Skill, a successful Intelligence + Herbalism roll (difficulty 6) is required to identify the proper plants needed to gain the superstitions bonus (which allows a player to negate a single 1 from any roll). Additionally, Herbalism allows a character to make a Perception + Herbalism roll (difficulty 8) to recognize a poisonous substance, such as a broth made from the wrong kind of mushrooms or a powder dissolved into the king’s mead. (Some substances are easier to recognize than others: the mushroom broth may requires only one success to notice, but the dissolved poison may require five successes and even suffer a higher difficulty.)

• Novice: You recognize some herbs from your mother’s garden.
•• Practiced: You know the magical properties of most common garden herbs.
••• Competent: You can recognize many wilderness herbs and identify their magical properties.
•••• Expert: You know the lore of all things that grow in the Earth.
••••• Master: You know the lore of all things that grow whose roots are in the Otherworld, such as certain mushrooms that grow in faerie rings.

Possessed by: Mages, Wise-women, Hermits
Specialties: Elixirs, Poultices, Hallucinogens, Poisons

Demon: The Fallen Errata

Document created 11/26/02. Like all such documents, it remains a work in progress.

Many thanks to Greg Basich, Aaron Brown, Jason Best, Patrick O’Duffy, John Padavic, James Stein, Greg Stolze, Cameron Willadsen and Michael Zwiers, plus all the posters from the White Wolf forums.

Apocalyptic form errata:

Extra Arms: The apocalyptic form ability Extra Arms provides the demon with two extra attacks per turn at the character’s full dice pool, or permits a block or parry without forcing the character to abort her intended action for the turn. (pages 188, 192, 194, 200, 206, and 207)

Armor: All types of armor (including the Devils’ apocalyptic form ability Scales) provide protection against aggravated damage as well as bashing and lethal. (page 239)

Evocations Errata:

Enchant Object (Lore of the Forge, level four): The number of successes required to successfully create an enchanted item is 4*the number of Faith points invested in the item. Thus, an item requiring 1 point of Faith to create would require 4 successes (4*1) in an extended Dexterity + Crafts roll. (page 191)

Fade (Lore of Humanity, level three): The player rolls Manipulation + Subterfuge, not Manipulation + Presence. (page 174)

Manipulate Flesh (Lore of the Flesh, level three): The effects of this evocation last for the duration of the scene. (page 208)

Sense Congruence (Lore of Patterns, level one): The text reads: "one success shows the location where the event will occur, but not when or where it is". It should read: "one success shows the location where the event will occur, but not when or how it will occur." (page 192)

Twist Time (Lore of Patterns, level five): The text reads: "Outsiders who enter the bubble's space do join it's altered time unless your character wishes it." That should read: "Outsiders who enter the bubble's space do not join its altered time unless your character wishes it." (page 193)


Faith cannot be used to soak bashing, lethal or aggravated damage. (page 239)


When making an evocation roll, compare your successes to your Torment- if more of the successes rolled show numbers equal to or less than the character's Torment, the high-Torment effect occurs.

Example: Magdiel wishes to use Decay on the body of a cancer patient. Magdiel's Stamina is 2 and her Medicine is 3, for a total of five dice, and her current Torment is 7. The difficulty for the roll is a standard 6. Adam gets three successes: 7, 9, and 9. He has more successes that are greater than his Torment, so the evocation works as planned. If he'd rolled 6, 6, and 8, however, the high-Torment effect would have occurred, decaying everything around the character.

Botches cancel successes starting with the highest successes rolled. (pages 161 and 169)


You cannot spend a Willpower point to avoid losing a Faith point if you botch an evocation roll. (page 163)

Hunter: The Reckoning Errata

Hunter: Holy War

On p. 12, the following text is missing in the left column:

I was praying at a mosque, thanking Allah for a great gift, when the kufic script around me erupted into new meaning. To most people, script is word art, passages from the Koran written in broad flourishes, angular lines and even maze-like designs. To the uneducated it is an explosion of pattern. To Muslims, it is the Koran in beautiful bloom. To the kiswah, it is Allah’s word and a means of communicating with others of our kind.

That is how I first came to know I was a "hunter." Words within the intricate script emerged, shifted and danced within the patterns. I simply understood, and then I realized: To my left, a Sudanese kiswah did not pray. He sought guidance in fighting a jackal-beast. On my right, an Iraqi announced his victory over a jinn. Before me, the script announced:

Know that your world is a House of Abominations. Turn and know your enemy.

I did as instructed, no longer in command of my actions. My world shattered like glass.

And now, what seems like an eternity later, I stand in this squalid shack with Yusif, my "older brother," and I wonder what he thinks, if he knows what has become of me.

Hunter Book: Wayward

The following paragraphs from Chapter 3, page 49, appeared incomplete in the published work. The full text appears below.

Before we play 20 questions, I want to let you know that while you two were skipping town, I was in the waiting room at Jiffy Lube. Remember, the car needed an oil change? I saw the news about the explosion on TV. Twenty minutes later, I was crossing fire department barriers to try to find you. The same arson investigator at the place Peleus torched showed

up again, so I had to leave. I checked one hospital in East St. Louis, afraid that I might find you guys there, when I realized the arson cop was tailing me. So I shook her, got out of town and ditched the car for a new one. In other words, it was all rotten luck on my part and yours.

Shall we commence with the interrogation, officer?

>And don’t try to bullshit me because I know you pulled the trigger.

You were the one who told me Peleus was holed up with those two, based on information from our mutual friend. The wife was probably banging every militia monkey and klansman on the West Coast – Peleus for sure – and the husband knew it but turned a blind eye. You were the one who figured out hubby was mixing monster patrol and gay bashing, and then you told me, knowing what had happened to my brother. You didn’t tell me all that stuff so I’d go give the guy a medal. You told me because you were afraid your girlfriend’s gal-pal was falling in with a bad crowd. Which is exactly what they were, all three of them. As you recall, the thanks our friend got for associating with them was Peleus trying to turn her into roadkill. By all rights, he should have died when he tried to take her out. But he survived the crash.

Copyright Notice: These Errata are copyright White Wolf Publishing. You may print a copy for personal use only. If you wish to give other fans access to them, please just post a link to this file: www.white-wolf.com/games/errata/ . Thanks.

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