Click here to download an original one minute 1959 Winston radio commercial. The different jingles used for cigarette commercials were very successful at catching the listener's attention, and this Winston ad is particularly well done.


During the last half of the 1950's and throughout the 1960's, The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company playfully stressed the fact that their slogan for Winston cigarettes was grammatically incorrect. In a 1981 Playboy magazine interview, movie and television actor James Garner claimed that he was the guy responsible for the error. Garner stated that the first thing he ever did on film was to misread a Winston commercial. Winstons really taste good AS a cigarette should.
ca. 1955 Winston pack Aug. 1969 magazine ad

I would like to thank Mr. Nick Butchko, producer/host of WRVO Playhouse, an oldtime radio program of station WRVO FM90 Oswego, NY. Nick helped me with the radio commercial that is part of this web page.

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