Ruth Buzzi
Eps 4
Production date: May 25-27, 1976

Fozzie: "I finally found a sure way to lose weight. I bought a scale that lies. (SPECIAL! We also see the audience laughing now!)
Ruth Buzzi: shown with Sweetums in the dungeon set from her first act
Gonzo: The MUPPET SHOW sign goes up in the air and Gonzo falls down on the floor.

Scooter's uncle sends a mechanical, wind-up TV show host, an exact duplicate of Kermit, which harasses Kermit and flirts with Miss Piggy.

Memorable moment: Kermit does a mirror act with the robot frog.

Robot: "Hey, listen you, how about you and me getting together and makin ' some ste-e-e-am heat. Huh, snuggle bunny?"
Miss Piggy: "Snuggle bunny? Why, uh..."
Robot: "Yeah. Look, let me take you away from all this. Aaah, a marriage made in heaven! A frog and a pig. We can have bouncing baby figs!"

Statler and Waldorfs Ending Comments:
Statler: "Well did you like the show?"
Waldorf: "No I didnít. No I didnít. No I didnít." (robot-like)