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The very first CHUM Chart is dated May 27th, 1957.  It became the longest running Top 40 chart in the world.  When the last chart was published in June 1986, 694 different hits made it to Number One.

But the CHUM Chart is about more than just longevity.  The attraction goes far deeper.  There is an emotional attachment that exists to this day.

Mike Myers and Gordon Lightfoot still have the CHUM Charts that they personally collected.  Dick Clark keeps CHUM Charts framed in his office.  And when Dave Thomas packed up and moved to Hollywood, he took his entire collection of CHUM charts with him.

So what creates this fascination?  What is it that won't let go? 

Maybe it's as simple as this: Hold a CHUM Chart in your hand, look at the pictures and the songs, and you're right back there.  Back to another place and time.  For Mike Myers, it's growing up in Scarborough and listening to Jay Nelson.  For Dick Clark, it's doing his first show on CHUM, like it was yesterday. 

What is it for you? 

Whether or not you kept your CHUM Charts doesn't matter, because this database contains every single CHUM Chart since the first one in May 1957. 

Use the controls above to search for any artist or song that appeared on the CHUM Chart between 1957 and 1986.  You can also browse the chart database by date.  Click on the chart to get a larger view. 

You may find yourself spending a lot of time here.  That's okay, stay as long as you like.  And enjoy the ride back in time.

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Saturday, March 13, 1971

Chart Number: 738
1. She's A Lady Jones, Tom
2. Put Your Hand In The Hand Ocean
3. One Bad Apple Osmonds, The
4. Stay Awhile Bells, The
5. Amos Moses Reed, Jerry
6. Gotta See Jane Taylor, R. Dean
7. Burning Bridges Curb Congregation, Mike
8. Temptation Eyes Grass Roots, The
9. Watching Scotty Grow Goldsboro, Bobby
10. Proud Mary Turner, Ike & Tina
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