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How upstreaming works

What is upstreaming? 

Upstreaming is the automatic movement of content off your workstation to a non-changing location that's publicly accessible.

If you have a fast and persistent net connection, you may not need or want upstreaming. However, if you're dialing through an ISP or behind a firewall or using NAT, your machine may not have an address that others can access. Upstreaming gives your content a permanent location but is still very easy to use. Save files to your www folder, they are upstreamed, and are publicly accessible.

How upstreaming works 

A thread runs in the background, every ten seconds it checks the www folder for any new or changed files. Any files that qualify and are new or have changed are upstreamed to

To make a file available through upstreaming simply save or copy it into your www folder.

To delete a file or folder in the upstream directory, just delete it in your www directory.