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Tarzan Untamed (GameCube)
Disney and Ubisoft serve up more ape-man action in this GameCube title.
By - Craig "Talon" Wessel


Game Statistics

Game Type: Arcade/Action
Developer: Disney
Publisher: UbiSoft
Platform: GameCube

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Disney's Tarzan made an appearance on the Nintendo 64, and he's back for more on the GameCube. Tarzan Untamed has also been released for the PS2, however, no matter which platform it's on, it doesn't take full advantage of either.

It has to be said that up front this title is oriented toward children. Evaluated as any other mainstream title, Tarzan Untamed would fall short in many areas. However, given its target audience, it fits. Adults may find it fun to run through for a quick rental, but if you're looking for something to sink your teeth into for hours on end, this isn't it. However, it's a great title to play with your kids.

Basically, you have two game modes to choose from -- Story mode, in which Tarzan runs, jumps, swings, climbs, and wrestles his way through 15 levels of jungle fun, or Terk's Challenges, where Tarzan runs, jumps, swings, climbs, and wrestles his way through 15 levels of jungle fun. The only difference between the two modes is that Terk's Challenges are either Trick Score Challenges (rack up points for trick moves), a Speed Challenge, or the Super Challenge (tricks + speed -- only unlocked after you perform both of the other challenges in a level.) If you can manage to free all the baby apes, then you also get to enter Bungee Challenge levels.

Gameplay is fairly basic. Use the stick to control direction, the A-button to jump, and the B-button to attack and/or throw spears. Tarzan can also perform trick moves, and this is one of the best parts of the game. Since there's no time limit (unless you're in Terk's Speed Challenge), you can have more fun working on trick moves than actually completing the level. Tarzan can swing on vines, leap from limb to limb, slide down mossy limbs, climb cliffs and trees, and generally do all the things he should be able to do. Combat isn't particularly challenging, as all you have to do is repeatedly push the B button to overpower your opponent. You'll also have to dodge rhinos, snakes, wild boars and more along the way. You can avoid much of the combat in the game, since the creature AI is fairly basic. A quick jump or dodge, and you can be on your way.

That's really about it as far as gameplay goes. You do have to learn to time your jumps, and this is made more difficult when Tarzan is sliding down a slope or a limb, but once you master the timing, you won't have much trouble. Back to the game modes for a second. This game is really missing a multiplayer option. With two players, Terk's Challenges would be more fun, allowing you to go head-to-head rather than just beating the clock. A split-screen Trick Challenge (ala Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1, 2, or 3) would be a great addition to this game, and also increase its replay value. Sadly, it's not here. That means that the additional game modes are really just another run through the same levels. Only the most forgiving players (young children) will keep coming back to this one. That's not all bad -- kids like familiarity and tend to want to play games where they can do well. Just don't buy this one for yourself, or anyone over the age of 10 and expect it to stay in the machine for days on end.

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