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Joe Haldeman
Author of the Hugo Award-winning novel The Forever War and MIT professor

Moderator: greetings JoeHaldeman!

JoeHaldeman: Hello -- Joe Haldeman here

Sean: hello

FAW: Hello!

BEM: Hi from Barcelona

Moderator: it's a small crowd...shall we try unmoderated for now?

NancyD: Welcome, Joe.

JoeHaldeman: Hey, BEM -- are you Joan Manel?

FAW: Let's try it...

Leadbar: Hey, Joe.

BEM: Yes, Joe. Congratullations

NancyD: Congratulations on your Hugo Award.

JoeHaldeman: Hi, Leadbar!

FAW: Congratulations from Germany

JoeHaldeman: Thanks, JM!

Leadbar: Hey, he said hi to me. :->

JoeHaldeman: Danke, FAW

BEM: We were wating for you...

JoeHaldeman: I had to run from a TV interview a kilomeer away ....

NancyD: So, how did picking up a Hugo for FOREVER PEACE feel? Did you think it would be the winner this year?

Jeff: So Joe what have the highlights of the convention so far?

JoeHaldeman: I hoped the novel would win. But it had stiff competition.

BEM: Congratulations from Merce, Pedro, Pepe and Ricard too!

JoeHaldeman: Jeff, winning the Hugo was DEFINITELY the highlight!

Leadbar: Buncha stiffs...

JoeHaldeman: Hi, Merce and all!

FAW: Did you read the other nominated novels?

NancyD: Which was more exciting, winning for WAR or PEACE?

Jeff: Did you keep it away from Martha this time?

JoeHaldeman: Martgha wouldn't let me get near her with this Hugo -- it's metal.

JoeHaldeman: FAW, I didn't read the other novels ... I knew which one I would vote for, regardless.

NancyD: <grin>

NancyD: Joe, can you expain what you mean when you say FOREVER PEACE is a thematic sequel to FOREVER WAR?

BEM: Everybody thinks that Simmons will win the Hugo.... Were you surprised for it?

JoeHaldeman: NancyD, it's a sequel only in the sense that it's about the same basic concerns --

JoeHaldeman: when and whether war is justified; what its effect is on people.

NancyD: So, will we see a third FOREVER book in 2023?

JoeHaldeman: I heard that Simmons won the straw poll that SFR conducted --

JoeHaldeman: yes, I thought he was the strongest one to beAT.

JoeHaldeman: Nancy, I plan to write _Forever Amber_ in 2020

NancyD: Heh heh.

Jeff: There were a few sequels this year how did you feel going up against them with what is essentially a stand alone book?

JoeHaldeman: BEM -- my wifely Gay is here. She says hi.

xphotographer: hello all

NancyD: (Hello xphotog)

JoeHaldeman: Jeff, I think that actually helped me. People who hadn't read the earlier books wouldn't vote for the sequels.

xphotographer: use your imagiation

BEM: Hi Gay. We are very very happies here for Joe's new Hugo!

NancyD: Were you more nervous this year than you were back when WAR was nominated for the Hugo?

BEM: A book published in Spain at same time that in the US...

Jeff: That was my personal view too, how did your colleagues feel about the situation? Especially Walter?

JoeHaldeman: I think I was about as nervous as usual. This is the fifth one, and I still get sick all day, nerves.

BEM: Normal.

JoeHaldeman: Walter was a real gentleman afterwards, and so were Mike and Robert.

Leadbar: Name droppers...

JoeHaldeman: We went to the "Hugo Loser's Party," and they let me in even though I was carrying a rocket ship.

Jeff: That's good. How was the party?

BEM-Ricard: Hi

BEM: Joe, did you met Jim Stevens from Puerto Rico?

NancyD: How do you like this year's award? I've heard folks say these are some of the nicest Hugo designs they've ever seen.

JoeHaldeman: It was a lot of fun, Jeff. I sat with Bill Johnson, who was my student in '76, who's just won his first HUgo.

JoeHaldeman: It's a real nice, uncluttered design. A piece of wood from the Constitution.

BEM: Hello Ricard...

NancyD: (Bill won for his story "We Will Drink a Fish Together")

Jeff: I was glad to see Bill win since he is a new face at the awards table.

NancyD: What was the impetous for writing FOREVER PEACE, Joe? What could you say wiht that book that you didin't in FOREVER WAR?

BEM-Ricard: Congratulations from Andorra Joe

JoeHaldeman: Bill's a real pal. We've been close for decades.

NancyD: (Forgive my typos)

JoeHaldeman: Yes, BEM, we met Jim, but haven't had any time to talk with him (in either language). Seems like a great guy.

BEM: He is a nice guy, Joe.

JoeHaldeman: Buenas dias, Ricard. Or is it night over there....

BEM-Ricard: Night

BEM: It's night here...

JoeHaldeman: YOu guys and your silly planet. Bright as day here.

NancyD: And, are there any plans for a movie based on WAR or PEACE?

JoeHaldeman: NancyD, I wrote _Forever Peace_ as a kind of response to the Gulf War, as much as anything.

JoeHaldeman: I mean, I write novels. That's what I'm supposed to do....

JoeHaldeman: I've sold movie rights to TFW, but not yet to FP. Maybe the Hugo will help!

NancyD: Are you working on another novel now?

JoeHaldeman: Yes, in fact, I'm working on an actual sequel to TFW, called FOREVER FREE.

NancyD: When might we see that in print?

JoeHaldeman: It's due in January, and would come out about a year after that.

nellaFlegnA: hey love

love: hello everybody

NancyD: Can you tell us anything about it?

Leadbar: Joe, do you feel Hollywod S.Effects and CGI are up to depicting TFW?

nellaFlegnA: you know who you missed

love: dahm again

nellaFlegnA: yes you mised goddess

FAW: Is it a real sequel to FORERVER WAR?

JoeHaldeman: I think FX are up to TFW, Leadbar. Whether they can do a sensible movie that's also sf is another question.

Leadbar: Good point.

JoeHaldeman: FAW, yes, but it starts 20 years after TFW ends.

love: wuzzup leadbar

NancyD: What else can you tell us about FF?

Leadbar: 20 years is nothing in a Haldeman novel...

love: what ????????

JoeHaldeman: Let me see, Nancy. It's partly about being middle-aged and still coping with the memory of combat.

nellaFlegnA: heya jil

NancyD: Who's the publisher on that one, Joe?

JoeHaldeman: It's also about the feeling of being trapped -- their physical situation on the planet and the pressures of family, job, etc.

Jeff: Like seeing Private Ryan for a DDay vet?

JoeHaldeman: It will be an Ace book.

JoeHaldeman: I really liked Pvt. Ryan. Hell of a god movie.

NancyD: Do you have any short stories or other works coming out soon that we can look forward to, are are you concentrating on the novel?

nellaFlegnA: oh yeah

JoeHaldeman: I mean good movie!

love: oooooh

nellaFlegnA: what

JoeHaldeman: Nancy, I did a novelette for a Rober Silverberg antho that follows Marygay through the last part of TFW's unuvers.

love: gradulation haldman

JoeHaldeman: Thanks, love.

NancyD: Is that Silverberg's famous LEGENDS anthology?

love: welcome

NancyD: Due out in a few months, I believe...

Jeff: What panels have you done so far and what were they like as an experience?

JoeHaldeman: Nancy, no, that's his fantasy one ...

love: with what did u win the award haldeman

JoeHaldeman: Forever Peace, love

Leadbar: Joe, does TFW invite comparison's to Starship Troopers, or is it just coincidence?

love: is that a book ????????????

JoeHaldeman: Leadbar, I'd read ST a couple of times, so it was an influencve. But I wrote TFW as a response to my experiences in Vietnam.

JoeHaldeman: Yes, lovce, a novel.

love: oops sorry

NancyD: (Love, TFW is The Forever War)

Boolean: Hi everybody!

Leadbar: I know, Nanc

NancyD: How did Silverberg talk you into writing that story?

love: I only read comic books

love: and watch tv

JoeHaldeman: He offered me fifty cents a word -- that'll do it every time!

Leadbar: 50 cents!

NancyD: Ha! Aside from Forever Free, are there any novels you have in the works?

JoeHaldeman: For a novelette, yet!

Boolean: you should read more novels!

love: wats your novel about haldeman

JoeHaldeman: I have four novels in various stages of incompletion,

FAW: Isn't "There is no darkness" a better response to ST?

Martika: stern, have you seen Howard?

Martika: hehehe

JoeHaldeman: Love, it's about love and death and stuff.

love: cool

love: is there a movie about it

JoeHaldeman: FAW, I never thought of _There is no Darkness_ in those terms.

Martika: stern, please don't be angry/cross at people ok?

Martika: hehehe

JoeHaldeman: No ... we're hoping that Hollywood will throw some money at us, but we're not holding our breath.

NancyD: Joe, what was your opinion of Starship Troopers, the movie?

NancyD: Do you think it's anything like a TFW movie might turn out? (For good or for bad ;-)

JoeHaldeman: I really liked the ST movie. I think some people take it too seriously. It's a comedy about WWII movies, not about future war at all.

BEM-Joan: Hi again. I falled out... :-(

love: if they would u should have alot of blood in it

JoeHaldeman: I would hope that a movie of TFW would be serious.

NancyD: Joe, any directors/actors you'd like to see take on TFW?

love: like chopped of heads in it

JoeHaldeman: I wouldn't mind Voerhoven doing it. Stone is apparently interested, and that would be cool.

BEM-Joan: Hi Ricard, Had you falled too? .-)

NancyD: Wow, that sounds great.

BEM-Ricard: Ohhhh

love: u should take that dutch guy

JoeHaldeman: I think Tom Hanks ought to play the starring role.

love: from starshiptroopers

BEM-Joan: Wich Role, please Joe?

NancyD: Any other actors you'd like to see in a TFW movie?

JoeHaldeman: William Mandella. The female lead .... have to thin k about that.

love: nicole kidman

NancyD: Changing topics, you and your wife Gay recently completed a cross country bike trip, isn't that right?

BEM-Joan: or, ok.

love: she'll do the tric

JoeHaldeman: Yes ... we biked from St. Augustine FL to San Diego CA.

NancyD: You stopped at a lot of SF conventions on the way, didn't you?

JoeHaldeman: We stopped to fly to a lot of conventions, in the states and in Europe.

Leadbar: Joe, Did you get interesting feedback on TFWar from older sci-fi authors when you won awards for it? Heinlein, etc.?

love: where in europe

Martika: Snoopy, how's Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanut gang?

Martika: hehehe

JoeHaldeman: Heinlein liked TFW though he disagreed with my politics.

JoeHaldeman: Spain, France, Germany.

Leadbar: Elaborate?....

love: didnt u go to holland

JoeHaldeman: Heinlein agreed that it's immoral to draft people against their will, and utterly immoral to continue fighting a war when you know you can't win.

Leadbar: But....

JoeHaldeman: Love, we biked through Holland years ago.

love: oh

BEM-Joan: lovely country, Holland...

NancyD: Joe, did you have any disagreements with Starship Troopers?

JoeHaldeman: We liked each other and sort of agreed to disagree. He did favors for me and I did favorts for him.

love: been there bem

LadyKtrina: bye

JoeHaldeman: I disagree with ST profoundly, because it glorifies war. I also think it's a very well-crafted novel, and I believe Heinlein was honest with it.

Leadbar: I've heard he was very gracious.

NancyD: Joe, what about the whole "fascist" argument, that ST is a novel about fascism, etc.?

JoeHaldeman: He was a real gentleman. Hard to describe. Never met a man like him before or since.

BEM-Joan: ST is a bad adaptation of the Heinlein's novel.

JoeHaldeman: "Fascist" is too easy an epithet. My problem with ST is more complex than that.

BEM-Joan: And a bad film too

love: can u guy's talk about something I know

JoeHaldeman: Joan, it was a trivial film, but I wouldn't call it bad. A serious film about the novel might have been socially dangerous.

love: pleeeeeaaaaaaas

love: huuuh

Leadbar: Socially dangerous?

love: ?

NancyD: love, this is a chat with Joe Haldeman.

love: so

JoeHaldeman: In that it does glorify war. We have too much power to allow that.

love: wil be back later

BEM-Joan: Yes, Joe, you're right with this. But I insist, ST is a bad film.

love: bye

Leadbar: That glorification intentional on Heinlein's part?

JoeHaldeman: Heinlein honestly believed that the most honorable thing a man could do would be to give his life for his country.

BJ: hi nancy

JoeHaldeman: I don't completely disagree.

JoeHaldeman: But I think the sentiment can lead to horrors.

BJ: hi nancy

Leadbar: How so?

JoeHaldeman: Patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, as they say.

JoeHaldeman: It's also the justification of a lot of inhumanity.

Kashon: Hi all

Leadbar: I'm following.

BEM-Joan: Nice words, Joe.

Kashon: anyone here like Saterday Anime?

JoeHaldeman: The problem is that a person does have to be willing to sacrifice his or her life for the good of his or her cohorts.

JoeHaldeman: Otherwise we aren't quite human

Leadbar: Last q on ST: If, as you say, RH was honest with it, how does it lead to danger on film?

Kashon: why not, I love anime

NancyD: The chat will be ending soon, so please send your final questions/comments to Joe.

JoeHaldeman: But you do it reluctantly. For good reason. And without cruelty.

Kashon: that is where my nickname comes from

BEM-Joan: In wich book are your woring now, joe?

JoeHaldeman: I'm working on FOREVER FREE, Joan.

BEM-Joan: The sequel of The Forever War, isn't it?

JoeHaldeman: Not exactly a sequel -- not in the terms of using the same characters and situation.

JoeHaldeman: It covers the same ideas, from a different angle.

BEM-Joan: Same characters, perhaps?

Leadbar: Where can we find the piece you wrote for Silverberg?

JoeHaldeman: No -- that'll be the next nov el, FOREVER FREE.

BEM-Joan: Good luck and congratulations again, Joe.

JoeHaldeman: Leadbar, it'll be the big Silverberg book, but we don't know when it's scheduled.

Kashon: what books did you write?

JoeHaldeman: Thanks, Joan.

BEM-Joan: And all the best for Gay too.

JoeHaldeman: I think it's 22 or 23, Kashon.

Kashon: cool

JoeHaldeman: Gay sends her love!

Kashon: what are they about?

Leadbar: Good chat, Joe. Thanks.

BEM-Joan: We sent a brindis for you two. Bye.

JoeHaldeman: Love, war death, life, the universe and everything. I mean, that's a lot of pages to fill!

Kashon: yeah, I can imagine

JoeHaldeman: Brindis con abrazos, you guys!

Kashon: are you a profetionall auther?

FAW: I especially liked MINDBRIDGE...

JoeHaldeman: Yep, Kashon. 28 years.

Kashon: SWEET

Moderator: So chatters, only a few minutes left. Any final words for our author guest? And Mr. Haldeman, any final words for the chatters?

JoeHaldeman: Not a very good typoweist typist, though.

FAW: What are you reading right now? Any SF?

Kashon: tell me the title of one of your books, I think I might have seen it

JoeHaldeman: If you start the day by eating a live frog, everything after that is an improvement.

Leadbar: Oh, do you still teach, and where?

JoeHaldeman: The Forever War, Kashon.

Kashon: I have read that

Kashon: it is ne of the coolest books

snitcher: hey zena

JoeHaldeman: I normally teach in the fall at MIT. This semester I've taken a sabbatical, the first in 15 years.

Kashon: you really wrote that?!

JoeHaldeman: Sure, Kashon, one word at a time.

Leadbar: MIT? Wow. What course[s]?

NancyD: Okay, we're about done here.

Kashon: I bow to you, oh god of literature

snitcher: want to see my sword

JoeHaldeman: Science fiction writing and genre fiction.

NancyD: Joe, thanks for joining us today, and congratulations once again on winning the Hugo Award last night.

Moderator: Thank you for coming, Mr. Haldeman.

Kashon: *bends to one knee*

Zena: Joe? you have a web address based on your books?

JoeHaldeman: Thanks for having me!

Alucard: Hello mf :)

NancyD: I think we'll all be eagerly awaiting FOREVER FREE :-)

JoeHaldeman: I'm at

JoeHaldeman: My website is being rebuilt right now.

Zena: thanks Joe:)

BEM-Joan: Thanks for your time, Joe.

FAW: Thanks for the chat!

JoeHaldeman: See you guys in the fall, BEMs -- we'll have a great time in Valencia!

NancyD: If you missed anything today, the transcript of this chat will be available shortly at

snitcher: how big are your tits NancyD

JoeHaldeman: Thanks, everybody ... I'm bailing out ...

BEM-Ricard: Sure!

BEM-Joan: Of course. With Paella! :-)

NancyD: Thanks again, Joe.

NancyD: Great having you.