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    PlanetHalf-Life | Features | Mod of the Week | Azure Sheep
    Azure Sheep


Author's Note:My wishes and prayers go out to the Americans involved with the aftermath of the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. Your friends up North (Canada) are with you all the way.

Gordon himself, rollin' into the Black Mesa Compound
Every once in a while, we all want to take a break from the multiplayer scene. We want to be told a story, to be intrigued, thrilled and amazed by the author. Azure Sheep is one of those stories. In my opinion, it's everything Blue Shift should have been. Azure Sheep has been out for a while now, but due to ridiculous amounts of both homework and housework, I hadn't dedicated much of my time towards it. The mod features new models, skins and an incredible single player storyline which throws a twist into the madness; you have to protect an AI teammate for a better part of the mod.

Fighting the grunts.
Don your protective headgear and grab your glock...

Azure Sheep places you in the shoes of Barney; the Black Mesa Security guard. Your story begins with you waking up in your room, and you have to grab your gear and head to your post. Of course, all is not well at the Black Mesa compound. a short while after letting Gordon Freeman into the complex, all hell breaks loose. Your post is destroyed by a helicopter and you are left dazed and startled. Thus begins your adventure into the Black Mesa Facility.

This tank was the center of much grief.
Adventure! Excitement! Kate!

Without giving too much of the plot away, I can tell you that you will meet up with a teammate a short way into the game. Kate is a Security guard at the Black Mesa Facility as well, and she becomes a valuable ally to have with you in the complex. Azure Sheep's level design is quite professional throughout, and seems to be a natural extension of the original Half-Life. Throughout your adventure you will run into various scenes visited before in the original Half-Life, only from a different perspective this time around. I am still not very far through the game, but like a good novel, this game keeps you coming back to see what happens next.

At times like this you can't help noticing the cool architecture.
The only problem I've found is that "what happens Next" is not always readily apparent. I am a big fan of decisions, and Azure Sheep, although linear, *feels* like it has alot of paths which can be taken. Unfortunately, this leads to points in the game where you can be stuck for anywhere up to 20 minutes or more because you really aren't sure what you are supposed to do next. This problem is easily overlooked, however, because the architecture of the levels is enough to keep you impressed for the whole time you are lost.

The Bottom Line

Azure Sheep is a well thought out Single player modification, easily among the ranks of Valve's and Neil Manke's creations. Definitely give this one a shot.

How to play

Step 1: Update Half-Life. Grab the lastest patch for Half-Life from our files page if you haven't already.

Step 2: Set up Azure Sheep. Download and install Azure Sheep V1.0 (41.1MB).

Visit the Azure Sheep Website

More mod features

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