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The following comes from a church pamphlet put out in 1981 and gives an 
update for the time of what was happening in the church and a time line 
of church improvements as well as who was ministering at the church. At 
the end of the document, there is a list of charter members of the church 
dating back to 1860.


The Aimwell Baptist Church of Aimwell, Alabama has been an organized 
congregation continuously since
1860. Although the early records are incomplete, it can be assumed that 
such a small organization as it was
in the beginning would not have kept detailed records. There is an 
official church record, written by the
different moderators and clerks throughout the years.

The exact words taken from the church records are as follows: 

"The Covenant of the Aimwell Baptist Church, State of Alabama, Marengo 

We whose names are here into subscribed, believing it to be the duty of 
all the believers in Jesus Christ to live together in a church capacity 
and believing the circumstances of the case now under consideration would
justify us in coming together for God and one another, and for this 
purpose have requested ministering Brethren to meet with us and to form a 
presbytery for the purpose of constituting us into a church and being
assembled on the 26th day of November, 1860, with 43 (forty-three) 

The land for the church building was given by Mr. John Mayton, Sr.' and 
the building was constructed of pine lumber. On November 26, 1860 a group 
of people, bringing their letters from other churches met for the
purpose of constituting a church. They had 43 charter members and 3 
ministers. John W. Williams, John Tolbert and J. Reeves. They agreed to 
adopt the Articles of Faith found in the Minutes of the Bethel
Association, and pledged themselves to preach the gospel of our Lord 
Jesus Christ. By the year 1900 there were 348 on the church roll. 
Deceased pastors having served the church are: W.V. Vice, E.H. Perry, 
W.H. Dewitt, W.M. Carrige, J.L.Tucker, Lowery, W.F. Shute, L.C. Dewitt, 
A.E. Page, E.O. Jackson, T. C. Paul, J.W, Joyner, Judson Martin and W. L. 
Chatham. Former pastors still living are H.V. Sollie, Dr. George W.
Riddle, Bill Skinner. The present pastor is R. R. Newman.

The church had its misfortunes, as in 1901 the original church burned. 
The faithful Christians had their worship services in the little rural 
school house or wherever space was available, and built back on the
original site. In 1920, this church was struck or burned by lightning. 
Still they did not give up but made plans and built again, this building 
being our church today. In recent years we have remodeled, repainted and 
put a new roof on it, as well as buying new pulpit furniture and nice, 
new pews.

The church observed its 100th Anniversary on the fifth Sunday, October 
30, 1960. A large crowd attended.
The church was beautifully decorated with arrangements of white and 
pastel shades of chrysanthemums, with beautiful ferns in the background. 

The words of welcome were given by Master of Ceremonies, Rev. W. L. 
Chatham, pastor  from Meridan, Mississippi. Lowell Lewis was song 
director, Mrs Harold Blakeney, pianist.

After a song service, prayer and announcements, a sketch of church 
history was given by Miss Betty Daniel, clerk, who is a descendant of one 
of the orginal families. Mrs Percy Jowers, another of the descendants of
the original families gave "The Original Familes."

In 1961, Rev. W. L. Chatham was still with us and the church was covered 
with a new roof.

In 1962, Rev H.N. (Jake) Gurley came to be with us but his stay was a 
short one. During his stay we had a
well drilled and bought a deep well pump.

In 1963, Rev. Charlie G. Berry from Mississippi was called. He stayed 
with us several years and much
improvement was done while he was with us.

Clarke County, Alabama

Interim Pastor
Witch Creek Baptist Church

Clarke County, Mississippi

Anitoch Baptist Church
Bucatunna Baptist Church
East Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Hebron Ridge Baptist Church (organized)
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
New Bethel Baptist Church

Lauderdale County, MIssissippi

Center Grove Baptist Church
Eighty Avenue Baptist Church
Hebron Baptist Church
Marion, First Baptist Church

Winston County, Mississippi

Coy Baptist Church

Horace V. Sollie, the oldest of twelve children, born to Samuel James 
Sollie and Carrie Morgan Sollie, was born on December 21, 1897 in Geneva 
Camp ground, Alabama. The other Sollie children were Norma (deceased); 
Velma; Carr (deceased); Mrytle; Madie (deceased); Noreen; Herman; 
Dorothy; Donald; Vernon and Charlotte.

On October 29, 1916, H.V. Sollie married Ida Evans of Quitman, 
Mississippi. They had 5 children: Alfred, Victor (deceased), Norma Dell; 
James Warren (deceased); Evelyn Estell and Roger William.

Shortly after becoming a Christian, H.V. Sollie was ordained to the 
ministry in 1919. During his long and dedicated ministry he has baptized 
over 2700, performed hundreds of marriages, conducted thousands of
funerals, organized two churches; pastored and served churches in Alabama 
and Mississippi; ordained many preachers and decons; taught hundreds of 
study courses; conducted many revivals; served as missonary for Choctaw 
Association in Choctaw County, Alabama, and Bethel Association in Marego 
County, Alabama.
He also pastored at various logging camps in Alabama and Mississippi.

Rev H.V. Sollie is one of the oldest members of the church and loved by 

First, we remodeled the church and added the basement and five class 
rooms, the rest rooms and put in the baptistry. This cost $7, 678.98

In October, 1966, Aimwell Church hosted the Friends and relatives of Rev. 
and Mrs H.V. Sollie in a 50th Wedding Anniversary. Refreshments were 
served in the Fellowship Hall. The couple was presented with the keys to 
a new Cheverolet pickup truck for the services rendered church in Alabama 
and Mississippi. The churches showing their appreciation and which he had 
served were:

Marengo County, Alabama


Aimwell Baptist Church
Half Acre Baptist Church
Myrtlewood Baptist Church
Nanafalia Baptist Church
Providence Baptist Church
Rembert Hill Baptist Church
Sardis Baptist Church
Sweet Water Baptist Church
Union Grove Baptist Church

Choctaw County, Alabama


Chappell Hill Baptist Church
Coopers Chapel Baptist Church
Hickory Grove Baptist Church
Hopewell Baptist Church
Silas, First Baptist Church

Supply Pastor

Tallawampa Baptist Church
Womack Hill Baptist Church

Also in 1966, the church put down carpeting and bought new drapes. A new 
piano was purchased for the church with $1,000.00. which was given by 
Mrs. Ed Nored of Thomasville, Alabama. The church was painted inside and 
outside this year.

In 1968, Rev. William (Sonny) Bradshaw was called to fill the pulpit 
vacated by Bro. Carlis Berry. His first year as pastor, central heating 
and cooling systems were installed and new hymnals were bought. Brother
Bradshaw stayed 2 1/2 years. 

In 1971, Rev. Aaron Olive was called to serve. He only stayed 1 1/2 

In 1973, Dr. W.L. Chatham returned to serve us. The church continued to 
go forward and God blessed each and every member in so many ways and also 
our church.

In 1974 the pews were cushioned and the choir chairs.

In 1976, the steeple was repaired and painted. Ventilators were 

In 1977 and 1978 the entire church was repainted. The Fellowship Hall was 
carpeted and four folding tables, folding chairs, a Hot Point frigidare, 
and storm doors were added.

In 1979 the church added city water from the Myrtlewood Water Works, 
Myrtlewood, Alabama and bought a fire hydrant

In 1980, our beloved Brother Chatam, who had been so faithful, kind and 
loving to all of us left the church and once again the Church was left 
with no shepard to lead the Sheep to the fold. After a short period of 
time the Lord helped locate a man of God to fill the vacancy. so, Rev & 
Mrs R. R. Newman are now with the Aimwell Baptist Church. They came from 
Waynesboro, Mississippi and a doing a good job for the Lord.

Also in 1980, the church put Alsco aluminum siding with Dupon Tedlar PVF 
film on the basement of the church. This siding is guarenteed for 40 
years, and cost $4,978.00. We wish to complete the entire church in the 
future with aluminum siding. Paint will not hold and has to be repainted 
every two or three years.

Aimwell Baptist Church oberves "Home Coming" every year on the Saturday 
before the Fourth Sunday in April, known to all as "Decoration Day", 
relatives and friends from states all surrounding us attend and
decorate the graves of their loved ones. Lunch is served outside on the 
grounds for all. This is a time looked forward to from year to year and 
people come from far and near to see and be with the living loved ones 
and friends as well as to honor those who have already gone home.

Aimwell Baptist Church has had around 700 baptisms.

1860 - 1981

S.S. Etheridge
J.H. Daniel, Sr.
R.B. McElehaney
James N. Flowers
James A. Tucker
J.C. Grantham
G.W. Jowers
J.H. Daniel, Jr.
J. L. Mayton
J.L. Blakeney
R.J. Jowers
D.R. Grantham
W.L. Blakeney
J. W. Russ
S. J. Mayton
H.N. Etheridge
Roy Hurtt
Goodman Daniel
Blonnie Blakeney
B.W. Jowers
Mayton Rogers
Quintus Barr
Julian Etheridge
Raymond Luker
Bob Can


D.P. Jowers, Sr.         Quintus Mayton
Harvie Freeman           Randy Daniel


S.S. Etheridge(Deacon)    1860
J.H. Daniel, Sr.          1860
James A. Tucker           1869
R.B. McElhaney            1860
John Mayton Sr.           1860
S.M. Norred               1860
Robert Mayton             1860
W.H. Mayton               1864
John Corley               1865
Mansel A. Glass           1867
S.B. Etheridge            1867
B.L. Etheridge            1869
J.R. Singleton            1869


Elizabeth Etheridge       1860
Lucy Corley
Cecelia F. Mayton         1860
Catherine Barr            1860
Nancy Mayton              1860
M.J. Daniel               1860
Mary E. Singleton         1860
Elizabeth McElhaney       1860
Caroline Griffett         1860
M.E. Etheridge            1860
Rhodo Moore               1860
M.A. Nelson               1861
Martha Etheridge          186

W.T. Tucker               1869
E.C. Tucker               1869
James N. Flowers (Deacon)
D.P. Oakley
A.W. Vice
W.J. Etheridge
J.C. Chatham
J.C. Grantham (Deacon)
D.P. Jowers (minister)
J.W. Mayton
J.C. Etheridge
W.S. Nelson
J.F. Hamilton
R.A. Mayton           1863
T.A. Singleton        1863
A.C. Wright
C.V. Etheridge        1864
M.C. Etheridge        1864
Emma Singleton        1867
Nancy Glass           1869
L.O. Norris           1863
M.A. Mayton           1869
Rebecca Grantham      1869
E.E. Etheridge        1869
Mary Kirkham          187

by Charles Joyner

In the homegoing of Rev. J.W. Joyner, a beloved and colorful Baptist 
minister has made his exit from the passing parade of earthly life. 
Though he no longer exists in the world about us; he has only begun to 
He was born and reared in Butler County and for some time attended Howard 
College as a young man. After his call to the ministry, he served 
pastorates in Pike, Marengo, Monroe and Butler counties.
He was widely known and well loved by his fellow servants of God; and 
during his ministry he saw the growth of many churches which he pastored, 
and the organization of Welcome Baptist Church in Butler County.
He served well and honorably his Lord, whom he loved, and his life made a 
profound impression on the lives that he touched through his ministry and 
his writings.
Although never amassing much material gain, he had built a large estage 
in the homeland of his Hevenly father, in rewards which will be his for a 
life lived for his fellowman and the Master.
A man of intergrity and deep conviction, he was esteemed by the countless 
people of several faiths; and he tried to let his policy be to number his 
friends by the people he met.
In the community he was always interested in that which was for the 
betterment of religious, educational and civic progress. Being very much 
interested in politics and history. He once ran for Senator in the State
As a poet, he was a person of notable ability and though never gaining 
great fame or fortune, he was widely known as a writer, having published 
a book, History of Baptists of Butler County, and contributed to the
Butler County News through a weekly column for many years.
As a farmer, he was close to God in the soil he loved and always got a 
great joy in seeing new life spring forth from productive fruit.
He leaves behind two children by adoption, Charles and Panola Joyner, of 
whom he was deeply fond and by whom he was greatly loved. 
Thus has passed from among us a life of beauty and serenity. He was a 
faithful Christian, a loving father, an honest servant of his Lord and 
fellow man.

CAROL'S NOTES FOR THIS DOCUMENT: Picture not shown, were of Mrs. Alice 
Barnes, Mrs. Ola (Mayton) Jowers and Mrs. Nettie (Mayton) Rogers.
From charter members:

Mary E. (Elizabeth){ROGERS} Singleton was the wife of John M. Singleton 
(John is not listed)

Emma (Bracey) {McElduff-Cook} Singleton was the wife of J.R. (Jonah 
Rogers) Singleton, Jonah was the son of Mary E. and John M. Singleton.
Emma was the daughter of Annie Rebecca Singleton and William McElduff and 
yes these two (Emma and Jonah) were first cousins.

M.J. (Mary Jane) {Singleton} Daniel, daughter of Mary E. and John M. 
Singleton, and wife of J.H. (John Henry) Daniel Sr.

Nancy {Daniel} Mayton was the wife of John Mayton, Sr and the sister of 
Henry Daniel of North Carolina.

Catherine {Mayton-Grantham} Barr was the wife of Green D. Barr and 
daughter of John Mayton. Widowed wife of David Grantham.

R.J. Grantham was the husband of Julia {Rogers} Grantham---she was the 
daughter of Thomas Jefferson Rogers and granddaughter of Jonah Rogers and 
Caroline Alston Rogers.

W. H. (William Henry) Mayton was the husband of Rebecca Ann Corley and 
son of John Mayton Sr. and Nancy Daniel Mayton.

Cecelia F. {Corley} Mayton was the wife of John Mayton Jr.

M. A. (Martha Ann){Houston} Mayton was the wife of Jenkins Mayton.

Nettie Rebecca Mayton married Joseph David Rogers. (from picture not 

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