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Wrestling Abbreviations

SMWSmoky Mountain Wrestling
WCWWorld Championship Wrestling
WWFWorld Wrestling Federation
ECWExtreme Championship Wrestling
NWANational Wrestling Alliance
CWACatch Wrestling Association
NJPWNew Japan Pro Wrestling
AJPWAll Japan Pro Wrestling
WEWWorld Entertainment Wrestling
FMWFrontier Martial-Arts Wrestling
AJWAll Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling
MPROMichinoku Pro-Wrestling
BJPWBig Japan Pro-Wrestling
JWAJapan Wrestling Association
WARWrestle Association "R"
LLPWLadies Legend Pro-Wrestling
OPWOsaka Pro-Wrestling
JWPWJapan Women's Pro-Wrestling
FULLFederacion Universal de Lucha Libre
W*INGWrestling International New Generations
IWAInternational Wrestling Association - Japan
USWAUnited States Wrestling Association
UWFiUnion of Pro Wrestling Force International
AAAAsistencia Asesoria y Administracion
EMLLEmpresa Mexicana de la Lucha Libre
IWRGGrupo Internacional Revolucion
WWAWorld Wrestling Association - Mexico
UWA Universal Wrestling Association - Mexico
nWoNew World Order
lWoLatino World Order
bWoBlue World Order
WCCWWorld Class Championship Wrestling
IWAInternational Wrestling Association
JCPJim Crockett Promotions
UWFUniversal Wrestling Federation
UFCUltimate Fighting Championship
AWAAmerican Wrestling Association
WWCWorld Wrestling Council
PNWPacific Northwest Wrestling
KCWKentuckiana Championship Wrestling
ACWAmerican Championship Wrestling
UWAUniversal Wrestling Association
AWAAlabama Wrestling Association
SECWSoutheastern Championship Wrestling
NDW New Dimension Wrestling
MPPWMemphis Power Pro Wrestling
ICWAInternational Championship Wrestling Alliance
SCCWSouthern California Championship Wrestling
WWOWorld Wrestling Organization
WOWWomen Of Wrestling
SWFSlammers Wrestling Federation
APWAll Pro Wrestling
EWFEmpire Wrestling Federation
BTWBig Time Wrestling
ISWIncredibly Strange Wrestling
NWCNational Wrestling Council
IWFImpact Wrestling Federation
WCWAWest Coast Wrestling Alliance
ECWAEast Coast Wrestling Association
MEWFMid-Eastern Wrestling Federation
MCWMaryland Championship Wrestling
MCWMemphis Championship Wrestling
NWLNational Wrestling League
HoPWFHouse of Pain Wrestling Federation
NAWANorth American Wrestling Alliance
TSWATri-Star Wrestling Association
GWAGeorgia Wrestling Alliance
ACWAmerican Championship Wrestling
IWUInternational Wrestling Union
CCWCoastal Championship Wrestling
FWA Florida Wrestling Alliance
FWFFlorida Wrestling Federation
SWF Sunshine Wrestling Federation
SPWASoutheast Pro Wrestling Alliance
FCWFlorida Championship Wrestling
IWAIndependent Wrestling Association
GWAGlobal Wrestling Alliance
WCWOWild Championship Wrestling Outlaws
PWIPro Wrestling International
WWAWorld Wrestling Association
NCWNational Championship Wrestling
WCWWindy City Wrestling
LWFLunatic Wrestling Federation
HWFHardcore Wrestling Federation
PCWPowerhouse Championship Wrestling
AWAAmerican Wrestling Alliance
BBOWBad Boys of Wrestling
PSCWPower Slam Championship Wrestling
NSCWNew South Championship Wrestling
SSWSouthern States Wrestling
MWAMountain Wrestling Association
UCWUnited Championship Wrestling
CPWCapitol Pro Wrestling
SEWSouthern Extreme Wrestling
ASWAll States Wrestling
HCWHardcore Championship Wrestling
NWFNational Wrestling Federation
AMWAppalachian Mountain Wrestling
TVWATennessee Valley Wrestling Alliance
PLWPower League Wrestling
YPWYankee Pro Wrestling
GCWGlobal Championship Wrestling
GMWGreen Mountain Wrestling
WPWWorld Professional Wrestling
EPWEmpire Professional Wrestling
AWFAtlantic Wrestling Federation
WIWWorld Independent Wrestling
EWAEastern Wrestling Alliance
NEWANew England Wrestling Alliance
NECWNew England Championship Wrestling
UCW Unified Championship Wrestling
ICWInsane Championship Wrestling
CWFChampionship Wrestling Federation
WMCWWest Michigan Championship Wrestling
CIWChampionship International Wrestling
NSWANorthern States Wrestling Alliance
KWAHardKore Wrestling Action
WPWWolverine Pro Wrestling
CPWoMChampionship Wrestling of Michigan
PWWPro Wrestling Worldwide
NPWNorthern Premier Wrestling
WTWWorld Television Wrestling
MAWMid American Wrestling
BSWBadger State Wrestling
GLCWGreat Lakes Championship Wrestling
IWAInternational Wrestling Alliance - Mid-South
MMWAMid-Missouri Wrestling Alliance
MVWAMississippi Valley Wrestling Association
CSWACentral States Wrestling Association
MRWMidwest Renegade Wrestling
IPWAIndependent Professional Wrestling Alliance
NCW National Championship Wrestling
SCWSouthern Championship Wrestling
AIWFAmerican Independent Wrestling Federation
ICWIndependent Championship Wrestling
MEWMountain Empire Wrestling
UCWUltimate Championship Wrestling
UPWUltimate Pro Wrestling
OVWOhio Valley Wrestling
CCCWCentral Carolina Championship Wrestling
PWFProfessional Wrestling Federation - North Carolina
ECPWEast Coast Professional Wrestling
ASWAAll Star Wrestling Alliance
JAPWJersey All Pro Wrestling
AWCAmerican Wrestling Council
IWFIndependent Wrestling Federation
EPWEastern Pro Wrestling
LIWFLong Island Wrestling Federation
HWAHeartland Wrestling Association
GWAGlobal Wrestling Alliance
SCWSteel City Wrestling
FWAFuture Wrestling Alliance
CPWChampionship Pro Wrestling
APWFAllied Powers Wrestling Federation
WVWAWest Virginia Wrestling Alliance
ACCWAtlantic Coast Championship Wrestling
ATCWAtlantic Terror Championship Wrestling
TASWTexas All-Star Wrestling
TWATexas Wrestling Alliance
SWASouthwest Wrestling Alliance
OMEGAOrganized Modern Extreme Grappling Arts
APWAppalachia Pro Wrestling
CCWContinental Championship Wrestling
NCWNational Championship Wrestling
NMWNew Millennium Wrestling
NCCWNorth Coast Championship Wrestling
APWAmerican Pro Wrestling
NESMWNew Era Smoky Mountain Wrestling
TNWTexas Nu-Age Wrestling
BCWBorder City Wrestling
USCWUnited States Championship Wrestling
NWFNational Wrestling Federation
NWFNittany Wrestling Federation
PWFPennsylvania Wrestling Federation
PCWPennsylvania Championship Wrestling
PLWPittsburgh Wrestling League
IWCInternational Wrestling Cartel
USWFUnited States Wrestling Federation
DSWDeep South Wrestling
MEWMidland Empire Wrestling
PCWProfessional Championship Wrestling
XSEXtreme Sports Entertainment
FNWFar North Wrestling
EWAExodus Wrestling Alliance
EWAEastern Wrestling Alliance
MEWMain Event Wrestling
APWAmerican Pro Wrestling
CWAChristian Wrestling Alliance
FWAFrontier Wrestling Alliance
GRRGlobal Roughhouse Rasslin'
PPWPowerhouse Pro Wrestling
TMWTennessee Mountain Wrestling
SCCWSouth Coast Championship Wrestling
WOHWWorld of Hurt Wrestling
MPWMidwest Pro Wrestling
WSWWestern States Wrestling
NAWFNorth American Wrestling Federation
ISPW Independent Superstars of Pro Wrestling
MDWMason-Dixon Wrestling
TCWTurnbuckle Championship Wrestling
ACWAlternative Championship Wrestling
ACWAAmerican Championship Wrestling Alliance

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