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Wrestlers' Stats - Part #2

Reminder: This listing is not 100% accurate. This is not a complete version list of wrestlers from the WWF, WCW, ECW, NWA, Japan, Mexico, and the North American Independents.

As listed in the 2000 and 2001 PWI Wrestling Almanac and Book of Facts

NameHeightWeightHailing From
Tony Kozina5'6"168 Lbs.Portland, Oregon
John Kronus6'4"256 Lbs.Cleveland, Ohio
Kwee WeeN/A220 Lbs.Alliance, Ohio
Manabu Nakanishi6'1"266 Lbs.Kyoto City, Japan
Phil Lafon5'11"235 Lbs.Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Buddy Landell6'0"236 Lbs.Memphis, Tennessee
Jerry Lawler6'0"234 Lbs.Memphis, Tennessee
Lenny Lane5'10"212 Lbs.Hibbings, Minnesota
Brian Lee6'2"307 Lbs.Orlando, Florida
Joe E. Legend6'3"265 Lbs.Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Lash LeRoux5'11"221 Lbs.Oxford, Alabama
Harley Lewis6'3"275 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jushin Thunder Liger5'7"222 Lbs.Hiroshima, Japan
Little Guido5'9"201 Lbs.Sicily
Lizmark5'6"190 Lbs.Acapulco, Mexico
Steve Lombardi6'0"233 Lbs.Brooklyn, New York
Lex Luger6'5"265 Lbs.Atlanta, Georgia
Jerry Lynn5'7"185 Lbs.Minneapolis, Minnesota
Akira Maeda6'2"223 Lbs.Osaka, Japan
Pete Madden5'11"230 Lbs.Milwaukee, Winsconsin
Quinn Magnum6'5"259 Lbs.Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Balls Mahoney6'2"361 Lbs.Nutley, New Jersey
The Rock6'4"272 Lbs.Miami, Florida
Dean Malenko5'9"216 Lbs.Tampa, Florida
"Mankind" Mick Foley6'4"277 Lbs.Pensacola, Florida
Moondog Manson5'9"322 Lbs.Burnaby, British Columbia
Mil Mascaras5'11" 245 Lbs.Mexico City, Mexico
Metal Maniac6'2"268 Lbs.Parts Unknown
Joey Matthews5'9"187 Lbs.Fayetteville, North Carolina
Punchy McGee5'11"233 Lbs.Clarksburg, West Virginia
Shane McMahon6'2"235 Lbs.Greenwich, Connecticut
Vince McMahon6'3"253 Lbs.Greenwich, Connecticut
Marc Mero6'0"235 Lbs.Buffalo, New York
Chris Michaels5'9"223 Lbs.Oakdale, New York
Shawn Michaels6'0"234 Lbs.San Antonio, Texas
Taka Michinuko5'7" 169 Lbs.Morioka, Japan
Rey Misterio Jr.5'3"140 Lbs.San Diego, California
Mitsuharu Misawa5'11"228 Lbs.Saitama, Japan
Michael Modest5'9"232 Lbs.New York City, New York
Jason Jett (E.Z. Money)6'2"239 Lbs.Atlantic City, New Jersey
Don Montoya6'0"300 Lbs.San Juan, Puerto Rico
Shannon Moore5'8"165 Lbs.Cameron, North Carolina
Hugh Morrus5'10"310 Lbs.Titusville, Florida
Ricky Morton5'11"228 Lbs.Nashville, Tennessee
Keiji Muto6'1"245 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Hack Myers6'2"269 Lbs.Baltimore, Maryland
Rich Myers5'10"208 Lbs.Baltimore, Maryland
Yuji Nagata6'1"228 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Manabu Nakanishi6'1"235 Lbs.Kyoto City, Japan
Gran Naniwa5'5"180 Lbs.Moriyoka, Japan
Kevin Nash7'0"356 Lbs.Scottsdale, Arizona
Jim Neidhart6'1"275 Lbs.Reno, Nevada
Knuckles Nelson6'3"251 Lbs.Providence, Rhode Island
New Jack6'0"225 Lbs.Compton, California
Osamu Nishimura6'2"225 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Akira Nogami5'9"216 Lbs.Oita, Japan
Kevin Northcutt6'6"348 Lbs.Chalmette, Louisiana
Scott Norton6'3"360 Lbs.Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nova5'10"214 Lbs.Bricktown, New Jersey
O-Dogg5'11"190 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ray Odyssey5'10"225 Lbs.San Diego, California
Naoya Ogawa6'3"286 Lbs. Tokyo, Japan
Shawn O'Haire6'6"270 Lbs. Hilton Head, South Carolina
Michiyoshi Ohara5'9"N/ATokyo, Japan
Atsushi Onita5'9"229 Lbs.Nagasaki, Japan
Takao Omori6'2"260 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Ooh La La5'10"230 Lbs.Paris, France
Glen Osbourne6'1"258 Lbs.West Chester, Pennsylvania
Shinjiro Ohtani6'1"215 Lbs.Yokohama, Japan
Carl Oulette5'11"255 Lbs.Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Diamond Dallas Page6'5"260 Lbs.Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Chuck Palumbo6'6"256 Lbs.Providence, Rhode Island
La Parka6'1"235 Lbs.Mexico City, Mexico
The Patriot6'4"251 Lbs.Columbia, South Carolina
Adam Pearce6'3"242 Lbs.Chicago, Illinois
Miguel Perez Jr.6'1"232 Lbs.San Juan, Puerto Rico
Jeff Peterson5'9"145 Lbs.Tampa, Florida
Rikishi Phatu6'2"440 Lbs.Island of Samoa
Roddy Piper6'2"247 Lbs.Portland, Oregon
Pitbull 16'3"243 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pitbull 26'2"238 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sgt. Craig Pittman6'2"270 Lbs.Parris Island, South Carolina
Mad Man Pondo5'11"235 Lbs.Parts Unknown
J. Caster5'9"242 Lbs.Saint Louis, Missouri
Rod Price6'2"265 Lbs.Los Angeles, California
Psichosis5'10"200 Lbs.Tijuana, Mexico
Scott Putski6'0"235 Lbs.Houston, Texas
Mike Quackenbush6'0"191 Lbs.West Lawn, Pennsylvania
Kevin Quinn6'1"231 Lbs.Chicago, Illinois
John Rambo6'4"245 Lbs.Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Twiggy Rameriz5'10"213 Lbs.Parts Unknown
T. Rantula6'7"325 Lbs.Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bill Reil6'0"202 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lou Marconi5'11"227 Lbs.Brooklyn, New York
Randy Savage6'2"237 Lbs.Sarasota, Florida
Raven6'1"235 Lbs.Short Hills, New Jersey
Stevie Ray6'5"265 Lbs.Houston, Texas
Reckless Youth5'8"183 Lbs.Babylon, New York
William Regal6'4"247 Lbs.Blackpool, England
Jayson Reign5'9"210 Lbs.Chicago, Illinois
Butch Reed6'2"265 Lbs.Kansas City, Missouri
Reno6'0"240 Lbs.Las Vegas, Nevada
Ron Reese7'2"360 Lbs.San Jose, California
Dustin Rhodes6'5"272 Lbs.Austin, Texas
Rhyno6'3"285 Lbs.Detroit, Michigan
Tommy Rich6'0"248 Lbs.Hendersonville, Tennessee
Steven Richards6'2"227 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Reno Riggins5'7"238 Lbs.Nashville, Tennessee
Essa Rios5'8"217 Lbs.Guadalahara, Mexico
Jake Roberts6'5"253 Lbs.Stone Mountain, Georgia
Rocco Rock6'2"251 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Rip Rogers6'2"246 Lbs.Seymour, Indiana
Axl Rotten6'2"302 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Ian Rotten6'0"281 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mike Rotunda6'3"248 Lbs.Syracuse, New York
Joe Rules5'11"274 Lbs.Milltown, New Jersey
J.R. Ryder6'3"235 Lbs.Wilmington, Delaware
Sabu6'0"220 Lbs.Bombay, India (Lansing, Michigan)
Mustapha Saed6'1"244 Lbs.Compton, California
The Samoan Kid5'10"260 Lbs.Samoa
Samu6'4"260 Lbs.Samoa
El Samurai5'11"213 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Julio Sanchez6'2"227 Lbs.San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mike Sanders6'1"230 Lbs.Kennesaw, Georgia
The Sandman6'3"244 Lbs.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tito Santana6'1"245 Lbs.Tocula, Mexico
Perry Saturn5'10"234 Lbs.Boston, Massachuttes
Kensuske Sasaki5'10"233 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
The Great Sasuke5'8"185 Lbs.Morioka, Japan
Eric Sbraccia6'4"277 Lbs.Revre, Massachusetts
Scotty 2 Hotty6'0"203 Lbs.Westbrook, Maine
Dan Severn6'2"265 Lbs.Detroit, Michigan
Ken Shamrock6'0"240 Lbs.Sacramento, California
Shark Boy5'10"170 Lbs.Parts Unknown
Jinsei Shinzaki5'11"231 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Kaz Hayashi5'5"175 Lbs.Caldan, Mexico
Tiger Ali Singh6'5"290 Lbs.Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Mark Shrader5'10"212 Lbs.Baltimore, Maryland
Elix SkipperN/AN/AN/A
Dick Slater6'1"235 Lbs.Tampa, Florida
Davey Boy Smith5'9"245 Lbs.Manchester, England
Johnny Smith6'0"235 Lbs.Manchester, England
Tracey Smothers6'1"227 Lbs.Atlanta, Georgia
Al Snow6'1"232 Lbs.Lima, Ohio
Jimmy Snuka6'0"250 Lbs.Isle of Fiji
Michelle Starr6'3"255 Lbs.Vancouver, British Columbia
Shawn Stasiak6'4"242 Lbs.Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Gary Steele6'2"248 Lbs.Gravesend, England
Rick Steiner5'11"248 Lbs.Bay City, Michigan
Scott Steiner6'1"265 Lbs.Bay City, Michigan
Sting6'2"260 Lbs.Venice Beach, California
Lance Storm5'11"232 Lbs.Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Super Crazy5'8"215 Lbs.Mexico City, Mexico
Super Delfin5'7" 190 Lbs.Osaka, Japan
Yoshihiro Tajiri5'7" 224 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Yoshiki Takahashi5'10"195 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Yoshihiro Takayama6'4"270 Lbs.Sapporo, Japan
Masato Tanaka5'10"235 Lbs.Wakayama, Japan
"Tatanka" Chris Chavis6'1"250 Lbs.Pembrooke, North Carolina
Akira Taue6'5"265 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Dave Taylor6'3"285 Lbs.London, England
Tazz5'11"240 Lbs.Red Hook, New York
Genichiro Tenryu6'1"235 Lbs.Katsuyama, Japan
Hiroyoshi Tenzan6'1"265 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Men's Teoh5'5"170 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Terik the Great5'10"188 Lbs.Checklovan, Czech Republic
Test6'7"302 Lbs.Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Robert Thompson6'0"240 Lbs.San Jose, California
Jumbo Tsuruta6'3"260 Lbs.Yamanashi, Japan
Ultimo Dragon5'7"175 Lbs.Mexico City, Mexico
The Undertaker6'9"328 Lbs.Dallas, Texas
"Big Van" Vader6'5"450 Lbs.Denver, Colorado
Greg Valentine6'0"243 Lbs.Seattle, Washington
El Vampiro6'4"245 Lbs.Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Rob Van Dam6'0"237 Lbs.Battle Creek, Michigan
"TNT" Savio Vega5'11"250 Lbs.Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
Val Venis6'2"250 Lbs.Las Vegas, Nevada
Vincent (Virgil)5'11"230 Lbs.Nashville, Tennessee
The Wall6'8"320 Lbs.Orange Grove, New Jersey
Koko B. Ware5'9"229 Lbs.Union City, Tennessee
Bilvis Wesley6'1"260 Lbs.Brick, New York
Mikey Whipwreck5'7"187 Lbs.New York City, New York
Steve Williams6'1"265 Lbs.Norman, Oklahoma
Wolfie D6'1"220 Lbs.Nashville, Tennessee
Alex Wright6'3"222 Lbs.Berlin, Germany
X-Pac6'2"212 Lbs.Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kazuo Yamazaki5'10"182 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
Yoshiaki Yatsu5'11"235 Lbs.Tokyo, Japan
David Young6'0"230 Lbs.Memphis, Tennessee

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