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NWA Current Champions

NWA World Titles:

Title Champion Date Won
NWA World Heavyweight Title Christian Cage February 12, 2006
NWA World Tag Team Titles Chris Harris and James Storm October 11, 2005
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Tiger Mask IVFebruary 19, 2006
NWA World Women's Title Christie Ricci October 8, 2005

NWA North American Titles:

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA North American Heavyweight Title Tommy MarrOctober 8, 2005
NWA North American Tag Team Titles Badnews Johnson and Drake TungstenOctober 22, 2005

NWA National Titles:

Title Champion Date Won
NWA National Heavyweight Title Ricky MurdochOctober 8, 2005

NWA Pacific Titles:

Title Champion Date Won
NWA Pacific Women's Title Yoshiko TamuraDecember 11, 2005

NWA Canadian Titles:

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title RAGEFebruary 18, 2006
NWA Canadian Tag Team TitlesThe Twin Terrors (Razz and Koko)March 26, 2005
NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Title Aaron IdolOctober 21, 2005
NWA Canadian Women's TitleVacant 

NWA Southern Titles:

Title Champion Date Won
NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title Blackbird IceJanuary 20, 2006
NWA Southern Television Title Faroh Of PhunkMay 28, 2005
NWA Southern Tag Team Titles Scott Storm and Steve Anthony February 4, 2006

Other NWA Titles (Not Controlled by the NWA, but by the CMLL in Mexico):

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA World Light-Heavyweight Title AtlantisJuly 22, 2005
NWA World Welterweight TitleVacant  
NWA World Middleweight TitleMistico January 1, 2005

NWA Total Non-Stop Action Titles:

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA TNA X Title Christopher DanielsMarch 12, 2006

NWA Pacific Northwest (Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling):

Title Champion Date Won
NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title Sweet Daddy DevastationJanuary 27, 2006
NWA Pacific Northwest Junior Heavyweight Title Mike DesheezitsFebruary 18, 2006
NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Titles Scotty Mac and DK Roc January 20, 2006
NWA Pacific Northwest Hardcore Title Moondog Manson November 25, 2005
NWA Pacific Northwest SuperGirls Title Rebecca Knox June 24, 2005

NWA East:

Title Champion Date Won
NWA East Heavyweight Title Daron SmytheFebruary 12, 2006
NWA East Tag Team Titles Devin Devine and Chris Taylor February 26, 2006
NWA East Three Rivers Title Eric ExtasyAugust 6, 2005
NWA East Brass Knuckles Title Sam SlejFebruary 12, 2006

NWA California (Pro Championship Wrestling):

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA California Heavyweight Title Scotty AbootJune 5, 2004
NWA California Lightweight Title Rockero Del DiabloFebruary 12, 2005
NWA California Tag Team Titles Skitzo and MPTNovember 26, 2005

NWA Green Mountain (Vermont):

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA Green Mountain Heavyweight Title Vacant
NWA Green Mountain Television Title Sean ReedAugust 21, 2005
NWA Green Mountain Tag Team Titles Hanz Roddy and Franz RoddyOctober 29, 2005

NWA Hawaii (Super Wrestling Force):

Title Champion Date Won
NWA Hawaii Heavyweight Title JT WolfenMarch 11, 2006
NWA Hawaii Junior Heavyweight Title Filipino CripplerJanuary 19, 2006
NWA Hawaii Hardcore Title KapuDecember 20, 2003
NWA Hawaii Tag Team Titles Ahuna and KanielaNovember 18, 2005

NWA Tri-States (West Virginia/NWA Ohio):

Title Champion Date Won
NWA Tri States Heavyweight Title JD EscaladeJanuary 7, 2006
NWA Tri States X Division Title El FandangoFebruary 20, 2006
NWA Tri States Tag Team Titles Zac Vincent and Aaron DravenMarch 4, 2006

NWA Bluegrass (Kentucky):

Title Champion Date Won
NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Title Vinnie ViagraJuly 19, 2005
NWA Bluegrass Junior Heavyweight Title JT Money July 15, 2005
NWA Bluegrass Tag Team Titles Bobby Eaton and Dennis Condrey September 30, 2005

NWA Carolinas (Mid-Atlantic):

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title Scott SteinerSeptember 24, 2005
NWA Mid-Atlantic Junior Heavyweight Title Rikki NelsonJanuary 3, 2004
NWA Mid-Atlantic Hardcore Champion The BarbarianOctober 2, 2004
NWA Mid-Atlantic Womens' Title Vacant
NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Titles Rick Steiner and Terry TaylorSeptember 24, 2005

NWA Main Event:

Title Champion Date Won
NWA Mid-American Heavyweight Title Kevin RhodesOctober 7, 2005
NWA Mid-American X Title Vacant 
NWA Mid-American Tag Team Titles Apollo and Dynamite Derrick October 22, 2005
NWA Mid-American Television Title Jeff Daniels October 25, 2003

NWA CyberSpace Wrestling Federation:

Title Champion Date Won
NWA CSWF Heavyweight Title AbyssNovember 19, 2005
NWA CSWF Internet Title Josh DanielsMarch 26, 2005
NWA CSWF Cruiser-X Title Elix Skipper August 21, 2005
NWA CSWF Tag Team Title Kayotic Kid and Luda Kash June 25, 2005
NWA CSWF Women's Title Jazz June 25, 2005

NWA Anarchy:

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title Chad ParhamMarch 11, 2006
NWA Anarchy Television Title Hayden YoungMarch 11, 2006
NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title Jason Blackman and Jeremy VJanuary 7, 2006

NWA Great Championship Wrestling:

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA GCW Heavyweight Title David YoungDecember 10, 2005
NWA GCW Television Title Chris StevensMarch 11, 2006
NWA GCW Tag Team Titles Erik Watts and John BogieJanuary 1, 2006

NWA Mid-South:

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title Don BassNovember 25, 2005
NWA Mid-South Tag Team Titles Ricky Murdoch and Big Nasty BillOctober 14, 2005
NWA Mid-South Women's TitleVacant

NWA Battlezone (Mississippi):

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA Mississippi Heavyweight Title Kevin NorthcuttAugust 20, 2005
NWA Mississippi Junior Heavyweight Title The PsychoMay 28, 2005
NWA Mississippi Tag Team Titles Jesse Dalton and Faroh Of PhunkNovember 5, 2005

NWA Blue Ridge (Chilhowie, Virginia):

TitleChampionDate Won
NWA Blue Ridge Heavyweight Title Scott SterlingApril 9, 2005
NWA Blue Ridge Southern Heavyweight Title Iron CrossJanuary 29, 2005
NWA Blue Ridge Television Title Donnie DallasJune 17, 2005
NWA Blue Ridge Super Lightweight Title Joe KiddMay 6, 2005
NWA Blue Ridge Tag Team Titles The TurbanatorsMay 6, 2005
NWA Blue Ridge Women�s Title BambiJune 5, 2005

NWA Upstate (New York and New Jersey):

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Upstate Heavyweight Title Glenn SpectreApril 9, 2005
NWA Upstate Kayfabe Dojo Title JP BlackOctober 29, 2005
NWA Upstate No Limits Heavyweight Title John McChesneyFebruary 11, 2006
NWA Upstate Tag Team Titles  Cheech and CloudyFebruary 11, 2006
NWA Upstate Six-Man Tag Team Titles Randy Walker, Johnny Puma, and Cade CassidyOctober 29, 2005

NWA New York/New Jersey:

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA New York/New Jersey Heavyweight Title Vacant 
NWA New Jersey Tag Team Titles Black Angel and El BandidoDecember 19, 2004

NWA New South (Mississippi):

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA New South Heavyweight Title John SaxonFebruary 5, 2005
NWA New South Cruiserweight Title Joe KaneMarch 4, 2006
NWA New South X Title The Infamous K.I.D.March 4, 2006

NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida
(Including NWA South Atlantic and NWA Heat Wave):

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title The NighthawkAugust 28, 2004
NWA South Atlantic Heavyweight Title Stormy GranzigMay 29, 2005
NWA South Atlantic Martial Arts Title Shane MillerSeptember 20, 2003
NWA South Atlantic Tag Team Title Vacant 
NWA Mid-Florida Heavyweight Title RougeMarch 6, 2004
NWA Florida Television Title Tommy MarrAugust 28, 2004
NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight Title Vacant 
NWA Florida Women's Title Destiny DevineJune 14, 2003
NWA Heat Wave Heavyweight Title The Slasher
NWA Heat Wave Cruiserweight Title Rouge
NWA Heat Wave Tag Team Titles Remix and Scorpion

 NWA Midwest:

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Midwest Heavyweight Title Johnny CandidoSeptember 17, 2005
NWA Midwest X Title Jaysin StrifeFebruary 4, 2006
NWA Midwest Tag Team TitlesTyler Black and Marek BraveSeptember 17, 2005
NWA Midwest Women's Title Ms. ChifNovember 12, 2005
NWA Central States Heavyweight Title RavenJune 25, 2005
NWA Heartland States Heavyweight Title Danny DanielsMarch 26, 2005
NWA Missouri Heavyweight Title AbyssOctober 7, 2005
NWA Kansas Heavyweight Title Mark SterlingApril 23, 2005
NWA Illinois Heavyweight Title Marco CordovaMarch 26, 2005
NWA Iowa Heavyweight Title Ryan BozJuly 8, 2005
NWA Indiana Heavyweight Title El Drunko (Spyder)August 20, 2005

NWA Wisconsin (NWA Mid-West):

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Wisconsin Heavyweight Title Dinn T. MooreFebruary 25, 2006
NWA Wisconsin Tag Team Titles Jack Berzerker and Tommy CourageousDecember 3, 2005
NWA Wisconsin X Title Diego CorleoneFebruary 25, 2006

NWA Southwest (Southwest Wrestling Alliance):

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Texas Heavyweight Title Kevin NorthcuttApril 16, 2005
NWA Texas Junior Heavyweight Title Joey CormanApril 28, 2005
NWA Texas Tag Team Titles Mace and Seth ShaiJanuary 28, 2006

NWA New England:

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA New England Heavyweight Title Luiz OrtizNovember 25, 2005
NWA New England X Title Black LotusApril 1, 2005
NWA New England Television Title Adam BookerJuly 22, 2005
NWA New England Brass Knuckles Title Gino MartinoAugust 10, 2004
NWA New England Tag Team Titles Trooper Gilmore and Corporal JohnsonNovember 25, 2005

NWA Virginia:

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Virginia Heavyweight Title Damian WayneOctober 22, 2005
NWA Virginia Junior Heavyweight Title Tommie SmallzDecember 3, 2005
NWA Virginia Tag Team Titles Preston Quinn and Mike BoothApril 23, 2005
NWA Alpha Heavyweight Title Brandon DayOctober 3, 2005

Ultimate NWA (Alabama):

Title ChampionDate Won
Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Title Steve PleazingFebruary 12, 2005
Ultimate NWA Junior Heavyweight Title Chris LeeFebruary 12, 2005
Ultimate NWA Tag Team Titles Will Owens and Cecil PleazingFebruary 12, 2005

NWA Wrestle Birmingham:

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Alabama Heavyweight Title BG JamesOctober 8, 2005
NWA Wrestle Birmingham Junior Heavyweight Title Mike JacksonFebruary 3, 2006
NWA Wrestle Birmingham Tag Team Titles Elix Skipper and David YoungFebruary 3, 2006

NWA Rocky Top:

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA East Tennessee Heavyweight Title Jimmy GoldenAugust 19, 2005
NWA East Tennessee Tag Team Titles The TurbanatorsAugust 19, 2005
NWA Rocky Top X Title Shawn SchultzAugust 19, 2005

NWA Tope Rope:

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA Top Rope Southern Heavyweight Title Kory WilliamsNovember 12, 2005
NWA Top Rope Tennessee Heavyweight Title Rick SantelNovember 12, 2005

NWA United Kingdom (Hammerlock Wrestling):

Title ChampionDate Won
NWA United Kingdom Heavyweight Title Johnny Moss October 18, 2005
NWA United Kingdom Junior Heavyweight Title Zack Sabre Jr.October 22, 2005
NWA British Commonwealth Title Karl Anderson March 12, 2006
NWA Ireland Heavyweight TitleAdam Abz November 27, 2005
NWA Ireland Tag Team Titles Keith Loughman and Robbie Morrissey February 19, 2006
NWA Scottish Heavyweight Title Eric Canyon August 20, 2005


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