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Masked Wrestlers

Masked WrestlerIdentity
Aldo Montoya (WWF)PJ Walker / Justin Credible
Arachnaman (WCW)Brad Armstrong
Arachnoids (WWF)The Headbangers
Assassin #1Jody Hamilton
AvatarAl Snow
Avenger (Calgary)Owen Hart
Awesome Kong (GWF, USWA)Dwayne McCallaugh
Badstreet (WCW)Brad Armstrong
Battle Cat (WWF)Brady Boone
Beetlejuice (WCW)Art Barr
Big Machine (WWF)Blackjack Mulligan
Big Van VaderLeon White
Black Blood (WCW)Billy Jack Haynes
Black Knight (WWF)Jeff Gaylord
Black Knight and Red KnightBarry Horowitz and Steve Lombardi
Black Scorpion (NWA)The Angel of Death, Al Perez, and Ric Flair
Black Tiger (New Japan)Eddie Guerrero
Blackhearts (Calgary)Tom Nash and David Heath
Blue Blazer (WWF)Owen Hart
Blue Blazer (Mexico)Phil Lafond
Fake Blue Blazer (WWF)Steve Blackman, Koko B. Ware, Tom Pritchard
Blue Knight (WWF)Greg Valentine
The BulletBob Armstrong
Captain USA (World Class)Big John Studd
Checkmate (World Class)Les Thorton
Cheetah KidRocco Rock
Christmas Creature (USWA)Glen Jacobs
The Conquistadors (WWF)Jose Estrada and Jose Luis Rivera
The Conquistadors (WWF, 2000) Edge and Christian
The Conquistadors #2 (WWF, 2000)Matt and Jeff Hardy
Cobra (New Japan, WWF)George Takano
Cyberpunks (USWA)PG-13 (JC Ice and Wolfie D)
Dark Patriot (GWF, SMW)Doug Gilbert
Deadeye Dick (WCW)Randy Colley
Ding Dongs (NWA)Jim Evans and Richard Sartain
Dink (WWF)Tiger Jackson
Dirty Yellow Dog (Florida)Barry Windham
The Original Doink (WWF)Matt Borne
Doink II (WWF)Steve Kiern
Doink III (WWF)Steve Lombardi
Doink IV (WWF)Ray Apollo
Doink V (WWE)Nick Dinsmore
Doom (WCW)Butch Reed and Ron Simmons
Doomsday (USWA)Glen Jacobs
Dos Hombres I (WCW)Ricky Steamboat
Dos Hombre II (WCW)Brad Armstrong
Dos Hombre II (WCW)Tom Zenk
Dr. DeathSteve Williams
Dr. Feel Good (Mid-South)Terry Taylor
Dr. X (WCW)Randy Colley
The Eagle (All-Japan)Jackie Fulton
El Gran Luchador (WWE)Paul London
El Samurai (New Japan)Osamu Matsuda
The EliminatorsPerry Saturn and John Kronus
The Executioner (ICW)Randy Savage
The Executioners (WWWF)Killer Kowalski, John Studd, and Nikolai Volkoff
The Executioners (WWF)Duane Gill and Barry Hardy
The Falcon (All-Japan)Steve Armstrong
Fantasia (WCW)Brad Armstrong
Jimmy Jack Funk (WWF)Jesse Barr
Galaxians (Memphis)Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
Giant Machine (WWF)Andre The Giant
Gobbledygooker (WWF)Hector Guerrero
The Grappler (World Class, PNW)Len Denton
The GrapplersLen Denton and Tony Anthony
Great Wizard (WCW)Kevin Sullivan
Handsome Stranger (GWF)Buff Bagwell
The Halloween Phantom (WCW)Rick Rude
The Hood (PNW)Ricky Santana
The Hood (World Class)Jeff Gaylord
Hulk Machine (WWF)Hulk Hogan
Humongous (USWA)Randy Lewis
Juicer (WCW)Art Barr
Kane (WWF) Glen Jacobs
Kato (WWF)Paul Diamond
Kendo The Samurai (SMW)Tim Horner, Bobby Blayze, Brian Logan, and Scotty Riggs
Killer Bees (WWF)Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell
Masked Confusion (UWF)Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell
Kim Chee (WWF)Steve Lombardi
Kowabunga the Ninja Turtle (SMW)Mark Curtis
Kwang The Ninja (WWF)Savio Vega
Lazer Tron (NWA)Hector Guerrero
Leatherface (FMW)Mike Kirschner
Leatherface (USWA)Mike Samples
Leatherface (WING)Doug Gilbert
Lord Humongous (Continental)Sid Vicious
Lords Of Darkness (WWF)Duane Gill and Barry Hardy
Los Espelicitos (WCW)Ricky Santana and David Sierra
Mankind (WWF)Mick Foley
Fake Mankind (WWF)Dennis Knight
The Machine (WCW)Emory Hale
Masked Destroyer (Florida)Killer Kowalski
Masked Heel (WCW)Stevie Ray
Masked Haito (WCW)Paul Diamond
Masked Outlaw (NWA)Dory Funk Jr.
Masked SuperstarBill Eadie
Masked Superstar II (Mid-Atlantic)Big John Studd
Master Of Pain (Memphis)The Undertaker
Masters Of Terror (Memphis)Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
Max Moon (WWF)Konnan
Max Moon (WWF)Paul Diamond
Great Mephisto (Memphis)Romeo Rodriguez
Midnight Rider (NWA)Dusty Rhodes
Midnight Rider (GWF)Sam Houston
Minnesota Wrecking Crew II (WCW)Wayne Bloom and Mike Enos
Mr. AmericaHulk Hogan
Mr. JL (WCW)Jerry Lynn
Mr. Madness (WWF)Randy Savage
Mr. OlympiaJerry Stubbs
Mr. WrestlingTim Woodin
Mr. Wrestling IIJohnny Walker
Nightmares (Continental, Alabama)Dan Davis and Ken Wayne
The OutlawDory Funk Sr.
The Patriot (GWF, WCW, WWF)Del Wilkes
Pegasus Kid (New Japan)Chris Benoit
Phantom (WWF)David Heath / Gangrel
Prince Kharis (SMW)Rob Mayze
Psichosis (AAA, WCW)Dionico Castellanos
The Punisher (World Class)The Undertaker
Red Knight (WWF)Barry Horowitz
Red River Jack (World Class)Bruiser Brody
Repo Man (WWF)Barry Darsow
Rey Misterio Jr.Oscar Gonzalez
Russian Assassin #1 (NWA)Angel of Death
Russian Assassin #2 (NWA)Jack Victory
The Screaming Eagles (WCW)Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin
The Shadows (WWF)Randy Colley and Jose Luis Rivera
Shanghai Pierce (WCW)Mark Canterbury
Shinobi (WWF)Al Snow
The SpiderRandy Savage
The Spider Lady (WWF)Fabulous Moolah
The Spiders (USWA, WWF)The Headbangers
The SpoilerDon Jardine
Stagger LeeJunkyard Dog, Koko B. Ware
Starblazer (NWA)Tim Horner
Starship CoyoteScott Hall
Starship EagleDan Spivey
The Super Assassins (WCW)The Warlord and Barbarian
The Super Destroyers (World Class)Bill and Scott Irwin
The Super Destroyers (GWF)Bill Irwin and Gary Young
Super Invader (WCW)Hercules
Super Machine (WWF)Bill Eadie
Super Olympia (Alabama)Arn Anderson
Super Shockmaster (WCW)Fred Ottman
Super Strong Machine (Japan)Junji Hirata
Super Vader (UWFi) Leon White
Super Zodiac #1 (World Class)Gary Young
Super Zodiac #2 (World Class)Mick Foley
Superfly (World Class)Kamala
Sweet Brown Sugar (World Class)Skip Young
Sweet Brown Sugar (Memphis) Koko B. Ware
Tennessee Stud (Memphis)Ron Fuller
The Terrorist (AWA)Brian Knobs
The Thunderfoots (NWA)Joel and Dave Deaton
Tiger Mask #1Satoru Sayama
Tiger Mask #2Mitsuharu Misawa
Tiger Mask #3Koji Kanemoto
X (NWA TNA)Carl Oulette
Vader (WCW, WWF, Japan)Leon White
The Viper (GWF)Mike Davis
War Machine (NWA)Ray Traylor
Who (WWF)Jim Neidhart
Wild Pegasus (New Japan)Chris Benoit
Yellow Dog #1 (WCW)Brian Pillman
Yellow Dog #2 (WCW)Tom Zenk
Yeti The Mummy (WCW)Ron Reis
Masked Men Who Attacked Hulk Hogan In 1994Arn Anderson, Bunkhouse Buck, Steve Kiern, and Brutus Beefcake

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