NewEach death is as different as people are different. Each is a story to be told.

NewInspired by the black box flight recorders of crashed planes, the first version of 100 black boxes was a hypertext fiction constructed from 100 words each by 100 characters about the moment of their deaths. Publication began in autumn of 1999. In summer 2004, it was republished as a blog. It's also available for syndication/feed at

New100 black boxes was written for the WWW by Alistair Gentry. Over the two-year active period of the site (1999-2001), every box became black with use (i.e. was read at least 100 times). Some boxes cycled from white to black numerous times. See a graphic of site usage for the active period of the site.

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There's an interview transcript at The International Necronautical Society. Tom McCarthy spoke with Alistair in 2001, and 100 black boxes is discussed at length. Other life/death affirming authors on the INS site include Stewart Home and Will Self.

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