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16 King George I of the Hellenes 1845 1913 Grand Duchess Olga of Russia 1851 1926 See 2.3 & 4.62 - George succeeded Otto (previously Prince Otto of Bavaria) as King , after the latter had been forced to flee Greece in 1862 after an insurrection. George was previously Prince Wilhelm of Denmark, he was elected King of the Hellenes on 5 June 1863 and accepted the crown on 31 October 1863. George was assassinated at Salonika by a mentally deranged Greek individual named "Schinas" who himself committed suicide whilst awaiting trial by jumping through a window during questioning. George had reigned almost fifty years and had planned to abdicate after his Golden Jubilee Celebrations.
16.1 King Constantine "Tino" I of the Hellenes 1868 1923 Princess Sophie of Prussia 1870 1932 See 11.217 - Constantine left Greece on 11 June 1917 after an ultimatum issued by France and nominated his second son Alexander as his successor. His first son Georg was considered pro-German and was not acceptable to the French. Constantine returned to the throne on 17 December 1920 following the death of Alexander. Constantine was forced again to abdicate in 22 September 1922 in favour of his first son Georg. Constantine was thought to have had an affair with Paola Maria Lottero (later von Ostheim) morganatic wife of Prince Hermann Carl of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach who renounced his rights on 2 August 1909 (prior to his marriage) and was created Count von Ostheim. Paolo (von Ostheim) was sometimes described as Paolo, Princess of Saxe-Weimar and in 1925 she published "A King's Private Letters".
16.11 - QVD King Georg II of the Hellenes 1890 1947 Princess Elisabeth of Roumania 1894 1956 See 6.122 - Georg lost his throne on 25 March 1924 when Greece was proclaimed a Republic. But was returned following elections on 3 November 1935. The Germans invaded Greece in April 1941 and the Royal Family were forced yet again to flee Greece first to Crete and then Egypt. A plebiscite held on 1 September 1946 decided by 69 per cent in favour of the restoration of the monarchy, Georg and his family returned to Greece 27/28 September 1946.
16.12 - QVD King Alexander I of the Hellenes 1893 1920   Aspasia Manos 1896 1972 Alexander died from blood poisoning after being bitten by a pet monkey whilst attempting to separate a fight between the monkey and his dog. Aspasia was created a Princess of Greece by Royal Decree on 10 September 1922. Aspasia is related to Iléana Manos (wife of Prince Charles-Louis Henri of Orleans (Duke of Chartres)). Aspasia's father (Petros Manos, born 1871) and Iléana's great grandfather (Konstantinos Manos, born 1869) were brothers.
16.121 - QVD Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark 1921 1993 King Peter II of Yugoslavia 1923 1970 See 7.541 - Alexandra was born posthumously. Peter succeeded his father (under the Regency of his uncle Prince Paul of Yugoslavia) when he was only 10 years old. He had to flee the Country in 1941 when it was invaded by Hitler. Yugoslavia was proclaimed a Republic on 29 November in 1945 and the monarchy abolished without Referendum. Peter died in Denver following a liver transplant almost destitute having turned to alcohol. Some sources erroneously shows Peter died in California.
16.13 - QVD Princess Helen of Greece and Denmark 1896 1982 King Carol II of Roumania 1893 1953 See 6.121 - Carol renounced his rights to the Roumanian throne in 1925. His son Michael became king on the death of Ferdinand I, however Carol returned to Roumania in 1930 and usurped his son Michael as King of Roumania. Carol was deposed in 1940 and Michael become king for the second time.
16.14 - QVD King Paul I of the Hellenes 1901 1964 Princess Friederike of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1917 1981 See 25.1163 - Friederike died from anesthesia poisoning while undergoing eye surgery
16.141 - QVD Princess Sophie "Sofia" of Greece and Denmark 1938   King Juan Carlos I of Spain 1938   See 10.7362 - Juan Carlos ascended the Spanish throne on 22 November 1975 following the death of the Dictator, General Franco.
16.142 - QVD King Constantine II of the Hellenes 1940   Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark 1946   See 2.1113 - Constantine was deposed on 1 June 1973 following the "Colonels Coup" on 13 December 1967
16.1421 - QVD Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark 1965     Carlos Morales y Quintana 1970    
16.14211 - QVD   Arrietta Morales y de Grecia 2002            
16.14212 - QVD   Anna-Maria Morales y de Grecia 2003            
16.14213 - QVD   Carlos Morales y de Grecia 2005            
16.1422 - QVD Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece (Duke of Sparta) 1967     Marie-Chantal Miller 1968    
16.14221 - QVD Princess Maria Olympia of Greece and Denmark 1996            
16.14222 - QVD Prince Konstantin-Alexios of Greece and Denmark 1998            
16.14223 - QVD Prince Achileas Andreas of Greece and Denmark 2000            
16.14224 - QVD Prince Odysseas Kimon of Greece and Denmark 2004            
16.1423 - QVD Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark 1969            
16.1424 - QVD Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark 1983            
16.1425 - QVD Prince Phillipos of Greece and Denmark 1986            
16.143 - QVD Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark 1942            
16.15 - QVD Princess Irene of Greece and Denmark 1904 1974 Prince Aimon of Savoy (Italy) (4 th Duke of Aosta) 1900 1948 See 8.1312 - Aimon was designated King of Croatia 18 May 1941 but never reigned and finally abandoned all claim to that throne in 1943
16.16 - QVD Princess Katherine of Greece and Denmark 1913     Richard Campbell Brandram 1911 1994 Princess Katherine was granted the rank of a duke's daughter in Great Britain on 9 September 1947 by King George VI and is known as Lady Katherine Brandram
16.161 - QVD   Richard Paul Brandram 1948     Jennifer Steele 1951    
16.1611 - QVD   Sophie Brandram 1981            
16.1612 - QVD   Nicholas Brandram 1982            
16.1613 - QVD   Alexia Brandram 1985            
16.2 Prince George "Big George" of Greece and Denmark 1869 1957 Princess Marie Bonaparte 1882 1962 Princess Marie was a great granddaughter of Napoleon I's brother Lucien
16.21 Prince Peter of Greece and Denmark 1908 1980   Irene Ovtchinnikova 1904 1990  
16.22 Princess Eugenie of Greece and Denmark 1910 1989 Prince Dominik Radziwill 1911 1976 See 44.3422
16.22 Princess Eugenie of Greece and Denmark 1910 1989 Prince Raimundo della Torre e Tasso (2 nd Duca di Castel Duino) 1907 1986 Raimundo's father was Prince Alexander Karl of Thurn and Taxis who was naturalized in Italy 1923 as Principe della Torre e Tasso (created 1 st Duca di Castel Duino). Raimundo and his brother Ludwig together with their issue bear the title Prince[ss] della Torre e Tasso. Raimundo's sister Margarete bears the title Princess von Thurn und Taxis
16.221 Prince Carlo della Torre e Tasso (3 rd Duca di Castel Duino) 1952     Veronique Lantz 1951    
16.2211 Prince Dimitri della Torre e Tasso 1977            
16.2212 Prince Maximilian della Torre e Tasso 1979            
16.2213 Princess Constanza della Torre e Tasso 1989            
16.3 Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark 1870 1891 Grand Duke Paul of Russia 1860 1919 See 4.18 - Princess Alexandra suffered a convulsive fit in the seventh month of her pregnancy. Her son Dimitri was delivered and lived into adulthood, however Alexandra never regained consciousness and died after six days in a coma.
16.4 Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark 1872 1938 Grand Duchess Helen of Russia 1882 1957 See 4.145
16.41 Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark 1903 1997 Prince Paul of Yugoslavia 1893 1976 See 7.J1
16.42 Princess Elizabeth of Greece and Denmark 1904 1955 Count Carl Theodor of Toerring-Jettenbach 1900 1967 See 18.K521
16.43 Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark 1906 1968 Prince George of Great Britain (Duke of Kent) 1902 1942 See 1.225 - The Duke of Kent was killed in an air crash when his Sunderland flying boat ran into a mountainside as it headed from Invergordon in Scotland for Iceland where the Duke was to inspect Allied forces. Fifteen passengers were killed in the air crash, with Flight Sergeant Andrew Jack the rear gunner and navigator being the sole survivor.
16.5 Princess Marie of Greece and Denmark 1876 1940 Grand Duke George of Russia 1863 1919 See 4.84
16.5 Princess Marie of Greece and Denmark 1876 1940   Pericles Joannides 1881 1965  
16.6 Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark 1880 1880          
16.7 Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark 1882 1944 Princess Alice of Battenberg 1885 1969 See 5.421 - In 1922 Prince Andrew along with some Greek Ministers and army commanders were arrested and charged with treason by the Greek revolutionary Government. Five of those arrested were executed and Andrew was released under secrecy and left Greece on board a British Naval Ship.
16.71 - QVD Princess Margarita of Greece and Denmark 1905 1981 Prince Gottfried of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (8 th Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg) 1897 1960 See 39.3311
16.72 - QVD Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark 1906 1969 Margrave Berthold of Baden 1906 1963 See 32.5522
16.73 - QVD Princess Cecilie of Greece and Denmark 1911 1937 Hereditary Grand Duke Georg Donatus of Hesse and by Rhine 1906 1937 See 5.2143 - Hereditary Grand Duke Georg his wife Princess Cecilia, two sons and mother Princess Eleoner were killed in an aeroplane accident near Ostende. Cecilia was eight months pregnant at the time of the crash and the baby's body was discovered amongst the wreckage. The party were on their way to Croydon Airport to attend the wedding of his brother Prince Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine to Margaret Geddes
16.74 - QVD Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark 1914 2001 Prince Christoph of Hesse-Cassel 1901 1943 See 45.456 - Christoph was killed in an aeroplane accident in the Appenines whilst on active service
16.74 - QVD Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark 1914 2001 Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1915 2006 See 25.1162
16.75 - QVD Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark (Duke of Edinburgh) 1921   Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain 1926   See 1.2221 - Prince Philip renounced his rights to the Greek throne and was naturalised in Great Britain taking the name of Mountbatten on 28 February 1947
16.8 Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark 1888 1940   None May "Nancy" Stewart 1878 1923 Nancy is the mother of William Leeds (by her second husband William Bateman Leeds), husband of Princess Xenia of Russia. There are inconsistencies in various sources regarding the year of birth of Nancy. Alain Giraud one of the authors of L'ALLEMAGNE DYNASTIQUE posted a response to royaute2 on 31 Aug 2004 that meticulous research had established her year of birth as 1878.
16.8 Prince Christopher of Greece and Denmark 1888 1940 Princess Francoise of Orleans (France) 1902 1953 See 13.1252
16.81 Prince Michael of Greece and Denmark 1939     Marina Karella 1940   Prince Michael in 1965 renounced his rights to the Greek Throne for himself and his descendants
16.811 Princess Alexandra of Greece and Denmark 1968     Nicolas Mirzayantz 1963    
16.8111   Tigran Mirzayantz 2000            
16.8112   Darius Mirzayantz 2002            
16.812 Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark 1971            

Note - QVD against a reference number indicates the first named individual is a descendant of Queen Victoria.

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