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London bombings

Posted by Tim on Friday, July 08, 2005 | Permalink

There's not much I can really say about the London bombings without sounding trite (I tend to get annoyed when political and religious leaders - or anyone vaguely "important" - start stating the obvious. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams for example, saying that the attacks were "horrifying". Yeah, thanks for pointing that out Bish).

On top of the casualties, it was a shame that the G8 summit has been overshadowed, and of course the celebrations on London getting the 2012 Olympics. At least it wasn't on the scale of 9/11.

Jack straw stating that "These outrages bear the hallmarks of Al-Qaeda" and Blair's speech about terrorists doing things in the name of Islam (but most Islamic people not being terrorists and all that) - are these based on nothing more that a supposed claim of responsibility on some website, or is there something else they're not telling us?

Incidentally, I think that Blair's speech will have been in vain, judging by the comments about killing all Muslims on an unrelated post on my other site (the later comments on this post).

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