The Aucilla River Sinks

A section of the Aucilla River Sinks along the Florida Trail.

The limestone that gives rise to the sinks can be seen here.  The river emerges from underground at this and several other locations.

The volume of flow is highly dependent on rainfall.  During long periods without rain, the river bed may only contain a small, shallow stream.  With heavy rainfalls, the water level will extend well up the sides of the banks.

All photographs copyright 2001, Dean Derbonne.



The lower section of this river is known as the Aucilla River Sinks.   Dissolution of the limestone has allowed the river to disappear underground and re-emerge several times before emerging for good and continuing on to the Gulf.   A short distance from Goose Pasture on the Wacissa River and bordered by the Florida Trail, this is one of my favorite areas to take a short hike.  In some areas, the trail crosses limestone bridges over one of the under ground portions of the river's course.