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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Three shall be as one

The day has finally arrived!

We all gathered around (along with a number of people in town) and watched as...

Teepee + Stack + Bowl = Water Tower!

I'd always thought of the pieces as the cone, the cylinder, and the sphere. (Gosh, maybe I never will use what I learned back in geometry class...)

John, our marketing director, is particularly excited by this new water tower. He bustled about, taking photos from all angles. He knows all the water-tower-workmen by name and probably has his own plaster-of-paris model at home on the mantel.

Must be a guy thing. I looked around and saw mostly male-types with their eyes glued to the teepee/stack/bowl assemblage. We've all been so busy, I guess it felt good to stand still for a few minutes and just concentrate on the immense Tinker Toy being fitted together.

Thanks to John, we know the weight of each piece. The red "teepee" is 50,000 pounds. Quite a bit heavier is the 90,000-pound blue "stack." No wonder the big yellow "bowl" took a while to glide into place; it weighs 170,000 pounds.

A bit more painting to do. And more welding.

When you drive into the town of Santa Claus, from any direction, it'll be fun for the kiddos to scan the horizon, watching for the giant yellow lightbulb in the sky.

Yes, it's a bit shocking (forgive me as I plug in one last pun) and from the squeals of the children as they finally know the answer to "are we there yet?" may even be a bit electrifying.