Origins of the modern Port of Singapore
Aggravation of the situation
The rise of the Port of Singapore
Developments in Keppel Harbour
The dawn of a new era
Going Global

In order to ensure its long-term competitiveness, PSA then started a series of key initiatives to transform itself into a global terminal operator. It divested non-core businesses, trimmed its workforce, adopted a leaner and more flexible cost structure, re-organised its operations and put in place a new global management structure so as to grow its core business in port management globally and to respond more quickly to the rapidly changing business world.

In December 2003, PSA also adopted a new corporate structure with PSA International (PSA) Pte Ltd becoming the main holding company for the PSA Group of companies. The timely move provides greater strategic, financial and management flexibility in organizing PSA's operations and implementing its strategy to expand globally. As steward for all the PSA companies around the world, PSA International ensures that the companies in the PSA Group work together seamlessly and synergistically to create and enhance value for the Group.

Since then, PSA has expanded its global footprint to include projects in Japan, Thailand and Hong Kong. This includes investments in 17 out of 24 container berths at Tsing Yi in Hong Kong in 1H 2005.

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