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  U.S. Facility Listing Overseas Facility Listing  
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AFB: Air Force Base   ARB: Air Reserve Base
AFR: Air Force Range   ARS: Air Reserve Station
AFS: Air Force Station   AIP: International Airport
ANG: Air National Guard   JARS: Joint Air Reserve Station
ANGB: Air National Guard Base   JRB: Joint Reserve Base
ANGS: Air National Guard Station   MAP: Municipal Airport


Birmingham IAP, Ala.
, DSN 778-2000, commercial (205) 714-2000. Location: Birmingham.

Maxwell AFB, Ala., AETC, DSN 493-1110, commercial (334) 953-1110. Size: 3,903 acres. Named for 2nd Lt. William C. Maxwell, killed in an air accident in the Philippines Aug. 12, 1920. Location: Montgomery.

Maxwell AFB Gunter Annex, Ala., AETC, DSN 596-1110, commercial (334) 416-1110.

Montgomery Regional Airport Base, Ala., DSN 358-9245, commercial (334) 394-7100. Location: 7 mi. southwest of Montgomery.



Avon Park AFR, Fla.
, ACC, DSN 968-4888/2902, commercial (863) 452-4110.

Cape Canaveral AFS, Fla., AFSPC, DSN 467-1110, commercial (321) 853-1110.

Duke Field, Fla., AFSOC, DSN 872-1110, commercial (850) 882-1110 through Eglin AFB operator.

Eglin AFB, Fla., AFMC, DSN 872-1110, commercial (850) 882-1110. Size: 463,128 acres. Named for Lt. Col. Frederick I. Eglin, WWI flier killed in aircraft accident Jan. 1, 1937. Location: 7 mi. northeast of Fort Walton Beach.

Homestead ARB, Fla., DSN 791-7000, commercial (305) 224-7000. Location: Homestead.

Hurlburt Field, Fla., AFSOC, DSN 579-1110, commercial (850) 884-1110 through Eglin AFB operator. Size: 6,634 acres. Named for Lt. Donald W. Hurlburt, WWII pilot killed on the Eglin AFB reservation Oct. 1, 1943. Location: 5 mi. west of Fort Walton Beach.

Jacksonville IAP, Fla., DSN 641-7125, commercial (904) 741-7125. Location: 15 mi. northwest of Jacksonville.

MacDill AFB, Fla., AMC, DSN 968-1110, commercial (813) 828-1110. Size: 5,631 acres. Named for Col. Leslie MacDill, killed in an aircraft accident Nov. 8, 1938. Location: Tampa.

Tyndall AFB, Fla., AETC, DSN 523-1110, commercial (850) 283-1113. Size: 29,102 acres. Named for 1st Lt. Frank B. Tyndall, a WWI fighter pilot killed in a P-1 crash July 15, 1930. Location: 12 mi. east of Panama City.



Columbus AFB, Miss.
, AETC, DSN 742-1110, commercial (662) 434-7322. Size: 6,017 acres. Location: 10 mi. north-northwest of Columbus.

Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport, Miss., DSN 363-6002, commercial (228) 214-6002. Location: Gulfport.

Jackson IAP, Miss., DSN 828-8350, commercial (601) 405-8350. Location: 7 mi. east of Jackson.

Keesler AFB, Miss., AETC, DSN 597-1110, commercial (228) 377-1110. Size: 3,554 acres. Named for 2nd Lt. Samuel R. Keesler Jr., WWI aerial observer killed in action Oct. 8, 1918, near Verdun, France. Location: Biloxi.

Key Field, Miss., DSN 778-9000, commercial (601) 484-9000. Location: Meridian.