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A History Of Europe Since 1945
by Tony Judt

Postwar reviews
Critic Score
Metascore: 82 Metascore out of 100
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The NYU historian tackles contemporary Europe in this extensively-researched volume.

Penguin, 896 pages

ISBN: 1594200653


What The Critics Said

All reviews are classified as one of five grades: Outstanding (4 points), Favorable (3), Mixed (2), Unfavorable (1) and Terrible (0). To calculate the Metascore, we divide total points achieved by the total points possible (i.e., 4 x the number of reviews), with the resulting percentage (multiplied by 100) being the Metascore. Learn more...

Boston Globe John Freeman
Aside from its sheer brickish heft, it is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive, authoritative, and, yes, readable postwar history.
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Library Journal Barbara Walden
Not all historians will agree with every one of Judt's assertions, but this book is certain to be a major addition to postwar European studies. [1 Oct 2005, p. 93]
New York Review Of Books Alan Ryan
A book that has the pace of a thriller and the scope of an encyclopedia; it is a very considerable achievement.
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Publishers Weekly
This is the best history we have of Europe in the postwar period and not likely to be surpassed for many years. [29 Aug 2005, p. 43]
The Guardian Norman Davies
Overall, the great schoolmaster in the sky might mark this effort at 8 or 9 out of 10. Determined nit-pickers, with their own priorities, might rate it lower. The only sensible response to their carping is: "Let them produce something better." In reality, it is most unlikely that Judt's achievement will be superseded soon.
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The Spectator Geoffrey Wheatcroft
This is a splendid book to which no review can do proper justice. So many subjects are adroitly dealt with, from the truly drastic transformation of southern European countries to the rapid decline of religion.
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The New Yorker Louis Menand
The writing is vivid; the coverage--of little countries as well as of great ones--is virtually superhuman; and, above all, the book is smart.
Read Full Review
The Independent John Gray
An admirably fair-minded assessment of Europe's achievements and failures.
Read Full Review
The New York Times Book Review Anthony Gottlieb
One of the pleasures of this rich and immensely detailed book is its portrayal of Europe's recovery from the devastation of 1945 as an organic regrowth.
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TLS: The Times Literary Supplement Charles King
Elegant and provocative... a genuinely magisterial account of Europe's encounters with itself.
Read Full Review
Wall Street Journal Norman Stone
Mr. Judt is a practiced writer, and he avoids the tedium trap with a sureness of touch that has to be admired. He can take on some dry subject and present its important aspects without clogging up the narrative.
Read Full Review
Washington Post David P. Calleo
Tony Judt's new book is brave and remarkable.
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San Francisco Chronicle Michael Roth
One of the strengths of Judt's book is his ability to illuminate some of the major issues for France, England and Germany, while also providing interesting insights into developments in many of the smaller countries.
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London Review Of Books Neal Ascherson
Judt has written, in great detail and at great length, the biography of a middle-aged continent trying, after a disgraceful past, to settle down and go straight.
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The Economist
Mr Judt deals with grand and important themes. But, after announcing them in a powerful introduction, he proceeds to tell us at great length mainly what we know already.
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