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My game disc will not load on the Sega CD.

This may be a problem with the game CD itself, or the game CD may not be seated properly in the console.

Make sure the CD is free of dirt, scratches and fingerprints. If the CD is dirty, rub from the center circle to the outside of the CD with a soft cloth or a chamois. Make sure the Sega CD game disc is facing label side up. Make sure the CD is firmly pressed down on the spindle and that the silver bearings on the spindle are all above the CD. Also, try a different game to see if the problem persists.

Don't use a Dreamcast disc or other game system disc in your Sega CD - they're not compatible. (And sorry, you can't play your Sega CD games in a Dreamcast Console, either.)

Hooking up my Sega CD causes the power light to go off on my Genesis.

Try cleaning the contacts on the bottom right hand side of the Genesis with a pink art eraser. Try plugging the AC adapter into a different outlet. If your Genesis has a gray reset button, try plugging the AC adapter from the Sega CD into the Genesis to see if the Sega CD adapter is working.

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Hooking up the Genesis 1 to the 32X.

Don't use the original 1603 RF Switch box when hooking up the 32X. All audio and video connectors need to be run out of the 32X. Use the 1634 mono A/V cables or a 1632 RF Switch box which needs to be plugged into the A/V out on the back of 32X.

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Battery Life

Alkaline batteries used in the Game Gear will last between two to four hours, all depending on the brightness and volume settings. We don't recommend using rechargeable batteries. Alkaline batteries in the Nomad will last approximately two hours, depending on the brightness and volume settings.

Genesis / Nomad Compatibility

Very few games are incompatible with the Nomad. The only game known to be incompatible is X-Men. Decap Attack does work - however, the C button acts as Start or pause. You can play the game by changing the button configuration, but you will not be able to pause during game play. Forgotten Worlds does work, but the Game Over screen will appear after you press Start. To correct the problem, use a 3-button control pad for the second player port.


If your Game Gear or Nomad is not powering on, make sure the batteries, or battery pack is intact. It may be a good idea to try new alkaline batteries. If you are using an AC adapter, make sure you are using the correct model number (2103). Using the wrong AC adapter may result in damage to your unit. If you are getting a scrambled picture, try moving away it from other electronic devices, such as: television, radio, cell phone, or any other type of electric interference. Adjusting the brightness control dial on the left side of the Game Gear may also help reduce problems with the picture.

*Unfortunately Game Gear and Nomad are no longer repaired by Sega. However, you can still purchase replacement parts for these devices by calling 1-888-271-5678, from 8:30am to 4:30pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday or by visiting:

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Connecting the Pico

Begin by connecting the Pico audio and video cables to the TV or VCR, plugging the white cable to white IN terminal and yellow cable to yellow IN terminal. Plug the Pico into a working electrical outlet and turn on both the TV (and VCR if connecting to VCR inputs) and the Pico system. Set the television (or VCR) to the auxiliary channel. Your auxiliary channel may be labeled video, AV, or found by channeling to 00 using your remote control. Please see the owner's manual that came with your TV or VCR for instructions on finding the auxiliary channel for your model. Turn on the Pico, by moving the switch on the side, and play!


If your Pico system is not receiving a picture, try the following steps: First, check all cables and connections to be sure all connections are secure. Be sure the electrical outlets are functioning properly. Next, be sure both the television and VCR are on and set to the correct channel to play. Finally, check that the software cartridge has been fully inserted. It may help to completely remove the cartridge and insert it again. If your Pico system is still not receiving a picture, it will need to be repaired.

Purchasing Pico Parts

Pico parts, such as a replacement pen, can be purchased by calling 1-888-271-5678, from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Pacific Time Monday through Friday or by visiting:

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