Getting Fit with Stacy Keibler
This month’s exercise: Reverse abdominal curls

Stuff, 2/6/2006

Sculpt that jiggling gut of yours into a washboard of steel. Get down on the floor with the flab-blasting Stuff fitness editor and WWE Diva!

Game Plan
“This is an extremely difficult move. I kept telling the trainer, ‘Can we try a different exercise? This one is hard!’ Try to do 25 reps. It’s important to work different parts of your stomach: One day I’ll work out my lower abdominals, the next day the obliques and another day the top. I love to feel my abs burn! And I really love looking at guys who have nice abs, too!”

“Here we go, guys. Grab a mat or find a cushiony carpet. Lie down on your back with your arms to your sides. Lift your legs and hold them perpendicular to your body. Keep your knees slightly bent; press your palms to the floor. Now get ready to feel it in your stomach!”

“Tighten your abs and curl your pelvis in toward your rib cage. Don’t use your butt muscles. Really squeeze your abs, and press your heels to the ceiling. Like I said, it is hard, so don’t do too many the first time you try it. It’s a killer, but it’s worth it.”

Next time: pelvic-thrust body lifts!

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