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David Eigenberg
Date of Birth: May 17  
Place of Birth: Manhasset, New York
Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Actor
Education: Attented University of Iowa. Studied carpentry at Washburn Trade School (Chicago, IL). Attended American Academy of Dramatic Arts (New York, NY)
Relations: Father: Harry Eigenberg, retired certified public accountant; mother: Beverly Eigenberg, owns preschools in Naperville, IL
B'way Debut: 1990 (Six Degrees of Separation)
Claim to Fame: Eigenberg broke through with a featured recurring role on the NYC-set and -filmed TV series Sex and the City, playing Steve, the amiable bartender-turned-bar owner who wins over, and later fathers a child with, high-strung lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon).
Fun Fact: Eigenberg made the front page of The New York Times as a witness to the 1999 defacing of the highly controversial "Holy Virgin Mary" painting at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1999.
Stage Credits:
Happy Birthday Wanda June Paul Illinois Benedictine College 1976
Oliver! Artful Dodger Lincoln Junior High School 1976
Love Rides The Rails Dudley Lincoln Junior High School 1977
Oklahoma! Chorus Naperville Central High School 1978
One Shining Moment Kruschev Drury Lane Water Tower 1983
Indian Wants the Bronx Cast Member T. Schreiber Studios 1986
Life Under Water Paul T. Schreiber Studios 1986
Home Free Cast Member Ensemble Studio Theatre 1987
Author's Voice Gene Women's Interart Center 1989
The Flying Doctor Gorgibus Women's Interart Center 1989
The Priest and the Ethiopian Boy Ethiopian Boy Women's Interart Center 1989
Six Degrees of Separation Hustler Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre 1990
Six Degrees of Separation Hustler Vivian Beaumont Theatre (Broadway) 1990
The My House Play Buzz WPA Theatre 1991
Ready For The River Cast Member Soho Rep 1991
My Side of the Story Aaron EST Marathon 1992
Men's Lives Popeye Bay Street Theater Festival 1992/93
Break Cast Member Westbank Cafe 1994
The Ashfire Cast Member American Jewish Theater 1994
Generation X Ensemble HERE 1994
Midnight and Morning Rain Cast Member MCC Theater 1994
Paradise Dudley EST Marathon 1994
Tunnel of Love Gary EST Marathon 1995
The Talk Charlie Naked Angels 1995
Man in Polyester Suit Duece Playwrights Horizons 1996
The Talk Charlie Williamstown Theater Festival 2000
Take Me Out Toddy Koovitz Walter Kerr Theatre (Broadway) 2003
Notable TV/Film Appearances:
Rude Awakening (1989), In the Spirit (1990), How to Murder a Millionaire (TV, 1990), By a Thread (1990), The Cosby Show (TV, guest appearance, 1992), Daybreak (TV, 1993), Homicide: Life on the Street (TV, recurring guest appearance, 1996), The Practice (TV, recurring guest appearance, 1997), A Perfect Murder (1998), Charlie Hoboken (1998), Soldier of Fortune, Inc. (TV, series regular, 1998), Coming Soon (1999), Sex and the City (TV, recurring guest appearance, 1999-2004), Madigan Men (TV, guest appearance, 1999), Cosby (TV, guest appearance, 2000), The Beat (TV, series regular, 2000), The Family Man (2000), Ed (TV, recurring guest appearance, 2001), Third Watch (TV, recurring guest appearance, 2002), The American Embassy (TV, guest appearance, 2002), The King of Queens (TV, guest appearance, 2002), The Mothman Prophecies (2002), Hung-Up (2002), Touching Evil (TV, guest appearance, 2004), The Jury (TV, guest appearance, 2004), The 4400 (TV, guest appearance, 2004), Without a Trace (TV, guest appearance, 2004), Everwood (TV, guest appearance, 2004), Garfield (voice, 2004), Around the Bend (2004), Love, Ludlow (2005)
Quotable Quotes:
"I've never been in a show with all guys. We don't have one girl. I thought that they should get a girl, one girl--one naked girl--just to be a towel girl or something like that because I mean, we always objectify women but we get objectified I think from time to time in the show so it's nice to mix it up once in a while." - on Take Me Out to Broadway.com (02/03)
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