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Importing records from the Library Catalogue to Endnote

There is currently no official method for importing records in to Endnote from our catalogue. However the following method will work, you will need to download this file in to your filters directory (see 'Downloading filter files').

  1. Use the Library Catalogue as normal, in the search results, click on the item's title to display the full record.
  2. Use the mouse to highlight the record details, from - and including - Author/Name, to the last field, which will vary from record to record (in the example below it is "ISBN/ISSN/CN"):
    Screenshot of catalogue with text highlighted
  3. Copy the selected text
  4. Open a text editor, such as notepad (often found by going to the 'Start' menu, 'Programs' and then 'Accessories'), and paste the text in to the text editor.
  5. Save the file (e.g. in your N drive, or C:\temp)
  6. Within Endnote, go to the 'File' menu and select 'Import'.
  7. Browse for the file you have just saved in step 6, set the 'Import Option' to 'Sussex Catalogue' (you may need to select 'Other Filters' first), and finally click on 'import'.
  8. Endnote will then show just the record that has been imported, to show all records: either use ctrl+m or go to the 'References' menu and select 'Show all References'.
  9. Note: Using the above method, it is possible to import more than one record at once. After finishing step 4 for the first record (opening notepad to create a text file), simply repeat steps 1-3 for each record you wish to import, pasting each record in to the text file (leave a blank line between each record). Once you have all the desired records in the text file, just follow the remaining steps.



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