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Durum Seeds

Durum Crop Early Boot Stage

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Durum Wheat Seeds

Durum - Growth Stage
Early boot (July)

Durum Harvest (November)
Durum HarvestKeywords to this document: traceability, sustainable farming, precision agriculture, global positioning systems (GPS), minimum till farming, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), EGA Bellaroi.


All Bellata Gold Durum originates from the farming enterprise owned by the Cush family at Bellata,
a small village in the North West of New South Wales. The family have been farming in the area for
over 30 years and in the region since the 1900's, currently  cropping over 4,000 hectares. The size
of the operation gives the business an advantage in continuity of supply of premium Durum and the
ability to control quality which other pasta manufacturers cannot match.

Built into this farming operation and at the core of the traceability process is the implementation of the
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Program. The farms at Bellata have had an on-farm
HACCP program in place since December 2003. The program involves all aspects of the farming
process including:

Calibration of all farming equipment
Documentation of protein, moisture and screenings data
Documentation of storage data including temperature, tonnage and field in
which the Durum was grown
Preventative maintenance and calibration of harvesting equipment
Documentation of all inputs utilised to grow the Durum crop

The commitment to this on-farm HACCP program is the first important step in allowing the company
to produce a product that is truly TRACEABLE.

Each year Bellata Gold has a program to grow 2,000 hectares of Durum wheat on its farms to supply
the demand for the pasta plant. As demand increases the farms are capable of increasing the acreage
allocated to the growing of Durum as well having the resources to source grain from within the region.
Any additional grain would be supplied by contract growers under the strict guidelines set by
Bellata Gold. These guidelines are set to maintain accountability, traceability and quality.



The region named "Australia's Golden Triangle for Durum is located within the North West of New South Wales. This golden triangle is an area bounded by Goondiwindi, Narrabri and Tamworth. This region has a unique combination of soil and climatic conditions that enable Bellata Gold to produce some of the highest quality Durum grain in Australia, if not the world. The region is renowned for growing the best raingrown durum in the World.
Black Soil

The unique combination of the Golden Triangle's temperature and rainfall,
create a semi arid environment that has proven to be the ideal conditions
to grow high quality Durum wheat (Triticum durum).

An important differentiating characteristic of the area is the SOIL. There is a
narrow band of heavy, rich black, self- mulching clay soil that runs through
this Northern NSW district.  Producing a big, fat, well-nourished, hard grain
with high protein and gluten content.

The unique combination of the regions soils and climatic conditions create
Durum wheat high in protein and gluten and rich in colour. These
characteristics result in Bellata Gold pasta having increased elasticity,
a rich natural golden colour and greater sauce absorption.

Durum Seed

To consistently produce high quality Durum wheat, worlds best agronomic practices have been adopted
within the farming enterprise. With over 30 years of farming experience in the district the Cush family have
developed practices based on the mantra of SUSTAINABLE FARMING that reliably produces grain
with both high protein and yield ideal for the premium pasta market.

During this time, an indepth knowledge of the durum crops biology has also been acquired and used to
create optimum plant nutrition and rotations to grow consisent high quality.

The crop rotations developed minimise disease risk and maximise the plants ability to reach optimum
 yield and quality. The introduction of Broadleaf species (Dicotyledons) which have a different rooting
structure and therefore not a host for the diseases that attack Wheat (Monocotyledons). By the time,
that Durum is once again grown in the rotation, the residue levels of disease has reduced to a level that
the durum crops are disease free.


To increase and maintain the health of the soil system within Bellata Gold's farms, state of the art
"global positioning systems" (GPS) are used in all Bellata Gold's farm machinery. The GPS computers
has enabled Bellata Gold to implement controlled traffic farming practices.

Control traffic is where the wheel widths of machinery are matched across the farms, allowing the
tyres to run on the same permanent wheel tracks. By confining soil  compaction to permanent wheel
tracks, the remainder of the paddock remains compaction free. This promotes greater root penetration
by the crop and access to the soil moisture and nutrients.

By guiding the farm machinery in exact intervals apart eliminates overlap of inputs and creates a
more uniform crop.

Bellata Gold also practices Minimum Till Farming practices. This is a system that minimises the 
amount of soil disturbance within the fields where crops are grown. Minimising soil disturbance
reduces soil degradation and increases soil structure.

The sustainable farming systems that Bellata Gold utilises, creates a healthy ecology within its farms,
this is reflected in the high quality Durum that is produced. The use of GPS technolgy allows for
less overlap, less inputs and  greater traceablity through the entire system.


The Durum wheat varieties grown within Bellata Gold's operations have been bred by Dr Ray Hare,
New South Wales Agriculture (NSW Agriculture). These varieties have been bred specifically for
the Golden Durum Triangle. Bellata Gold's association with this research department ensures that the
company is fully informed about each variety and allows access to the latest varieties available.
Traceability back to the breeding cycle is another important step in securing our Genetically Modified
Organism (GMO) FREE Status and continually improving our Durum quality.

All NSW Agriculture Durum wheats, bred from Dr Ray Hare's team have the "aroi" suffix,
beginning with the first variety Kamilaroi. This is the name of the Aboriginal tribe that inhabited
Northern NSW before European settlement.

The latest variety bred by NSW Agriculture has proven to have "beautiful" pasta-making characteristics
- possibly the best in the World! The variety is called EGA Bellaroi - "Bella" was an equally inspired choice.
EGA Bellaroi is a high yielding, disease resistant, high quality durum wheat cultivar. EGA Bellaroi is now
used in all Bellata Gold Pasta.



Harvest is triggered by a moisture level in the grain of below 15 percent. This allows Bellata Gold to start
harvesting its grain well before other farms, thus secure more grain against the weather. Contract harvesters
are also employed to assist with swift removal of grain from the fields.

The grain is then transported to the on-farm state of the art chemical free grain storage system. Where it is then tested for protein, moisture and screenings (grain size). From harvest onwards, Bellata Gold guarantees
that there are NO chemicals added to the grain.