Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, cash investments, annuities, managed accounts, and options
all have different advantages — and different risks as well. Understanding how they
work can help you succeed as an investor.


Equity, blue chip, cyclical, large-cap, dividend, value,
and P/E: Make sense of the world of stocks.

Fixed-income investments can play an important role in financing your future.

Mutual funds
From blue chip stock funds to high-yield bond funds, mutual funds can help you build a varied portfolio.

Cash investments
Find out how cash investments can help you protect your assets, plan for short-term goals, and provide liquidity in your portfolio as well.

These tax-deferred retirement savings plans let you create a stream of retirement income.

Managed accounts
These increasingly popular investments bring together the advantages of direct ownership with the benefits of professional management.

Equity options
From calls and puts to rollling up, down, and out, learn the essentials of options trading.

From cocoa to crude oil, from international currencies to stock indexes, commodities contracts are traded to minimize price risk or make a profit.

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