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Can your online reputation cost you a job?

BusinessWeek has a scary article about the increasing trend of companies to review candidates for jobs via Google before hiring them. While this may not seem like a big deal, remember this: anything you ever did or said online is usually preserved. Unfortunately my computer is crashing and I can't link to the article, but look up "you are what you post" on BusinessWeek Online.

Moore's Law for Razor Blades

A really funny article by The Economist that discusses the possiblity of an emerging "Moore's Law" of razor blades. Moore's Law, for those of you who don't remember, states that the power of computer chips will double every 18 months, a rule that's held true for a while now. If the "power" rule (think time of developing speeding exponentially) that's trending out over the 5 inagurations of razor blades continues to hold true, we will have 14 blades by the year 2100.
Also note that The Onion predicted the 5 blade razor in a farce article two years ago.

Foreign Players in the NBA deal with tensions at home

From the Orlando Sentinal, in regards to Darko Milicic and Mario Kasun, team mates on the Orlando Magic:
They are Orlando Magic teammates, but they probably never can be
friends -- not in the truest sense. A civil war-torn history between
their countries makes a relationship uneasy in the locker room and
potentially dangerous back in the former Yugoslavia. Darko Milicic is
Serbian and Mario Kasun is Croatian. Milicic and Kasun have been thrown
together by the fates of pro basketball ... but distanced by grim
reminders in their homelands. ... Kasun fears how his comments might be
relayed and interpreted in Croatia if he has befriended a Serb
teammate. A peace treaty might be in place, but he says tension
remains. "I don't blame Darko," Kasun said. "But I can't say, 'Yeah,
there's nothing going on.'"

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The Office to have 10 episodes online (internet exclusive)

NBC's American version of The Office will have a 10 episode season internet only some time during the summer. Accroding to sources, "the story arc will cover a missing "stash of cash" and will feature
some of the staff of Dunder-Mifflin that typically gets a lesser amount
of air time during regular broadcast episodes." Another great step in bringing television online in an on-demand format.
[via arstechnica]


Privatizing common goods (econ 101): Windows on a Mac

This is a really interesting example of econ theory playing out. When Mac switched over to Intel, there was a lot of curiousity if someone could boot Windows alongside the Mac platform. Unfortunately it seemed to be something that everyone wanted to do and benefit from, but no one wanted to take the time to figure out (think all of the reasons research in general faces challenges). A group of people got together and donated some money, and then more and more people donated money, to the "boot Windows on a Mac" fund, a collective bounty to the first person to prove it could be done. The pool reached over 13K, a team of hackers figured it out, and were paid for their efforts, in return for a public video and instruction on how to do it.

SMS Google Sports Scores

You can finally get sports score updates by text messaging google. Just send a text message to GOOGL (46645) with the name of your team (or city and league) and you will receive a score updated to the minute and time of the next game.
See the demo here

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baseball and college basketball newspaper archives

Catch up on your sports history with two sites dedicated to archiving the news for college basketball and pro baseball.

The other jordan commercial

After a long hunt, Santosh sent me the link to the other Jordan commercial - this one being for Gatorade - that showed great moments in sports history that, had they not happened, would have changed everything.


Google brings us Mars (begins inter-space travel)

Google opened a Mars discovery center yesterday, complete with infrared scanning, elevation shots, navigation of major points of interest, and descriptions of historical events such as shuttle passings. Also see Google's visit to the moon; both clear leveraging of their relationship with NASA.


ABC Viral Videos (Narnia and other SNL clips)

ABC feels it needs to fight back against YouTube and Google Video, who they believe are profiting off their content. Recently they sent cease and desist letters demanding the removal of any of their content from the video apps. Now they've released their own "web favorites" center, where you can watch clips from SNL, Conan, and others, as well as email them to friends. Sure, there's still the same content, but do they realize how much less people will watch these clips if they have to run to the ABC website to do it? The viral nature of videos requires people to be able to spread it around themselves. And ABC is only benefitting from the exposure millions of clip views all over the internet is generating. By controling the use of these insignificant clips, they're negating future television earnings for the lesser dollars a few more pages views will generate on their website.

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