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Russia’s national flag is raised at a ceremony in the Athens Olympic Village / Photo: Reuters

Athens 2004


Russian athletes first participated in the Olympic Games in 1908 (in London) with figure skater Nikolai Panin-Kolomenkin winning the first Russian gold medal. In 1911, Russian Olympic Committee was formed under the patronage of Tsar Nicholas II and in 1912 the Russian team took part in the Summer Games in Stockholm, Sweden, this being the Russian Empire’s second and last outing in the Olympics. After the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution it took as long as until 1952 for Russia to return to the world of Olympics, when Soviet Olympic Committee was created and Soviet athletes participated in the Summer Games in Helsinki, Finland.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was first the CIS’ team that was sent to the 1994 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. The Russian national team then participated in 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, and in all games henceforth.

The Russian national team at the Summer Olympics in Athens is comprised of 540 athletes, among them such hopefuls as Alina Kabaeva (Rhythmic Gymnastics), Yelena Dementyeva (Tennis) and Anastasiya Myskina (Tennis).

Russia’s Medals at Athens 2004


Athletics — Women’s Pole Vault — ISINBAYEVA Yelena
Athletics — Women’s Discus Throw — SADOVA Natalya
Athletics — Women’s Hammer Throw — KUZENKOVA Olga
Cycling Track — Men’s Points Race — IGNATYEV Mikhail
Cycling Track — Women’s Points Race — SLYUSAREVA Olga
Fencing — Women’s Team Epee — RUS
Modern Pentathlon — Men MOISEEV Andrey
Rowing — Men’s Quadruple Sculls RUS
Shooting — Men’s 50m Pistol — NESTRUEV Mikhail
Shooting — Men’s Trap — ALIPOV Alexei
Shooting — Women’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions — GALKINA Lioubov
Synchronised Swimming — Duet RUS
Weightlifling — Men’s 105kg — BERESTOV Dmitry
WR — Men’s Greco-Roman 84kg — MICHINE Alexei
WR — Men’s Greco-Roman 120kg — BAROEV Khasan


Athletics — Men’s 50km Walk — NIZHEGORODOV Denis
Athletics — Women’s Pole Vault — FEOFANOVA Svetlana
Athletics — Women’s 20km Walk- IVANOVA Olimpiada
Canoe/Kayak Flatwater — Men’s C2 1000m RUS
Cycling Road — Men’s Individual Time Trial — EKIMOV Viatcheslav
Cycling Track — Women’s Sprint — ABASSOVA Tamilla
Diving — Women’s Synchr 3m Springboard  — RUS
Diving — Women’s Synchr 10m Platform  — RUS
Gymnastics Artistic — Women’s Individual All-Around — KHORKINA Svetlana
Trampoline — Men — MOSKALENKO Alexander
Judo — Men’s —73 kg — MAKAROV Vitaliy
Judo — Men’s +100 kg — TMENOV Tamerlan
Shooting — Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol — POLIAKOV Sergei
Shooting — Men’s 10m Air Pistol — NESTRUEV Mikhail
Shooting — Men’s 10m Running Target — BLINOV Alexander
Shooting — Women’s 10m Air Rifle — GALKINA Lioubov
Swimming — Women’s 200m Backstroke- KOMAROVA Stanislava
Weightlifling — Men’s 94kg — AKKAEV Khadjimourad
Weightlifling — Women’s 75kg — ZABOLOTNAIA Natalia
WR — Men’s Greco-Roman 55kg — MAMEDALIEV Gueidar
WR — Women’s Freestyle 72kg — MANIOUROVA Gouzel


Athletics — Men’s Triple Jump — BURKENYA Danila
Athletics — Men’s 50km Walk — VOYEVODIN Aleksey
Athletics — Women’s 400m — ANTYUKH Natalya
Athletics — Women’s Triple Jump — LEBEDEVA Tatyana
Athletics — Women’s Shot Put — KRIVELYOVA Svetlana
Cycling Road — Women’s Road Race — SLYUSAREVA Olga
Diving — Women’s 3m Springboard — PAKHALINA Yulia
Diving — Men’s 3m Springboard — SAUTIN Dmitri
Fencing — Men’s Individual Epee — KOLOBKOV Pavel
Fencing — Men’s Team Foil  — RUS
Fencing — Men’s Team Sabre  — RUS
Gymnastics Artistic — Women’s Vault — PAVLOVA Anna
Gymnastics Artistic — Women’s Team  — RUS
Judo — Men’s —81 kg — NOSSOV Dmitri
Judo — Men’s —90 kg — TAOV Khasanbi
Judo — Women’s +78 kg — DONGUZASHVILI Tea
Shooting — Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol — ALIFIRENKO Sergei
Shooting — Men’s 10m Air Pistol ISAKOV Vladimir
Shooting — Men’s 10m Running Target — LYKIN Dimitri
Weightlifling — Men’s 77kg — PEREPETCHENOV Oleg
Weightlifling — Men’s 94kg — TJUKIN Eduard
Weightlifling — Women’s 69kg — KASAEVA Zarema
Weightlifling — Women’s 75kg — POPOVA Valentina
WR — Men’s Greco-Roman 74kg — SAMOURGACHEV Varteres

Updated: 23.09.2005 21:36 MSK


11.03.2005 16:58 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Moscow Ready to Organize Best Olympics — 2012 Committee Head

19.10.2004 17:37 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Contests Olympic Gold Result in Athens Cycle Race

20.09.2004 15:15 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Safin, Kuznetsova Victorious in Asian Tennis Matches

09.09.2004 10:48 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia to Award Gymnast Nemov Symbolic Gold

30.08.2004 11:23 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia’s Olympians Live Up to Nation’s Hopes

26.08.2004 20:17 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Wins Olympic Gold in Men’s Modern Pentathlon

26.08.2004 16:48 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Mother of Russian Weightlifting Champ to Get Bonus Wage — Minister

26.08.2004 15:12 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Shot Putter Refuses to Hand Back Gold

26.08.2004 10:29 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Wins Four More Olympic Golds

25.08.2004 19:01 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Wins Gold in Women’s Track Cycling

25.08.2004 17:32 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Gymnastics Chief Complains of “Judging Mafia” in Athens

25.08.2004 10:09 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Wins Three Golds in One Day

24.08.2004 19:40 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Wins Olympic Gold in Men’s Track Cycling

24.08.2004 15:13 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Shot Put Champ Refuses to Hand Back Gold Medal After Steroid Scandal

24.08.2004 09:52 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Olympic Crowd Jeers Low Score for Russian Gymnast

23.08.2004 13:51 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Famous Russian Gymnast Calls It a Day

23.08.2004 12:02 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Wins Olympic Gold in Fencing, Discus, Rowing

23.08.2004 10:09 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Loses Olympic Gold for Steroid Offence

20.08.2004 14:16 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Wins Olympic Gold in Women’s Shooting

19.08.2004 12:59 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Attackers Scupper Russian-Born Weightlifter’s Trip to Athens

18.08.2004 18:36 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russia Wins Olympic Gold in Women’s Shot Put

18.08.2004 10:38 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Women’s Gymnastics Coach Complains of Biased Judging

17.08.2004 14:22 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Muscovite Wins Second Gold for Russia’s Olympians

16.08.2004 09:44 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Trap Shooter Alipov Wins First Olympic Gold for Russia

13.08.2004 15:12 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Tennis Coaches Denied Access to Olympics

12.08.2004 15:59 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Gymnasts Outsiders in Greece for First Time

12.08.2004 10:13 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Three Russian Olympics Contenders Fail Drug Tests

11.08.2004 13:50 MSK, MOSNEWS.COM

Russian Olympic Team Arrives in Athens



Court Clears Russian Driver of Governor’s Death

Oleg Sherbinsky / Photo from

A Siberian railway worker sentenced earlier to four years in prison for allegedly causing a traffic accident that killed a regional governor was fully acquitted by a court in Barnaul Thursday.



Russian-Ukrainian Company Wins NATO Tender for Cargo Aircraft

Antonov-124 / Photo from

On Wednesday, March 22, Russian-Ukrainian joint venture has signed a deal with NATO for the delivery of large-sized Antonov cargo aircraft that will ferry troops and heavy equipment to troublespots around the world.


Guide to Russia


MosNews, Agencies

Moscow Subway Safety Concerns

Photo from

The Moscow subway is undoubtedly one of the most striking landmarks of the Russian capital. For decades it was rightly considered the fastest and most reliable public transport network in this country. But is it still the safest?



US Profited From Mohammed Cartoons Scandal — Expert

Photo: AP

Chief producer of the Arabic service of the Russia Today TV channel discusses who could be behind the Muhammad cartoons scandal and of Russia’s controversial relations with Hamas.



Associated Press

Russia’s Putin Reclaiming Dominant Role in Former Soviet Union

Image by

The Kremlin may be reclaiming a dominant role in its former Soviet backyard and seeking to remove that of the United States and European Union.


Douglas Birch, The Baltimore Sun

Despite Partnership, Russia Still Spying on U.S.

Photo from

Even as the U.S. and Russia are cooperating to resolve international crises and track militant Islamic groups, Moscow is working at least as hard at stealing U.S. military and industrial secrets as during the Soviet era, current and former intelligence officials say.


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