The 4x5 Flight

A New Compact Camera,

Light Weight Lenses and Travel Case

  Carry it aboard,

no matter how you travel.


545 Holder and Box of P/N film with purchase of complete outfit (offer expires 9/30)

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Named for the family boat of over a century ago, our new camera was designed to meet the demands of our busy traveling customers for an outfit which is compact and light weight, and as easy to carry as thier briefcase.

The camera is a variation of our very successful Pocket Expedition, but with simplified front and rear standards. The camera retains full movements, including axis and base tilts on the front, base tilt and swing in the rear, and three forms of focus: front, rear and top-rear for wide angle lenses. The Flight only weighs 3.48 lbs, yet has triple extension of over 19" (480mm)

Along with the camera are our new, exclusive light weight lenses specifically conceived for this outfit. the Hi-Res Quadruple 210 (shown above on the camera) and the Wide Field Gauss 120. The gauss type was chosen because this lens type is very sharp and has a very flat field over about 85 degrees. The color correction is especially good in these types. This is the same design which was used in the very successful Kodak Wide Field Ektar.
The 210 is ideal for this focal length on 4x5, with low spherical aberration and excellent contrast due to its having has only six air-to-glass surfaces. Both lenses are multi coated for excellent contrast results.

A wonderfully proportioned, panel and frame brief case of select cherry is light and strong, and provides ample compartments for many variations of equipment, including camera, both standard and Polaroid holders, light meter and small accessories. Measuring only 15x18x4.5 inches, it is the same size as most standard briefcases


Camera 3.48 lbs

Case 4.8 lbs

210mm Hi-Res Quadruplet

120mm Wide Field Gauss

4x5 Flight $1950.
120 Gauss $ 495.
210 HiRes $ 550.
Case/Backpack $ 399.
Boards (2) $ 70.

Complete Outfit $3395.