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The Soopa Villainz Are Here!

August 26, 2005

If you haven't heard by now, the Soopa Villainz have arrived, and there ain't no one that can stand in their way! Now that these criminals have revealed themselves to the world, nobody--and we mean nobody--is safe from their diabolic plots! Their debut album, Furious, has hit the stores and now everybody's on the lookout for the Soopa Villainz. Make sure you know the latest happenings with Mr. Heart, Mr. Diamond, Mr. Spade, and Mr. Club by checking out their website, then if you don't have your copy of the new album yet, head out to the record store or over to HatchetGear and get your copy today!

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Heads Up Wrestling Ninjas!

August 23, 2005

I'm sure you all have read the last news article (and if you haven't, give it a peep now). Well, just to clarify a little bit on all the flavor, the Get in the Ring Radio Show on featuring Violent J and The Rude Boy is being taped tonight at 9pm EST. I know all you ninjas are anxiously waiting at the computer to experience all the freshness but the show won't go live until tomorrow, Wednesday Night at 6pm EST.

So tune in tomorrow, Juggalos and Juggalettes, for the most devastating of internet wrestling experiences ever!

Get in the Ring Radio Show on
Guests: Violent J and The Rude Boy
Hosted by: Sir Adam and Phantom
Wednesday Night at 6:00pm EST

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Attention Wrestling Ninjas!

August 19, 2005

Are you a Juggalo? Are you a fan of Pro Wrestling? Are you scared? You better be scared because the time has come to Get in the Ring! Juggalo people everywhere, allow us to inform you of some ultra rare, special freshness that will be taking place this Tuesday Night at 9pm EST on

Turn both of your ear holes in that direction, at that time, because JCW's very own soopa doopa wrestling stars Violent J and The Rude Boy will be doing there first ever, pro wrestling Shoot Interview live on the air! That's right ninjas, J and Rude will finally stand up and publicly defend JCW's honor in the world of Professional Wrestling. Will Shaggy 2 Dope do an on-air run-in? Don't doubt it! Will somebody get hit with a chair right through their speakers? Probably so! Will Jim Cornette be listening? I'd say yes; like a little girl waiting for her favorite pop song to come on, he'll be listening... and so will the hamster in his butt! Everybody will be listening, so tune in Juggalos and get ready because it's all going down in the cyber-galactic ring!

Get in the Ring Radio Show on
Guests: Violent J and The Rude Boy
Hosted by: Sir Adam and Phantom
Tuesday Night at 9:00pm EST

Whoever this Kay Fabe chick is, she's getting her ass broke Tuesday Night.

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Soopa Villainz Are On the Loose!

August 16, 2005

They've been planning and plotting for over three years (ever since The Wraith: Shangri-La) and now, the Soopa Villainz have come out of hiding with their master plan to take over the world! Their debut album, Furious, is out in stores everywhere, and the bad guys--Mr. Heart, Mr. Diamond, Mr. Spade, and Mr. Club--aren't holding anything back! Furious is fifteen devastating tracks from four soopa criminals, and it's already flyin' off the shelves at the record stores! Tons of e-mails are already flying in, and mad Juggalos and Juggalettes are feeling the new album. But the question remains... Who is Soopa Villainz? Start getting the answers at, then head over to or to your local record store and pick up Furious today!

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Weekly Freekly Number 32121!

August 12, 2005

What up, Juggalos? It's that time again... Time for one of Violent J's devastating, enlightening, and always entertaining Weekly Freeklys! Today's Freekly has some news you're gonna wanna know--and some surprise bonus flavor for your ears--so check that shit out now!

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Billy Bill Battles in Demolition Derby Devastation!

August 10, 2005

Who doesn't love a good demolition derby? There's nothing as powerful as seeing a bunch of cars swerve about, slamming into one another. It's perhaps the ultimate test of man and machine, a battle of true high-octane gladiators for unquestioned supremacy.

This Thursday, August 13, there just os happens to be a demolition derby at the 100th Annual Michigan State Fair. And it also just so happens that Psychopathic Records Don Billy Bill will be putting his driving skill and battle prowess to the test in that demolition derby, with his own custom demolition mobile: The Hell's Pit! This all-black mean motor machine, in the experienced hands of Billy Bill, will be like a cruise missile targeted for the top. Psychopathic Records staff will be on hand in the crowd to support our don as he batters aside the competition. We highly encourage any Juggalos who can to make it to this devastating event and give Billy Bill your support. The fair opens around 10 AM, and all the craziness of the demolition derby gets underway around 6 PM.

We hope to see you there!

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Look, Up in the Sky!

August 09, 2005

If you think it's some zero in a cape coming direct to save your ghetto ass, then you better step back! There are some new playas in town, and your hood is going to make Beirut look like suburbia when they roll down your streets! Better watch your back, because this August 16th kicks off the arrival of the Soopa Villainz and they are prepared to lay down the beats that will shake down all the skyscrapers in the world! That is just one more week before it hits stores nationwide! And if you're feelin' scurd that you'll be zapped by their gamma vision before you get to your music store then don't sweat it... HatchetGear will have that shit on pre-order lockdown, so you can just chill in your fortess of solitude and await the devastation!

Who are these four notorious gangstas who's underground soopa abilities make the most skilled DJ run home to his crib? Rumors are abound since the Era of Shangri-La when you got a quick sighting of the Soopa Villainz: a special bonus track hidden within the album itself! Ever since then, there have been random sightings of their notorious SV Logo throughout the underground and everyone and their mamma has been asking themselves, "Who is Soopa Villainz?" Who ever they are, they are furious and you can get the full on effect with a copy of their long-awaited debut album, Furious!

We know you are dying for some clue as to their identities and anything else you can dig up on these infamous soopa hoodlems. Well, we got some extra flavor for you! A simple photo can not display the shear energy, the raw sparkling, eye popping flare that this album presents, but here is a glimpse of the cover to help prepare your eyes for the ultimate in retina destruction! And I'm sure you'd all like to know what is coming at ya when you pop this artifact of power in your CD-Player, so here is a track listing of the full effect:

1. Intro
2. To The Rescue
3. Furious
4. Mr Club
5. The Van
6. Guided Missiles
7. Black Plague
8. Hostile
9. List of Demands
10. Pussy
11. So What
12. I Shot the DJ
13. Hook Up the Cut
14. Danger
15. It's Over

And if you thought that was the end of all the fresh flavor then prepare yourself to get schooled by the ultimate of radioactive wig-flipitude! On August 16th, you will have the opportunity to enter the Soopa Villainz' headquarters; their mainframe of mayhem! If you want to get a feel for the ultimate freshness, then head on over to! But, for the full on flavor, you'll have to break in on August 16th!

The time for rumors and speculation is over! You have a week to prepare for their ultimatum! Find out for yourself who the Soopa Villainz are before it's too late. Hit the streets and hook yourself up to terrifying power this August 16th!

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