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Online Gaming Subscriptions Rise in 2005

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Worldwide online game subscription revenue grew 43 percent to $2 billion in 2005, according to a video gaming market research firm. Online subscriptions remain a fraction of the estimated $29 billion in overall video game sales in 2005, but San Diego, Calif.-based DFC Intelligence expects the segment will reach $6.8 billion in sales by 2011. More information here.
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Nevrax Announces the Addition of Industry Veteran to Production Team

Posted by: Laibcoms on Fri, 13 May 2005 12:50:40 (121 Reads)

PARIS, FRANCE - May 13th, 2005 - Nevrax, has bolstered its successful multiplayer online role-playing game The Saga of Ryzom, with the addition of Jessica Mulligan as the game's new Executive Producer.

A 20 year veteran of the role-playing sector, Ms. Mulligan most recently worked for Turbine, Inc., developer of such titles as Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2 as Executive Producer and Creative Director of that company's Los Angeles studio.

Prior to joining Turbine, Ms. Mulligan held a variety of industry positions, including President of the Themis Group, Director of Operations for MM3D, Inc. and as a Director on Ultima Online for Origin Systems. As part of her new role, Ms Mulligan will oversee the continued development of the game and explore opportunities to extend the game's features and play.

"We are extremely pleased with the addition of Jessica to our team," commented David Cohen Corval, CEO of Nevrax. "Her experience and ideas will make a rich contribution to the development of The Saga of Ryzom and the progression of the title. We look forward to having a long and rewarding relationship, and watching Atys flourish in the process."

"I have been following the development of Ryzom for some time now, and I'm happy to become a part of this project," said Jessica Mulligan, Executive Producer of The Saga of Ryzom. "Working together with the players, we intend to make Ryzom the gem it is destined to be."

About the Saga of Ryzom
Three generations ago, the proud civilizations of Atys perished in the Great Swarming, when hordes of Kitins swept from the Prime Roots and wrought war and genocide. Now it is time to reclaim your heritage. Join forces with thousands of others, master the arts of sorcery, war, and tradecraft, and re-forge the destiny of your people. The secrets of the past have been lost, but The Saga of Ryzom has just begun.

Called "a serious contender in the fantasy-MMOG market" by GameSpy, and "the prescription against staid and tired MMORPGs" by Computer Gaming World and deemed 2004's "Best MMO of E3" by WarCry Network, The Saga of Ryzom launched smoothly into five markets in North America and Europe in September of 2004. For further information, visit www.ryzom.com.

About Nevrax SARL
Founded in early 2000, Paris-based NEVRAX is an online game and software development company that specializes in MMORPG engine and production tool technologies and products. Utilizing NeL, its open source platform, Nevrax's team of over 50 engineers and designers have completed their first MMORPG, a Science Fantasy game entitled The Saga of Ryzom. For further information, visit www.nevrax.com.

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