Black & White
1 10 11 12
Inside the Creature Cave Made in his own image A good slightly tubby Ape Zebra admires the citadel
14 15 16 17
An evil ape Overviewing the land from within the citadel Casting teleport can speed your villagers along Romance is in the midnight air
19 20 21 22
Beware the bear Tattoo your creature The sheep succumbs to the dark side Fight Fight Fight!
25 26 27 4
I love the smell of lightning in the morning Casting a gesture You've trained your creature well Replenish your village store
13 18 23 5
The advisors Worshipping your cow We'd quite like to sail the ocean... Watering the crops



Electronic Arts has now completed their QA approval process for the first patch to Black and White. This patch supercedes the beta patch already released on this site which is no longer available. There were several minor fixes made to the beta patch. Those people who installed the beta patch will be able to upgrade to the official patch and it is recommended that they do this.

Download Official B&W Patch Version 1.100
Download Official B&W Patch Readme Version 1.100

B&W Patch Version 1.100 - FilePlanet Mirror
B&W Patch Version 1.100 - Giga Germany Mirror

Patch Uninstaller:

B&W Patch Uninstaller



Due to a lot of non-english players wanting to play B & W in the original english form, we're releasing the english speech files.
The download contains the English audio and text files. Use one of the mirrorsites listed below. Beware, the download is about 90 MB.
After download run the exe file for installation.
Download English Language Pack from
Download English Language Pack from Lionsource

The B&W - Football Addon has been released. You can find it here.

The B&W - Music Addon has also been released. You can find it here.


3 brand new Multiplayer maps available.


Village Banter
After downloading this, you will be able to hear the secret thoughts of your villagers. All you need to do is zoom in to the as close as you can, and their innermost hopes, desires and dreams will become audible.


Out-takes from the Black & White recording sessions available to download online. Hear the Advisors as never before!




Winamp Skin
In the Xmas of 2000, we rewarded our fans with this plugin for Winamp.
It demonstrates the bear from the Black & White world dancing to your music.
Click here to download the plugin.
In order to use this, you will need to download a copy of Winamp.
If you have any problems using this plugin, be sure to read the accompanying ReadMe.txt