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Friday, November 30th, 2001

Daily Contest (09:44 PM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our twenty ninth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Sara Krosschell. Sara snagged a copy of the Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. #6!

Steel Angel Kurumi tidbits (05:37 PM EST): For those anxiously awaiting this series, you'll be pleased to know that the dub for the show has been cast as of yesterday. And in the tradition of Princess Nine and Excel Saga, Janice Williams (aka Ladyg ) is starting up the next match-up game in our English Track forum for those wanting to play.

More new title announcements (03:27 PM EST): The Right Stuf has also posted the 2002 schedule for Voyager this afternoon:

  • Starblazers: Comet Empire Vol. #2 | 01/08/2002 | 29.99$
  • Starblazers: Comet Empire Vol. #3 | 03/05/2002 | 29.99$
  • Starblazers: Comet Empire Vol. #4 | 05/07/2002 | 29.99$
  • Starblazers: Comet Empire Vol. #5 | 07/09/2002 | 29.99$
  • Starblazers: Comet Empire Vol. #6 | 09/09/2002 | 29.99$
  • Starblazers: Comet Empire Box Set | 11/05/2002 | 149.99$

New title announcements (11:45 AM EST): Some new titles listed from Right Stuf this morning. Even though I still can't get a confirm/deny from tokyopop, GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka Vol. 1 is due from them on 03/19/2002 in bilingual format for 29.99$ with a running time of 120 minutes. Also, due on 03/12/2002 is Saint Tail Vol. #4 with a running time of 100 minutes for 29.99$ and on 03/26/2002 Vampire Princess Miyu TV Vol. #4 will arrive with a running time of 125 minutes for 29.99$. Tokyopop is definitely shaping up to be a contender.

In regards to GTO, AnimeNation had this to report: "The first volume will contain episodes 1-4, including the 60 minute double episode first episode. Beginning with volume 2, each volume will contain 5 episodes."

Thursday, November 29th, 2001

Advance review (02:18 PM EST)
: Due out on 12/18/2001, ADV Films releases the second box set for the Southern Cross segment of the Robotech Legacy Box Sets. We've gone through this set in-between all the hentai this week and have composed some thoughts on it.

Newly reviewed (01:18 PM EST): More of a digest review than a full-out one, we've added the Blackmail Box Set from NuTech Entertainment to our ever growing review library.

AnimEigo talks Macross (09:37 AM EST): With things just about done, AnimEigo has updated their site about the Macross release, complete with a picture of all the shipping boxes:

"Everything is at the replicators. We expect to receive the last 3 check discs (real discs) this week for approval. Assuming no problems (and there should be none!), then we expect to get our first shipment of about 2000 sets around December 18th, and 2000 more every couple of days. We will ship around the clock through the holiday season. "

Daily Contest (09:36 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our twenty eigth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Tony Case. Tony snagged a copy of the Blue Seed Vol. #4!

Newly reviewed (09:34 AM EST): Released back on 11/10/2001, NuTech Entertainment put out another light and fun hentai box set known as Welcome to Pia Carrot.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2001

Ronin Warriors tidbits (11:17 PM EST)
: With the announcement about Ronin Warriors coming to DVD, there's been some concern about whether a real uncut dub was done as there were some minor edits to the show. Bandai's Charles McCarter posted some clarifying information earlier today on the subject. From what was said, it looks as if it won't be a true bilingual release, but both will be uncut in one sense. The original Japanese version will be properly subtitled and have its original uncut track while the US broadcast version will be as uncut as it ever was. There are apparently some differences between the two video sources that a synch-up cannot be done. But for fans of the dub, Bandai has gotten the original TV masters from the licensor, complete with the openings and endings and bumpers (and commercial blacks). Fans of the Japanese series will also be happy by getting that version available for the first time.

No word on whether both will appear on the same disc or if they'll be treated as separate releases such as Cardcaptors/Cardcaptor Sakura.

Advance review (11:06 PM EST): It took nearly a year since the first volume was released, but ADV Films has finally seen fit to set 12/11/2001 as the date to release the second volume of Dirty Pair Flash: Angels at World's End. They've also taken the things they've learned since the first volume and applied them here.

Newly reviewed (01:32 PM EST): I can see it now when I go back to work next week. "So Chris, how'd you spend your vacation?" "Oh, I watched a lot of hentai" "...".

So just for you, here's another new hentai review today. Released on 11/10/2001, NuTech Entertainment's box set of Angels in the Court scores quite well with us.

Newly reviewed (11:00 AM EST): Due out on 12/04/2001, ADV Films is releasing what many thought they'd never put out, the Sakura Diaries Collectors Edition. For those who've waited, the payoff is indeed sweet.

Daily Contest (08:33 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our twenty seventh winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Jon Allen. Jon snagged a copy of the Original Dirty Pair Vol. #1!

Newly reviewed (09:43 AM EST): Released back on 10/24/2001, we've managed to take some time this morning and check out NuTech Entertainment's box set release of Koihime, a surprisingly good hentai. In fact, we even have a more detailed alternate angle up and ready for this title.

Sorta new licensed (09:03 AM EST): In what many are calling a very surprising yet great move, Bandai Entertainment has announced their upcoming release of Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, better known to US fans as Ronin Warriors which aired on syndication and Cartoon Network. Even better? The DVD's, retailing for 24.95$ starting in April, will be bilingual and uncut. Check the press release for more info.

Tuesday, November 27th, 2001

Newly reviewed (10:08 PM EST)
: Getting in the final volume before years end (and within 5 months of the first volume coming out no less), ADV Films next week releases Getter Robo Vol. #4 to the market, bringing this bizarre yet flashy series to an end. Hopefully after it comes out someone can explain it to me.

New title announcements (09:12 PM EST): The Right Stuf site has updated with some new dates today:

  • Ceres, Celestial Legend 7: Requiem | 75 minutes | 29.99 | 02/26/2002
  • Macross Plus Movie | 120 minutes | 29.99 | 02/08/2002 (subtitle only)
  • Robotech New Generation Vol. #1 | 175 minutes | 14.95$ | 02/05/2002
  • Robotech New Generation Vol. #2 | 175 minutes | 14.95$ | 02/05/2002
  • Robotech New Generation DVD Box 1 | 405 minutes | 44.95 | 02/05/2002

Daily Contest (08:33 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our twenty sixth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Sara Miller. Sara snagged a copy of the Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. #6!

Monday, November 26th, 2001

Newly reviewed (10:14 PM EST)
: Due out in just a few hours, i.e. 11/27/2001, ADV's latest release of Orphen Vol. #3: Ruins & Relics brought much enjoyment to our little home theater tonight. Especially the easily found piece of omake that proves that ADV can really poke fun at themselves and give (some?) viewers are great laugh.

Newly reviewed (09:20 PM EST): Following up on the successful OVA series, Media Blasters has let loose with the first of four discs that make up the TV series and we've got a review of Magic User's Club Vol. #4: I Wanna Do More!

Cover art (06:10 PM EST): Three more pieces added to Gallery 7 today, this time from Pioneer. Take a look at Sherlock Holmes, the great looking Mini-Goddesses Vol. #1 and the fantastic looking Soul Taker Vol. #1. Of course, these all look much better in their larger uncompressed formats, but I have to be space conscious.

Cardcaptor Sakura movie (05:42 PM EST): While a good amount of information has come out regarding the two upcoming versions of the first Cardcaptor Sakura movie, we got a bit more clarification on the uncut version that I had been looking for. So let's run down the two:

Cardcaptors The Movie Cardcaptor Sakura The Movie
4:3 Pan & Scan 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
English 2.0 Soundtrack English 2.0 Soundtrack, English 5.1 Soundtrack, Japanese 2.0 Soundtrack, Japanese 5.1 Soundtrack
Extras: Froggy Mix Music Video, and Theatrical Trailer Extras: English / Japanese Trailers and Commercials, alternate angle footage and more

To make things even more interesting, there is no cuts being made to the Cardcaptors dub-only movie. Well, beyond the image being cropped and panned and scanned. The dub on the dub-only disc is the same as the widescreen movie edition. The footage is exactly the same across the two. My guess is that this allows those who don't want to touch the Japanese version can do so by getting what the TV discs are like. But for those who have wanted an uncut dub, this is where you make out the best. The widescreen bilingual disc looks to be the clear winner here.

Disc delays (03:03 PM EST): We haven't had to cover too many disc delays lately, but two have crept up this afternoon. According to Right Stuf, Central Park Media's releases of Battleskipper The Movie and My My Mai have both been postponed with no new date.

Cover art (03:02 PM EST): Cover art gallery seven has been updated with new artwork for the forthcoming Bubblegum Crash and Otaku no Video from AnimEigo.

Daily Contest (09:53 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our twenty fifth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Mike Ralph. Mike snagged a copy of the Blue Seed Vol. #4!

AoD Recommends (09:49 AM EST): Another of our stray sheep has returned today, and with thanks to Jason, we now have added Jubei-Chan, The Ninja Girl to a section of our Anime on DVD Recommends area.

Newly reviewed (09:20 AM EST): Also checking in with us this morning with another new review is Megan Morris, whose gone through and checked out the September release of Cardcaptors Vol. #5.

Alternate angles (09:07 AM EST): We've got a few new region 1 alternate angle reviews ready for your viewing pleasure this morning:

Region 1 (North America)

Newly reviewed (08:52 AM EST): Tackling another title for us today, Roman Martel has sent in his thoughts on the recently released Powerstone Vol. #1 from ADV Films.

Sunday, November 25th, 2001

Daily Contest (08:17 AM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our twenty fourth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, David Orozco. David snagged a copy of the Sorcerer Hunters Vol. #3!

Saturday, November 24th, 2001

Newly reviewed (06:10 PM EST)
: Pioneer knocks another one out of the park this year with the simply gorgeous release of Ah! My Goddess The Movie, due out on 11/27/2001.

Newly reviewed (04:08 PM EST): Released way back on 6/19/2001, we've finally gotten around to writing something of a digest review of Saber Marionette J Collection 3.

Daily Contest (08:29 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our twenty third winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Brandon Martinez. Brandon snagged a copy of the Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. #6!

UK Update (08:25 AM EST): According to a series of emails we received this morning, it appears that MVM in the UK will be releasing the Ah! My Goddess movie in the UK as well as the Adventures of the Mini-Goddesses (which continues to bear out the tied licensing agreement between the two). No dates or any other info though.

Friday, November 23rd, 2001

Daily Contest Update (05:37 PM EST)
: Just a quick note for those of you who've won so far in our ADV DVD A DAY giveaway, I've shipped off the prizes for everyone who won up through Thanksgiving yesterday. We'll ship the remainder when the last 8 or so are done being selected. So keep an eye on your mailbox for early next week!

Newly reviewed (04:11 PM EST): We started to dip into our hentai pile a bit, and the first one we pulled out was Mission of Darkness from NuTech Entertainment.

Newly reviewed (03:20 PM EST): If you're enjoying Crest of the Stars, probably one of the closest shows in a similar military style is Gundam MS 08th Vol. #3. This was another excellent volume in one of my favorite long running series.

Newly reviewed (12:18 PM EST): If you thought the names of the attacks in Dragonball Z were bad, wait till you see them use "Double Big Tit Bomb!" among many others in the atrociously bad show Apocalypse Zero, released back on 9/25/2001 from Media Blasters.

Newly reviewed (11:17 AM EST): We've got a few new reviews to work on today, so we'll post them as they're completed. First up is the 11/13/2001 release from Pioneer that brings us three more episodes of the very cliched but masterfully executed Gatekeepers Vol. #2: New Fighters.

Excellent cast? (10:18 AM EST): One of the more fun games our forum readers in the English Track have been treated to lately is a guessing game with ADV reps about whose being cast for what show. Princess Nine was the last one that took awhile, but had folks really enjoying the game. This time around, Excel Saga's been put under the magnifying glass. All of the parts have been isolated except for two, so I thought it was time to get the list up here for those who don't browse the forums much, if at all:

  • Excel - Jessica Calvello
  • Ilapalazzo - Jason Douglas
  • Misaki Matsuya - Tiffany Grant
  • Great Will of the Macrocosom - Kelly Manison
  • Menchi - Hilary Haag
  • Hyatt - Monica Rial (*confirmed by both Monica herself!)
  • Cosplay Excel - Cynthia Martinez
  • Nabeshin - Brett Weaver
  • Pedro - Rob Mungle
  • Watanabe - Jay Hickman
  • Iwata - Mark Laskowski
  • Kabapu - Mike Kleinhenz
  • Puchuu VA #1- Kira
  • Sumiyoshi -- DLW and Avatar are fighting it out ON PAY PER VIEW for this one

Only two are left (and there are no double-roles beign done here), with:

  • Rikdo -**NOT John Swasey, Matt Greenfield, Andy McAvin, Chris Corey, John Gremillion, Andrew Klimko, Spike Spencer, Phil Ross
  • Puchuu #2 - **NOT Jennifer K. Earhart, Phil Ross, dlw , Tamara Lo, Marcy Rae, Mike Kleinhenz , Jenni Strader, Emily Carter , Ted Pfister, Laura Chapman

So for the naysayer's who think Excel Saga is years and years away, here's a bit of proof of things getting closer. And for those who enjoy dubs, a good peek at whose getting played by who.

Daily Contest (09:41 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our twenty second winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Ilya K. Nash. Ilya snagged a copy of the Robotech Legacy Box Set 4: The Masters!

Thursday, November 22nd, 2001

Daily Contest (07:51 PM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our twenty first winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Mary Kay Pope. Mary snagged a copy of the Blue Seed Vol. #4!

Daily Contest (09:50 PM EST): Congratulations go out to our twentieth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Tom Mahady. Tom snagged a copy of the Kimagure Orange Road The Movie: Summer's Beginning!

Wednesday, November 21st, 2001

TRSI Updates (08:07 PM EST)
: Before heading off for the holiday, the folks at Right Stuf updated their splash page with a slew of new title announcements with just titles and dates. We'll add these to the upcoming list when prices and other info becomes available sometime Friday:

03/12/2002 - Cardcaptor Sakura 8: Sweet Trouble
03/12/2002 - Gatekeepers 4
03/12/2002 - Vandread 2: Nirvana
03/19/2002 - Sailor Moon Super S TV 3-4 DVD: Pegasus Collection II
03/26/2002 - Cardcaptors the Movie (DUB)
03/26/2002 - Cardcaptor Sakura the Movie (SUB)
03/26/2002 - Pokemon: The Johto Journeys 51
04/02/2002 - Cardcaptors 8: Times of Need
04/09/2002 - Adventures of the Mini-Goddess 2: The Belldandy Files
04/09/2002 - Gundam: First Gundam 8
04/09/2002 - Gundam: First Gundam 9 (DUB / DVD)
04/09/2002 - Zoids 1 (DUB / DVD)
04/16/2002 - Soul Taker DVD 2: Flickering Faith
04/23/2002 - Gundam 0080 DVD 2
04/23/2002 - Love Hina DVD 2
04/23/2002 - Ronin Warrior 1 DVD
04/23/2002 - Saber Marionette J-X DVD

Cover art (06:39 PM EST): We just added 15 new pieces of cover art to our latest gallery.

Metropolis release (06:17 PM EST): While the theatrical release is being debated and planned, the DVD is already underway. The latest Diamond Comics Previews lists it for release in March with a retail price of 27.95$. According to the retailer Archonia, it will have only the Japanese language on it with English subtitles.

Ranma box 2? (06:14 PM EST): Some potential good news here. Forum reader Mootar posted some info he found in Viz's Holiday Shop By Mail catalog. The Anything Goes Martial Arts DVD box set is due out in March. The multi-disc set will run for 572 minutes and retail for $119.98.

Confirmed license (03:20 PM EST): According to the Right Stuf, they've been informed via tokyopop that tokyopop indeed does the license for the Initial D anime.

Licensing rumor (01:23 PM EST): Although I'm listing it as a rumor, it's probably as official as we're going to get for the moment. Mariela dug up some new information today:

Latest issue of TOKYOPOP's Smile magazine today has an ad for Marmalade Boy - the manga starts next month. Along with "Available monthly starting December 2001 as a limited edition comic book series" when you look at the bottom of the ad you see this :

"Look for the Marmalade Boy anime on VHS & DVD coming soon from TOKYOPOP"

Make of that what you will - but they were giving stores St. Tail posters that worked in pretty much the same way long before they officially announced that anime.

The Marmalade Boy TV series aired in 1994 and 1995, with a total run of 76 episodes.

Tuesday, November 20th, 2001

Kurumi clarification (07:54 PM EST)
: A recent press release from ADV Films (which I don't think we got/posted) touted some of the information for the upcoming release of Steel Angel Kurumi. One of the lines in the release was "The 24-episode saga will be delivered on 6 DVD's." With Kurumi being a series of half-episode episodes (i.e. less than 15 minutes each), this caused quite a bit of confusion. David Williams of ADV clarified this today, stating, "That was a mistake on the press release. It's still as previously announced with 6 eps each on 4 discs total."

New title announcement (07:53 PM EST): Looks like this one slipped by my last week, as posted by Janice Williams from ADV Films:

Robotech Flight 6 has been given a street date of February 5, 2002.

Disc 11 - New Generation: Next Wave - $14.98 SRP, seven episodes, English only
Disc 12 - New Generation: Counter Strike - $14.98 SRP, six episodes, English only
Box 6 - $44.98, contains discs 11 & 12, plus extras disc with: original Mospeada pilot; Toy Fair presentation for Robotech toy line; Promotional videos for Robotech toy line; skads of Production sketches; comic covers for the New Generation segment; and international clips

Brief site note (07:51 PM EST): Due to the holiday this week, as well as a excessively busy weekend this past weekend, we're going to be fairly light on reviews for most of this week. We're keeping up on what little DVD news slips out during a holiday week, but it's generally pretty quiet. Next week is my first full week off from my day job in just about a year, so expect us to catch up on some titles, especially on the hentai side of things.

Daily Contest (07:51 PM EST): Congratulations go out to our nineteenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, John Playtis. John snagged a copy of the Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. #6!

Monday, November 19th, 2001

Daily Contest (10:04 PM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our eighteenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Thomas Hester. Thomas snagged a copy of the Sorcerer Hunters Vol. #4!

Newly licensed (09:59 PM EST): News out of this past weekends Akacon has been, well, non-existent as far as most of us can tell, but thanks to some good contacts, Mariela has updated her licensing stuff:

"ADV announced stuff at the con I can get no news from. Two ex-Streamline titles have found a new home, Crying Freeman and Doomed Megalopolis, and Medabots finds its home video home, but it will most likely be another straight from TV release, dub-only. :P

In other news, the Bebop movie may be acquired, and not by Bandai, which IMO is not a good thing. Waiting for more official word."

The Bebop footnote shouldn't surprise many people, as Columbia/Tri-Star was involved in the Japanese distribution of the movie and with their upcoming release of Metropolis, they've stated on several occasions their plans to try out more anime. After all, it's relatively cheap to license/distribute movies like this for a company like CTS, as the returns generally break even or even a million or two make a profit. The risk level is generally much lower, especially if they play them out in a similar release strategy to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Sunday, November 18th, 2001

Newly reviewed (09:09 AM EST)
: I've pretty much taken the weekend off to play all things Xbox, but Megan's sent in one of her latest reviews, this time covering the recent release of Sailor Moon S TV Vol. #5.

Daily Contest (09:00 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our seventeenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Ashley Johannessen. Ashley snagged a copy of the Those Who Hunt Elves Vol. #1!

Saturday, November 17th, 2001

Coming soon (08:07 PM EST)
: For those that prefer to order directly, especially considering how poorly distributed their discs are to retailers, AnimEigo is now taking orders for Bubblegum Crash (shipping near 12/1), Vampire Princess Miyu Vol. #2 (shipping near 12/17) and my personal favorite, Otaku No Video (shipping near 12/30). They're also apparently offering free UPS ground shipping for orders, or at least for the three above that I just ordered from them.

Daily Contest (07:46 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our sixteenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Tom Gaj. Tom snagged a copy of the Sorcerer Hunters Vol. #3!

Friday, November 16th, 2001

Advance review (07:29 PM EST)
: Due out on 01/08/2002, Central Park Media has managed to score themselves what'll likely be the first big hit of next year. The dark and edgy and fairly well disturbing show known as Now and Then, Here and There Vol. #1 is something that we got an early look at this week and have put some of our thoughts down on it. Fans of director Akitaroh Daichi will definitely want to check this out.

Story of the Racks (12:27 PM EST): For those who've been waiting and wondering, the work finished this week and the anime discs are loaded up in our new library shelving. Come, check out our sickness.

Retail question (09:49 AM EST): The folks over at Barnes & Noble are beefing up their anime store, and I'm gauging interest from readers here as to whether they'd use the links to there or not. If you would, let us know in our retail forum.

Alternate angles (09:46 AM EST): We're now all caught up on our region 1 alternate angle reviews, with this mornings update bringing some fresh new content your way:

Region 1 (North America)

Daily Contest (09:09 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our fifteenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Bill Alexander. Bill snagged a copy of the Kimagure Orange Road The Movie: Summer's Beginning!

Thursday, November 15th, 2001

Forum Buzz (10:18 PM EST)
: Things are moving along nicely, with lots of new information cropping up in this weeks edition of Forum Buzz, lovingly crafted and cared for by Sean Broestl.

Newly reviewed (10:01 PM EST): Adding another 13 episode series onto the completed pile, we've finished our thoughts on Media Blasters packed release of Zenki, the first of four collections to be released by them.

Newly reviewed (08:27 PM EST): We've been quiet on new reviews this week, but we've been doing a lot of watching. In fact, since Monday evening, we've watched 31 episodes of anime, so we've got new stuff coming up. The first is a review of the 13 episode OVA series Hakkenden: Legend of the Dog Warriors from Pioneer.

TRSI Deals (08:24 PM EST): Those looking to score some sweet priced anime will want to check out the weekly specials at Right Stuf. I Dream of Mimi's down to 12.49$ from a regular of 30$, Saint Tail #1 for 18$ from a regular of 30$ and probably most anticipated from our regular retail hunters, the 4th box set of Votoms for 49.99 instead of 99.99$.

Daily Contest (07:21 PM EST): Congratulations go out to our fourteenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Iain Delaney. Iain snagged a copy of the Blue Seed Vol. #4!

Wednesday, November 14th, 2001

Confirmed license (05:00 PM EST)
: The folks at Anime News Service have confirmed with Bandai Entertainment's Jerry Chu that G-Gundam is indeed being cast for the dub, marking its arrival as next on US shores from the large Gundam library of shows.

Daily Contest (04:36 PM EST): Congratulations go out to our thirteenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Eleanor Kai. Eleanor snagged a copy of the Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. #6!

Tuesday, November 13th, 2001

Happy first! (05:00 PM EST)
: As we close in on our fourth year of being online, I remember how surprised I was back when we had celebrated our first year. The folks over at Anime Love are now celebrating their first, so a tip of the hat indeed to them. They're also doing something to celebrate:

Anime Love celebrates its first anniversary!!

We want to bring our second year of existence in with a bang. So we are having not one, but TWO contests to commemorate the event!

Prizes: To the winner of each contest, they will receive a $10 gift certificate to the online store or Brick and Mortar store of their choice!! (Some merchant limits do apply, depending on gift certificate availability.)

The Contests

Contest One: This is a random email contest. In your email, please write to us your happiest birthday or holiday celebration memory or experience.
Contest Two: This is an ART contest. Please submit an original artwork with an image containing either our neko-chan mascot Ali-chan, or a romantic picture with any anime characters of your choice.

The Rules

1. No more than one entry per person, per email, per contest. (Yes, you can enter both contests).
2. You must be at least 13 years of age to participate.
3. You do not have to be an Anime Love member to participate in the contests.
4. All entries must be emailed to
5. DEADLINE is NOVEMBER 30, 2001.

For more information, please visit

Daily Contest (04:36 PM EST): Congratulations go out to our twelfth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Jeames Dunne. Jeames snagged a copy of the Sorcerer Hunters Vol. #4!

Monday, November 12th, 2001

Synch-Point Dates (05:45 PM EST)
: Things are getting clearer with the Synch-Point releases. According to the TRSI site and other sources, FLCL will be getting a bimonthly release for its three discs (Jan/Mar/May) with the first disc streeting on 01/15/2002. The TV series I'm Gonna Be An Angel got a slight bump back from initial hopes, and the first volume with five episodes will arrive on 01/22/2002.

BAAF Report (05:09 PM EST): Long time reader and NY area contributor Abood Rabbat has sent in his thoughts on the various movies screened during the 2001 Big Apple Anime Festival.

Press (04:59 PM EST): ADV sent out some press releases today, talking about Princess 9 #2, Plastic Little and Sorcerer on the Rocks. Check out our combined listing, complete with cover artwork for each. Just look at that shine on Tita's tush.

Daily Contest (04:36 PM EST): Congratulations go out to our eleventh winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Kaled Abdulgader. Kaled snagged a copy of the Gasaraki Vol. #7!

Sunday, November 11th, 2001

Sold out (10:15 AM EST)
: It was only this past Thursday night that we mentioned the limited availability of the separate Cowboy Bebop box that TRSI is distributing for Bandai Entertainment. Well, those 1000 or so boxes they were getting have been spoken for and sold out. And from what I can tell, it looks like almost 700 of them were bought via this site, according to my weekly affiliate report with TRSI.

Kind of makes you wonder what the rest of the market's interest would be, with the other thousands and thousands of people who don't read us or even get online.

Hopefully Bandai will look at this as something to try again in the future. Hopefully the other studios will look into this as something that's profitable and worth trying. That's right folks, there's money to be made in empty cardboard boxes with a pretty picture on it. A thousand boxes sold in 2 1/2 days for 12.99$ a pop. Impressive.

Daily Contest (09:33 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our tenth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Brian Suarez. Brian snagged a copy of the Sorcerer Hunters Vol. #3!

Rumor (09:28 AM EST): According to the folks over at Anime News Service, an casting call has gone out in Vancouver for folks to try out for G-Gundam. If ANS's information is true, that'll likely be the next series to be brought over, which is sure to spark plenty of debate among Gundamphiles. G-Gundam ran in 1994 for 49 episodes, so I'd hazard a bet that it'd be released in the same style as the currently running Mobile Suit Gundam or possibly Gundam Wing.

Digital Omake (09:26 AM EST): Our Digital Omake pages have been updated this morning as well, with new tricks for Blue Gender, Evangelion Vol. #7, the Utena movie and more.

Alternate angles (09:14 AM EST): Let's catch up a bit, shall we?

Region 1 (North America)

Region 2 (Japan)

Region 4 (Australia)

Saturday, November 10th, 2001

Daily Contest (10:00 PM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our ninth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Wayne Lafferty. Wayne snagged a copy of the Kimagure Orange Road Movie: Summer's Beginning!

Newly reviewed (09:38 AM EST): To offset the hentai level of the morning, we've also finished our review for ADV's 11/06/2001 release of Nadia Vol. #4: Battleground.

Newly reviewed (08:39 AM EST): Only in my weird life would I wake up on a Saturday morning and the first thing I do is go and review hentai. But that means you get to read an early morning review of Media Blaster's recent release of Slight Fever Syndrome Complete.

Friday, November 9th, 2001

Newly reviewed (10:17 PM EST)
: Getting one more review in this evening before calling it a night, we took in the X movie from Manga Entertainment last night and have compiled our thoughts on this mixed release.

Forum Buzz (08:35 PM EST): Just when you thought it was safe to return, Forum Buzz resurfaces to give you another glimpse inside the seedy section of the site.

Newly reviewed (08:17 PM EST): While our racks were being built today, we took some time to take in Manga Entertainment's latest release, Black Magic M66.

New article (06:54 PM EST): It's been awhile since I've written anything in terms of an article, but I hope you'll take a minute to take a journey with me as I describe the path my life has taken in the past couple of years, a path some may be familiar with, others may envy and many more will fear (and many will just not understand). The Story of the Racks.

New press (05:22 PM EST): Media Blasters has sent out their latest press release, which we've skimmed and put all the anime DVD related titles into one useful page. Believe me, you'll thank us, because otherwise you'd end up reading about "The Haunting Passion DVD" and the line "Jane Seymour and Gerald McRaney star in a sensual and mysteriously unique love story." Truly disturbing, and it's not even part of the Tokyo Shock line.

TRSI deals (05:13 PM EST): For those looking for deals, check out the new weekly specials Right Stuf is running. They've got some good disc prices of upwards to 50% off, notably on Inmu, as well as some deals on Boogiepop Phantom, some CPM titles and others.

Daily Contest (05:10 PM EST): Congratulations go out to our eighth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Sarah Olson. Sarah snagged a copy of the Blue Seed Vol. #4!

New title announcement (05:01 PM EST): ADV has set forth a new date today, this time for the Powerstone series. Powerstone Vol. #3 has been assigned a street date of 2/26/2002 with 5 English-only episodes for $19.98.

Newly licensed (06:59 AM EST): Seeking to frustrate me and a few others, Pioneer has slipped yet another tidbit into a tentative section of their site. "Pioneer Entertainment is a member of Hellsing production committee and also the DVD distributor of this project in North America. Visit (Japanese site)"

Guys guys guys! More fanfare! With so much stuff coming out on the market these days, the drum's got to start being beaten earlier. Hopefully we'll hear more about this release prior to the discs actually shipping.

Thursday, November 8th, 2001

Daily Contest (11:18 PM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our seventh winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, John Athanson. John snagged a copy of the Martian Successor Nadesico Vol. #6!

Cowboy Bebop box (11:08 PM EST): With the recent demise of, many were wondering exactly how Bandai intended to follow through on their promise to get separate boxes (without DVD's or the CD) to the fans who bought the series as it was released. Well, look no further than this link right here! Bandai has set up Right Stuf as the distributor for this special limited box, which has been made in Japan and shipped here for US customers. The boxes have a hinged lid at the top and sport a sleek coated picture of our favorite crew of bounty hunters on the front (not to mention a great spot of Ein on the back). We've heard that there is a limited number of these made, and this is apparently the only place to get it. Stock is going to move fast.

While there's probably going to be more demand than there is supply of these things, I hope other companies (notably Pioneer) will take notice that there IS a demand. I was among the early faithful who bought Lain with each release, and would really like a nice box for it. Same for those who bought Tenchi and Trigun. In this day and age of getting every penny possible to turn a profit, it's strange than an entire market is being left practically untapped.

Wednesday, November 7th, 2001

Daily Contest (09:40 PM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our sixth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Andres' Roques. Andre snagged a copy of the Sorcerer Hunters Vol. #4!

New title announcement (05:39 PM EST): Amazon recently sent out information about AnimEigo's Vampire Princess Miyu OVA Vol. #2 being canceled, which has prompted folks at AnimEigo to talk about it as well as other titles in the queue:

"The new street date for Miyu 2 is 12/17/2001, and Amazon ought to be re-listing it soon.

We are also pleased to announce street dates of 12/01/2001 for the Bubblegum Crash DVD, 12/31/2001 for the Otaku No Video DVD, and 01/30/2002 for Urusei Yatsura TV Volume 5."

New title announcement (05:39 PM EST): ADV Films is at it again, giving us another sweet street date today. Gasaraki Vol. # 8 has been assigned a street date of 01/29/2002. This is the final volume of the series, 3 episodes, MSRP of $29.98.

New title announcement (01:46 PM EST): ADV Films has given the nod to another release title today, this time a 2 disc set that will contain all twelve episodes of the series. Due on 04/09/2002, AD Police: To Protect & Serve will street for 34.98$.

Pioneer updates (07:17 AM EST): Changing things a bit on their end, the previously announced Pretty Sammy Collection has been bumped to a TBA listing, so no idea when we'll see that. On the plus side however, their site is now listing the Cardcaptor Sakura movie as being due out in Spring 2002.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2001

Daily Contest (07:32 PM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our fifth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Anton Cao. Anton snagged a copy of the Princess Nine Vol. #1!

Love Hina Showing (04:52 PM EST): After our announcement yesterday afternoon regarding our Boston area December showing of the Love Hina DVD from Bandai Entertainment (a 3 month advance preview!), we "sold out" of seats within the first eight hours or so! This bodes quite well for us doing this again in 2002, so keep your eyes peeled after this one to see what we might come up with (hopefully something else with an early showing).

Newly licensed (04:40 PM EST): According to an unsourced post on our forum from a reliable member of the site, NuTech Entertainment has picked up some high profile titles. I've also confirmed directly with NuTech that they do indeed have the following titles. WORDS WORTH VOLS. 1-5, E-L VOLS. 1-2  and IMMA SIEDEN VOLS. 1-4 have been acquired and they indicate a January release. Those knowing NuTech's release dates will chuckle of course. The big title in there for a lot of folsk is Words Worth, a rather popular hentai series that's fantasy based and has a sizeable US fanbase already. Reportedly the discs will cost 24.95$ each.

Monday, November 5th, 2001

Daily Contest (07:32 AM EST)
: Congratulations go out to our fourth winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Michael L. Brown. Michael snagged a copy of the Sorcerer Hunters #3!

Rebecca speaks (02:36 PM EST): And now a few words from our recently brought on board social coordinator:


*clears throat and straightens tie*


Recently, we here at AnimeOnDVD discovered the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, Ma. offers a small 45 seat theater room that's available for rent that's fully equipped to show DVD's in a nice cozy format.

So I said to Chris, "Golly gee whiz Chris, wouldn't it be just super to watch anime in there?" to which Chris replied "By golly, I think you're right!"

And so saying, we took a look at our calendars, compared notes, and settled on Sunday, December 2nd from 4pm to 6pm for the inaugural Big Screen Event. Our presentation?

The premier showing of Love Hina on DVD, courtesy of Bandai Entertainment! The showing will be of the first four episodes, presented in its original language of Japanese with English subtitles.

Seating for the theater is naturally limited, and will be on a first come first serve basis via our handy dandy reservation form. However, the screening is at NO COST TO YOU. This is our presentation for area fans who've helped support the site over the years. So if you're definitely interested in coming, fill out the form located here and we'll get back to you with a confirmed seating reservation and details.

In addition to the screening, an early lunch will be held in the area around noon. If you are interested, please indicate that on the form as well. However, please note that the lunch is NOT free. Only the screening is.

Follow-up discussions are welcome in the Conventions & Gatherings forum, where this is also posted.

Sunday, November 4th, 2001

Newly reviewed (05:37 PM EST)
: Our ninth and final new review of this weekend is the latest entry in Pioneer's big long running series. We were pleased to see our copy of Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. #6 arrived this weekend before its 11/06/2001 street date, and were pleased that it capped off our weekend of anime watching. We intended to do ten reviews, but just couldn't squeeze in time for either X or Nadia this evening.

Newly reviewed (05:01 PM EST): Our eighth new review this weekend is for the 11/06/2001 release of Media Blaster's hot series, Rurouni Kenshin TV Vol. #12: Blind Justice. This folks is what we call a payoff disc.

Daily Contest (07:32 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our third winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Jesse Pavlovich. Jesse snagged a copy of the Kimagure Orange Road Movie: Summer's Beginning!

Newly reviewed (08:28 AM EST): Toss another title into the pile of discs that Macrovision has managed to sink its stinking fangs into. Urban Vision's release this week of Tekkaman Blade II is thus encoded, making playback on our office theater setup impossible. However, we've reviewed it based on our home theater setup. Those of you without an option will want to reconsider this disc.

Saturday, November 3rd, 2001

Newly reviewed (11:42 PM EST)
: Getting one more in for tonight, we've finished our look at the 10/09/2001 release from Central Park Media and their Anime 18 line entitled Teacher's Pet. On tap for the morning is Tekkaman Blade II, Rurouni Kenshin TV Vol. #12, Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. #6 and hopefully Nadia Vol. #4.

Advance review (04:48 PM EST): Our fifth new review of the weekend is another sneak peek, though not as early as the last one. Due out on 11/13/2001 is a disc that contains fifty foot naked female elves, a high school girl with a tank, a famous actress and more humor than the Slayers series had in total. Check out ADV Film's release of Those Who Hunt Elves Vol. #1, containing six fun packed episodes.

Advance review (03:35 PM EST): Our fourth new review of the weekend is an early sneak peek look into the release date of 12/18/2001. Due out then, and reviewed here now, is ADV's release of Soul Hunter Vol. #1.

Newly reviewed (10:12 AM EST): Getting another disc in the series out pretty fast, we've got our review of Boogiepop Phantom Vol. #2, the latest release from Right Stuf that simply must be watched in the middle of the night.

Daily Contest (07:32 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our second winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Andrew Moretti. Andrew snagged a copy of Blue Seed Vol. #4!

Friday, November 2nd, 2001

New title announcement (06:26 PM EST)
: The folks at ADV Films have set yet another street date. On 01/08/2002, look for Princess Nine: Double Header. 4 more episodes of Princess Nine goodness coming your way.

Newly reviewed (02:15 PM EST): Ok, so we got sidetracked by Grand Theft Auto 3 and my bad side showed up in full force. Our second review of this weekend is now all set, the penultimate volume in the series, Gasaraki Vol. #7. Only one more to go.

Newly reviewed (09:23 AM EST): Starting our weekend of reviews (where I hope to review something like 10 discs), the first title up is Vampire Princess Miyu TV Vol. #2, the latest release from tokyopop.

Daily Contest (08:17 AM EST): Congratulations go out to our first winner in the ADV DVD A Day contest, Alex Bay. Alex snagged a copy of Nadesico Vol. #6!

Thursday, November 1st, 2001

Forum Buzz (11:07 PM EST)
: It's a new month, and a new Thursday, so that means we get a new edition of Forum Buzz from Sean Broestl. Be sure to check it out!

Contests (10:54 PM EST): Our final Saint Tail contest has ended, with the big prize going to Christopher Chung! Congratulations! And today marks the start of our month long ADV celebration, where we're giving away an ADV DVD a day!

Newly licensed? (06:10 PM EST): According to, toykopop has acquired the GTO manga for domestic publication. In their mention of this, they sort of off-handedly mention that the GTO anime was picked up awhile back as well. This is the first many have heard of it, and we're awaiting confirmation.


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