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SaskTel History

History - 1950s

12th and Lorne
SGT at 12th and Lorne

In 1957, SaskTel completed its portion of the first trans-Canada microwave radio relay system. Live network television programs could now be transmitted coast-to-coast helping create the tradition behind broadcasts like "Hockey Night in Canada


There were 100,000 SaskTel telephones in service, with 7,492,701 long distance calls.


Local service was first introduced to the province's most northerly community, Uranium City, on November 30.


SaskTel completed its portion of the Trans Canada Microwave System. Beaming signals from tower to tower, the system carries video, voice and data communications.


A microwave system for voice communications only was installed between Regina and Weyburn, Regina and Estevan, and Regina and Yorkton.

The first automatic crossbar local switching system in Canada adapted for the switching of long distance calls was installed in Saskatoon. This system made it possible for long distance operators to connect subscribers' calls with ease, directly to the desired destination, without the assistance of operators at intermediate points along the way.

mobile phone
An early mobile phone offered in 1959