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02/04/2004 Edition
By da Original S Man & Asagiri2040

Forum Buzz
By da Original S Man & asagiri2040
2/4/04 Edition

From the desk of da Original S Man:
We promise no flashing of asagiri2040's nipple during our halftime show just to get bigger ratings. We have standards... Hey, stop laughing. It could be true.

Important News

System Update: Ironing
Once again about the upgrade: All headaches, praise, and complaints should either be in the form of a whip cream pie or posted here:

  • Feedback Thread

  • A special reminder to all who wish to join the forums, be sure to check out:

  • Avatars & Avatar Hosting

  • And now, onto the forums...

    Tokyo Mew Mew licensed by 4Kids
    Much to the dismay of many an anime fan, the unpleasant news that 4Kids Entertainment had secured the license to Tokyo Mew Mew was revealed this week. It�s known that the ostensibly xenophobic decision was made to change the name of the show to Hollywood Mew Mew, but one can only assume that more similar changes will be made to Americanize aspects of the script given the condescension and apparent ignorance with which 4Kids� management views its target audience. �maehara� has set up a page to help coordinate a fan effort to convince 4Kids to do an unedited DVD release, so be sure to give that a look if you think it�s a fight worth fighting.

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Studio Feedback

  • General Anime

  • Mew Mew Alliance webpage

  • ADV Films April 2004 solicitations
    For the month of April, ADV has another wide variety of releases planned. Two more releases in their Essential Anime line, a collection, another disc + box, and a whole list of discs for ongoing series. ADV�s David Williams stopped by to clarify a few things: the commentary track to be included on the Essential Anime re-release of Gunsmith Cats will feature Matt Greenfield and Tiffany Grant, the boxes for Wedding Peach that will come with volumes 1 and 6 will also each include an extras disc, and the Wedding Peach OAVs will be on disc 10. Let the preordering begin!

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Azumanga Daioh volume 1 release date set
    So, there�s this little show called Azumanga Daioh, the first volume of which is due to street on April 27. Either a disc-only version or a disc + box version that also comes with two lapel-type pins of Chiyo-chan and Kamineko. David Williams confirms that the show will span six discs, and reveals that there will be more pins with later discs. Apparently this is a popular show, judging by the thread length and the fanboyishness contained within. Who�d�ve guessed? :-)

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Tokyo Godfathers
    If 4Kids had gotten it, then we would be not-so-eagerly awaiting an edited R1 DVD release of Hollywood Godfathers. That�s not the case, thankfully, so instead we�re eagerly awaiting an unedited R1 DVD release of Tokyo Godfathers, the latest theatrical work from Satoshi Kon, coming on April 13. The curious and unfortunate lack of a dub has proved to be the decision-maker for some people, but the recent word that the DTS version of the original language track is to be included has certainly made others happy. In any case, it�s great that this film is making its way to R1 DVD so quickly, especially for those who didn�t get to see it during its brief theatrical run.

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • R1 Bits & Pieces
    What improvements will the upcoming release of Iria have over the original release? A bunch, apparently. What�s the status of the license for the Orguss TV series? Nobody really knows, unfortunately. What�s up with the One Piece license? Nothing that�s really any different from the bidding that goes on for numerous other licenses.

  • Tokyo Pig coming to DVD

  • What Improvements will the new Iria have?

  • Super Dimension Century Orguss?

  • One Piece currently in licensing War!

  • Last Exile R2 V.8 Goodies
    Just when paper (but detailed) planes weren't enough, volume 8's LE + extras version is a Lavie figure and a Lavie/Alvis illustrated mouse pad. And if this wasn't enough, the bonus "send in" item for Last Exile will be a large paper model of the Silvana. How can you resist a Lavie figure?

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • New Bandai CD Announcements
    .hack//Legend of the Twilight's soundtrack and Wolf's Rain soundtrack are heading for the US thanks to Bandai. .hack will release on March 16th and Wolf's Rain will follow with March 30th. While not confirmed, it is very possible that these soundtracks will also see release with the DVDs of the series as an Limited Edition.

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Kaleido Star Cast Guessing Game
    Janice Williams is back with another ADV guessing game. This time it's the Junichi Sato series "Kaleido Star" and follows Sora Naegino as she joins "Kaleido Stage" hoping to become the star. The Kaleido Stage is a combination of circus, magic, and theater in the same fashion as Cirque du Soleil which provides a backdrop of intresting personalities for Sora to interact with as she works hard. The series is being dubbed by Houston studio Industrial Smoke & Mirrors with Sandra Krasa directing.

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Transformers: Energon Cast
    And returning to Cartoon Network this past Saturday were the Autobots for another round of fighting eVil. Set several years into the future from Armada, Prime & Co. have recieved an upgrade and power (not to mention character design) for a spiffy new Transformers series. Voicebox (Armada, Fuzors) retains the returning characters while bringing in Brad Swaile for the role of Kicker (human). Can the new more mature series wipe away the rather long stint of fairly dull Transformers the past few years?

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Pretty Sheets for the Week
    Not many covers this week after the explosion of the past few issues. Calm before the storm.

  • Master Keaton 5 + 6

  • Kenshin - Legend of Kyoto Premium Box Cover

  • Tokyo Godfathers

  • Dragonball GT 13

  • Dragonball GT 14

  • Manga of the Stars
    And the busy week is already here. ;-)

  • Manga shipping week of February 4, 2004

  • Manga shipping week of January 30, 2004

  • Princess Ai premeire this month in Wings

  • What Manga Titles Did You Get This Month? (January)

  • diamond previews for February shipping in April

  • ADV Manga
  • Mori Shinnosuke's "Happy Lesson" vol 1

  • Yagami Yu's "Those Who Hunt Elves" vol 1

  • Broccoli Books
  • Juvenile Orion #1 mikothoughts (Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion)

  • Di Gi Charat Theater: Piyoko is Number One!

  • ComicsOne
  • Junk Force: any thoughts?

  • Digital Manga Publishing
  • DMP licenses "Worst" manga

  • Gravitation Four! (Here there be Spoilers. Arrrr!)

  • Planet Ladder #6 by Yuri Narushima

  • Tokyo Mew Mew #5

  • Kindaichi 5... Treasure Isle

  • Viz
  • Rikdo Koshi's "Excel Saga" vol 4

  • Rurouni Kenshin - Vol. 3

  • Got 'Shonen Jump' Issue 14!?

  • Cover art for upcoming Viz titles

  • Recommendations Rundown
    Got those winter blahs yet? Makes it tough to want to get out of bed, get chores and errands done, and especially to try and decide what anime to watch! But that�s what the Recommendations forum is for! If you can�t decide, then let your fellow fans help you out! �piano_cello_conducting� can�t decide whether Super GALS! is worth continuing or not, �Onions� had asked a question about whether Mouse was hentai or not (which evolved into a decent general recommendation thread for the show), �aragonvarr� is wondering if there are any harem shows that are right for her, and �jrutz� is looking for some good �kid-friendly� titles to show his young nephew and niece. And, of course, with Valentine�s Day coming up, we�ve got a Valentine�s Day anime recommendations thread in progress. Obviously there are more, but FB�s only got so much space, so go check �em out yourself! Romancing train, whistle again!

  • Super Gals � Continue or not

  • What genre is �Mouse�?

  • Harem shows: given my tastes, should I even bother?

  • What are some good �kid-friendly� anime titles?

  • Valentine�s Day anime

  • Sumo and its perception
    The well known wrestling sport seems to fascinate many. But have you ever wondered how it's actually viewed in Japan?

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Heat Guy J comes to MTV...2
    While it had been previously announced that MTV would be airing Geneon's Heat Guy J title, it looks like it's actually going to sister station MTV2 (which isn't as far spread for availability depending on your area). The first episode airs Feb. 6 at 6PM and then will start its normal timeslot of airing late night (around midnight depending on your timezone) Saturday & Sunday.

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG
    While US fans are still waiting on Bandai to start releasing the first TV season, Japan is already airing the 2nd season to many happy fans. Section 9 is still very active and Major Kusanagi is still kicking butt. Spoilers galore within.

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • The Super Bowl Commercials
    Forget the Panthers and the Patriots. Forget Janet, Justin, and some nipple action. Forget the fact that it was a long and hard fought game. What do we talk about? The commercials! So what did you like and hate this year? Most seem to think it was a blowout for many but you have to love the Simpsons commercial. ;-)

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Mazda designs a Transformer for Detroit autoshow
    Getting a bit more into this idea than some other automakers, Mazda has rolled out a mini-website to promote their addition to the world of Transformers. This comes in time for the US Transformers fan to start buying the new models similar the Japanese diecast models which feature real car designs scaled down to action figure size. The WRC and Dodge Viper are the first two which you can find for about $20 at your local Wal-Mart store.

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • WRC Transformer @ Wal-Mart!!!

  • Questions for the Week
    Asking the hard hitting questions that the pollsters for Gallop are scared to ask, our forum members go where the cold wind blows (and not much else).

  • February Desktop thread

  • Do you order DVDs and then forget you did?

  • Man, as soon as I get all my Anime DVDs aranged perfectly...

  • Which Anime (that you own) have u watched the most? why?

  • What kind of male anime characters do male anime fans like and...

  • Who have you fantasized the most about?

  • What would you name your kids?

  • Do you get PUMPED for job interviews?

  • It isn't sexy to ask...!?

  • Least favorite corporate BS?

  • Where are you most likely to Rock Out?!

  • Alien Movies in Japan
    Like the Star Trek: The Next Generation 7 season DVD Borg Box in Europe, Japan is now getting a bonus treat not seen in the US. Shaped just like the head of an Alien warrior it holds the movies and scares the living daylights out of you at the same time. You don't even want to know what else in the form of "bonuses" they're getting. *pout*

  • AoD Forum Thread

  • Quote of the Week

    "and I have been known to create lesbians where none actually exist..." - Fencedude

  • Quote Source

  • We had to have two QotW. Much discussion going on this week. Over Columbia Tristar's choice to not make Tokyo Godfathers a bilingual release. Over Tokyo Mew Mew being picked up by 4Kids to become Hollywood Mew Mew. Over Janet Jackson and her moment in the Super Bowl history books. And yet no one talks about Boys Over Flowers and one of the best dubs to hear for 2003 & 2004. The fact that Shawne "Fuzzy" Kleckner has a fanatical following on the forums. That Flood seems to have gathered a harem of his own amoungst the ladies of the forum. Or that Bandai still hasn't given a sliver of information concerning Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Does anyone else think the two different Witch Hunter Robin trailers on Cartoon Network are alot more intresting than the one Bandai has on the DVDs?

    When not stopping trouble (or starting it) on the AoD Forums, S-Man can be found working on the database project at Crystal Acids and asagiri2040 can be found not updating his Rising Sun Alternative website. If you actually know where that cold wind quote is from, you are way too much of a gamer. ;-) Playing in loop while typing this up: Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl.



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