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Hong Kong cargo traffic is soaring but carriers loaded down with exports say expansion is a balancing act
Air Cargo World's
Air Cargo Excellence Survey

Responses from customers on a wide range of performance measures
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Air Cargo World's
Air Cargo Excellence Survey

Responses from customers on a wide
range of performance measures

Air Cargo Excellence Survey
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The second edition of the Air Cargo World Air Cargo Excellence survey found the top rated airlines and airports separated by only razor-thin margins in responses from customers on a wide range of performance measures. The final tally from the worldwide survey showed China Airlines and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport finishing at the top of rankings from respondents from around the world while customers gave other airports and carriers high marks within their operating regions.

Those top performers included Memphis International as the top performer among the largest North American airports, with a final tally of 109, but DFW earning top measures for value, performance and facilities to get an overall rank of 113.

Fraport Frankfurt was the top airport in Europe, with a 112 score. But the top two vote-getters among smaller airports were London's Gatwick and Stansted, earning strong votes that contrasted with responses that rated London Heathrow at the low end of European airport performance.

Hong Kong International was tops among larger airports in Asia and the Middle East but respondents also gave smaller and nearby Shenzhen International a 109 overall ranking.

Among air carriers, grouped together this year, China Airlines had the top overall score of 126 and tied for or exceeded other airlines in indicators for customer service, performance and value.

Lufthansa Cargo, close behind at 124, was the top vote-getter among European airlines and its 133 ranking for information technology was approached by only FedEx Express. The 130 score in IT gave FedEx the top score in North America, although Southwest Airlines rated higher in customer service, performance and value.

In the voting, airports were divided into subcategories based on annual tonnage.

Survey respondents evaluated each company by rating four measures on a scale of one as the lowest and five as the highest. For each measure, the average rating across all companies in the survey was calculated and set to a value of 100.

Ratings for each company are presented as an indexed score, relative to the average, to allow for easy comparisons. A score greater than 100 represents above average performance; a score of less than 100 represents below average performance. A complete list is posted at

Airports were rated on performance, value, facilities and operations. Air carriers were rated on customer service, performance, value and IT.

Performance: Fulfills promises and contractual agreements, dependable, prompt and courteous customer service, allied services - ground handling, trucking, etc.
Value: Competitive rates, rates commensurate with service level, value-added programs.
Facilities: Apron, warehousing, perishables center, access to highways and other modes.
Regulatory Operations: Customs, security, FTZ.

Customer Service: Claims handled expeditiously, problems solved in a prompt and courteous manner, professional and knowledgeable sales force.
Performance: Fulfills promises and contractual agreements, dependable, accomplishes scheduled transit times.
Value: Competitive rates commensurate with service levels, value-added programs.
Information Technology: Tracking and tracing, Internet/electronic commerce capabilities.

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