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#53/#54 "The Wedding" A bridal couple’s happiness is marred by a jealous ex-girlfriend; the groom’s mother and her ex-husband learn that money can’t buy happiness; Julie gets caught up in wedding fever and decides to marry an old flame; an unusual friendship leads to romance
GUEST STARS: Mark Harmon, Caren Kaye, Eleanor Parker, Ray Milland, Donny Most, Audra Lindley
#55 "Oldies But Goodies/The Grass Is Always Greener/The Stages of Love" A woman’s attraction to a disabled man is hampered by his snobby and obnoxious side; Julie thinks she’s opted for the wrong career after meeting a former classmate; a man who believes relationships have three stages gets a shock when his "third stage" is supposed to occur.
GUEST STARS: Amanda Blake, Karen Morrow, Werner Klemperer, Lauren Tewes, Joan Hackett, Adam Rich, Eddie Mekka, Barry Sullivan, Lani O'Grady
#56 "Doc, Be Patient/Dance With Me/Going My Way" Flirtatious Doc is too weakened by the flu to make a pass at his gorgeous female physician; a former prima ballerina tries to save her old partner’s health by offering him a job as her choreographer; a jilted woman impulsively invites a cabdriver along on her cruise.
GUEST STARS: Susan Sullivan, Carol Lawrence, John Meehan , Arlene Golonka, Buddy Hackett
#57 "The Audit Couple/The Scoop/My Boyfriend’s Back" A suspicious accountant flips for the Captain during an audit; Doc is recruited to keep a nosy reporter away from a TV star and her son; a former boyfriend tries to break up his ex-girlfriend’s new marriage.
GUEST STARS: Phyllis Diller, Joyce Dewitt, Ray Buktenica, Jennifer Salt, Richard Kline
#58 "Gopher’s Greatest Hits/The Vacation/One Rose a Day" Gopher takes over for a sick performer with disastrous results; two sisters who usually take the cruise together are joined by one sister’s husband; a widow meets the man responsible for sending her flowers after her husband’s death.
GUEST STARS: Don Ameche, Conrad Janis, Joanna Cassidy, Jaye P. Morgan, Martha Scott
#59 "Crew Confessions/Haven’t I Seen You?/Reunion" Isaac shocks the crew when he writes about them in a tell-all novel; a celebrity lookalike tries to convince a newfound romance that he isn’t who she thinks he is; a reunited husband and wife share a deep secret.
GUEST STARS: Don Knotts, Julie Newmar, Jean Pierre Aumont, Jane Wyatt
#60 "Cindy/Play By Play/What’s a Brother For?" Gopher discovers the secret talent of a woman traveling with her stepmother and obnoxious stepsisters; rival sportscasters wage a battle of the sexes; guilt and love make a man the caretaker for his handicapped brother until a loving young woman sets them both straight about their respective lives.
GUEST STARS: Melissa Sue Anderson, Carolyn Jones, Christopher George, Patrick Wayne, Tom Hallick, Joan Van Ark
#61 "Never Say Goodbye/A New Woman/Trial Romance" Captain Stubing receives a letter from his long-lost daughter Vicki and ends up with a heartrending surprise; an older woman who wants to "get with it" seeks advice from Julie and ends up falling for Doc; a man and a woman who were on the same deadlocked jury meet again.
GUEST STARS: Jill Whelan, Vic Tayback, Jo Ann Pflug, Louis Nye, Sandra Dee
#62/#63 "Critical Success/The Love Lamp Is Lit/Take My Boy Friend, Please/Rent a Family/The Man in Her Life" A movie star runs into her least-favorite drama critic during the ship’s charity cruise; a husband and his wife board the ship to recover some stolen diamonds they stashed on an earlier cruise; a cheerleader is followed on board by an annoying admirer; a single executive hires a disastrous "family" to impress his stuffy boss; a cheerleader meets her mother’s fiance, who promptly starts paying more attention to daughter than to mother.
GUEST STARS: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Bill Daily, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Jackie Earle Haley, John Hillerman, Gunilla Hutton, Patsy Kelly, Roz Kelly, Larry Linville, Dina Merrill, Ginger Rogers, Natalie Schafer, Stephen Shortridge, William Windom
#64 "The Brotherhood of the Sea/Letter to Babycakes/Daddy’s Pride" The crew has a special surprise for Julie, but in order to get rid of her for a while, they put her through the unusual rites of an all-male club; a man’s girlfriend finds a sexy letter from another woman in his luggage; a former Olympic champion realizes he has unrealistic expectations for his gymnast daughter.
GUEST STARS: Jimmy Walker, Telma Hopkins, Nancy Mckeon, Alex Cord, Stephen Manley
#65 "Not Now, I’m Dying/Eleanor’s Return/They Tried To Tell Us We’re Too Young" A marriage-shy man pretends he is terminally ill to avoid a walk down the aisle; a beautiful woman returns for another cruise hoping that the Captain can help her adjust to single life again; the crew tries to keep a pair of teenagers from an illicit tryst in the honeymoon suite.
GUEST STARS: Dack Rambo, Barbi Benton, Barbara Rush, Jon Cyphers
#66 "The Stimulation of Stephanie/The Next Step/ Life Begins at 40" A professor asks a student to help with his latest experiment in romantic reactions; Isaac assists a former football player in finding a career off the gridiron; a woman hits 40 and plans her wedding – everything but the groom.
GUEST STARS: Dick Martin, Char Fontane, Rosey Grier, Melba Moore, Judy Landers, Jo Anne Worley
#67 "The Spider Serenade/Next Door Wife/The Harder They Fall" Gopher’s romance with a lovely passenger looks rosy until he finds out about her past; an about-to-be divorced man and his new girlfriend are plagued by the man’s estranged wife in the cabin next door; two old boxing adversaries decide to go for a rematch with Captain Stubing as referee.
GUEST STARS: Milton Berle, Sheila MacRae, Nancy Kulp, Jill St. John, James MacArthur, Alan Hale
#68 "Doc’s ‘Ex’Change/The Gift/Making the Grade" One of Doc’ s ex-wives brings the sad news that their divorce is not legal, and that they are still married; a couple loses their luggage but finds an unexpected windfall; a woman falls in love with the history teacher who is flunking her son.
GUEST STARS: Juliet Prowse, Sonny Bono, Red Buttons, Kaye Ballard, Jessica Walter, Dick Gautier
#69 "April’s Love/Happy Ending/We Three" The crew tries to break up singer April Lopez’s engagement to a man they instantly dislike; a couple boards the ship with the intention of finishing their very last writing assignment together – and finishing their marriage; a woman unwittingly strikes up a friendship with a man who turns out to be her real father.
GUEST STARS: Charo, Lee Meriwether, Don Adams, Juliet Mills, Kyle Aletter, Ross Martin
#7O/#71 "Kinfolk/Sis and the Slicker/Moonlight and Moonshine/The Affair" Singer Danny Fields is embarrassed when his homespun parents decide to join him on board; his sister is pursued by a sophisticated agent who may alter her future plans; his devil-may-care grandfather is followed on board by a writer seeking material about hillbillies; a couple and their best friends discover a shocking aspect of their respective marriages; Captain Stubing yearns for shore leave when a flood forces him to share his quarters with Gopher, Doc, and Isaac.
GUEST STARS: Donny Osmond, Marion Ross, Loni Anderson, Rich Little, Robert Guillaume, Denise Nicholas, Pamala Grier, Richard Roundtree
#72 "Rent a Romeo/Matchmaker, Matchmaker/Y’ Gotta Have Heart" Doc seeks help in getting his girlfriend’s troublesome sister out of the picture; Vicki and an unhappy boy hatch a scheme to reunite his divorced parents; an overprotective wife won’t let her husband enjoy himself for fear of aggravating his heart condition.
GUEST STARS: Misty Rowe, Vicki Lawrence, Joe Namath, Mark James, Ja'Net Dubois, Cleavon Little, Brett Somers, Phil Harris
#73 "The Captain’s Ne’er-do-well Brother/The Perfect Match/The Remake" Captain Stubing and his obnoxious brother Marshall battle over the same woman; a woman who wants a baby but not a husband gets more than she bargained for; a widow’s new relationship suffers when she can’t help comparing her new love to her deceased husband.
GUEST STARS: Diane Ladd, Connie Stevens, Kent McCord, Florence Henderson, James Broderick
#74 "Not So Fast, Gopher/Haven’t We Met Before/Foreign Exchange" Gopher is upset when his recently-widowed mother appears to be having too good a time with a new man; a group of young men posing as millionaires find out money isn’t everything when one of them falls for a lovely woman; a reporter is attracted to a comedian -- until she sees his act.
GUEST STARS: Ethel Merman, Gene Rayburn, Nicholas Hammond, the Hudson Brothers, Hayley Mills, Jonny Yune
#75 "Another Time, Another Place/Doctor Who/Gopher’s Engagement" A man meets a former girlfriend, not realizing that she has become a nun; a doctor is mistaken for the author of a best-selling sex manual; Gopher stretches a joke too far and finds himself engaged to the daughter of a status-obsessed woman.
GUEST STARS: Phyllis Davis, Bert Parks, Maureen McCormick, Audrey Meadows, Jane Wyman, Dennis Morgan
#76 "Dumb Luck/Tres Amigos/Hey, Jealous Lover" Julie’s brainy girlfriend learns that she’s too smart to play dumb; Vicki and a newfound friend try to keep a stowaway on board; a jealous husband is convinced the male crew members are after his plain wife.
GUEST STARS: Shelley Hack, Kevin Tighe, Ronnie Scribner, John Gabriel, Jennifer Darling, James Gregory, Jayne Meadows
#77 "Celebration/Captain Papa/Honeymoon Pressure" The crew suspect robbery when a bank guard treats his wife to her dream trip; Captain Stubing tries to convince a welfare worker to let him retain custody of Vicki; a pair of newlyweds are shocked to find that two of the husband’s friends have taken the stateroom next door.
GUEST STARS: Alice Faye, Noah Beery Jr., Lois Nettleton, Eve Plumb, Sal Viscuso, Norman Alden, Dick Bakalyan
#78 "Vicki’s First Love/Accident Prone/The High Cost of Loving" Vicki falls for a singing sensation; a clumsy woman turns the Pacific Princess upside down; a man who has sworn never to fall in love again has his resolve tested by two lovely passengers.
GUEST STARS: Rex Smith, Robin Eisenman, Shauna Sullivan, Britt Ekland, Steve Kanaly, Catherine Campbell, Lois Areno
#79 "Invisible Maniac/September Song/Peekaboo" Isaac cooks up a scheme with his old schoolmate to make her husband jealous; an older woman and her younger boyfriend take the cruise to decide if they should get married; a couple who have been married for 20 years decide to create a new lifestyle while on the ship.
GUEST STARS: Bernadette Stanis, Clifton Davis, David Hasselhoff, Shelley Fabares, Gordon Jump, Peggy Cass, Ann B. Davis, Jane Withers