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The Awards Ceremony. In 2003 Hamburg, Germany was the host for the fourth World Awards honoring men of distinction for their outstanding achievements.
These are the results of the International Jury selection.
WORLD ACTOR AWARD:   Michael Douglas
WORLD ARTIST AWARD:   Morgan Freeman
WORLD SOCIAL AWARD:   Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
WORLD BUSINESS AWARD:   Heinrich von Pierer
WORLD FUTURE AWARD:   Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer
MAN OF THE YEAR:   The doctors in Iraq
Bee Gees

Michael Douglas
For his life’s work as one of the most popular film actors in the world.
He is certainly one of Hollywood’s most successful actors and has made his mark on the American Film like hardly any one else. Michael Douglas, 59, whose films, such as Wall Street, The War of the Roses, A Perfect Murder, Wonderboys, Basic Instinct, or the Game, are among the most successful productions in film history. However, he has shown his keen instinct as a producer as well, evidenced by One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, which also was a major critical success. The popular director, actor, and producer established the Michael Douglas Foundation in 1991 which has set as its goal to aid the poorest of the poor and supports other organizations such as the Red Cross or the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation. United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan has named Michael Douglas a “United Nations Ambassador of Peace”.
Morgan Freeman
For his achievements as one of Hollywood’s best character actors.
He is undoubtedly one of the best character actors of our time and has been nominated for an Academy Award three times. Morgan Freeman has starred in some of the biggest box office hits including Outbreak, Seven or the Bonfire of Vanities. His career began in the theater and he made a name for himself on Broadway. His directorial debut was in 1993 with Bopha, a gripping testament against apartheid. He termed his role in Steven Spielberg’s Amistad a “very personal statement”. Mr. Freeman is a strong supporter of human rights and is personally involved with initiatives for peace and tolerance.
Karl Lagerfeld
For his creations that changed the fashion world.
He is Germany’s most recognized fashion designer and photographer. He is considered one of the most famous designers in the world as well. Particularly his creations for Chanel put him on center stage in the fashion world. The German couturier has received countless international prizes not only for his designs but for his photography as well. He is considered the discoverer of many top models including Claudia Schiffer and continues to astound the fashion world with his newest creations.
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Placido Domingo
For his humanitarian activities in aiding children and the underprivileged.
He is one of the greatest tenors who ever lived and has riveted audiences at all the great opera houses in the world. Placido Domingo, 62, not only fascinates the masses, but is heavily involved with his “International Placido Domingo Children’s Charity”. His organization helps handicapped children in Mexico, Russia and Bosnia as well as other countries. He has used his star appeal to get others to help him, help those less fortunate.
Larry King (CNN)
For his legendary career as a talk-show host in broadcasting and television.
He is without a doubt the most successful talk-show host in the world. Larry King, 69, is the face of CNN and with his daily show, “Larry King Live” has as interview partners the most prominent people in the world: politicians, film stars, business tycoons and opinion leaders from all fields. In 1985 Mr. King, the son of Russian Immigrants, initiated and the first worldwide phone-in-show, and thereby became a TV-pioneer. In 2002 he celebrated 45 years in the business. In the meantime he has interviewed more than 30,000 personalities – a world record that is truly unique.
Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)
For his worldwide support of the needy.
The world knows him as Cat Stevens, whose music defined the 70s with such international hits as Father and Son, Lady D’Arbanville or Morning has Broken. In 1978 he gave up his career as one of the most popular and successful singer-songwriters to start a new life. He converted to Islam and since this time he chooses to be called Yusuf Islam. Today he dedicates his life to aid the needy and the ill. Yusuf Islam has established two schools and is on the board of various charitable organizations. He started a unique initiative called “Small Kindness”, which cares for 2500 orphans in Kosovo and hopes to provide them with a safe and secure future. The royalties from his international hits – annually still in the million of dollars – he donates completely to charitable causes.
Siegfried & Roy
For ability to “enchant” millions around the world.
The masters of the impossible have enchanted generations of people. Called the “Magicians of the Century” by Time Magazine, more than 25 million people have seen their live show in Las Vegas. They transform beautiful women into white tigers while privately strongly supporting endangered animals around the world. Their shows are truly unique experiences and their illusions fascinate their enraptured audiences.
Heinrich von Pierer
For his entrepreneurial vision, which has changed the world of electronics.
He is in charge of Europe’s biggest Electronics Corporation, which he leads with visionary ideas and strategies. Heinrich Pierer as Chairman of Siemens has invoked restructuring changes, positioning the company perfectly for a success now and in the future in the global electronics industry. He has been with Siemens since 1969 and is one of the leading personalities in international business.
Prof. Dietrich Grönemeyer
For his research in science’s battle against cancer using revolutionary methods.
He is considered the most innovative scientist in Europe. Professor Dietrich Grönemeyer in conjunction with the Institute for Radiology and Micro-therapy in Witten/Herdecke has developed revolutionary micro invasive therapies, which can be employed in the treatment of tumors. Prof. Grönemeyer, the brother of the popular German singer/songwriter, began his career in Kiel, Germany and was a strong proponent for the rights and well-being of patients. His recent book, Mensch Bleiben (Stay Human), presents his humane picture of the modern day physician and of his place in the future.
Lech Walesa
For his continued support of and engagement for tolerance and freedom.
As “Solidarity” leader and teamster he fought against the suppression of the workers by the communist government. As President of Poland, the former electrical engineer at the Lenin Wharf in Danzig he led his country to freedom and democracy. Time Magazine named the Nobel Peace Prize winner one of the leading personalities of the 20th Century. Lech Walesa, 60, who was imprisoned for his convictions still managed to make a deal with the Polish leadership at the time to implement democracy and improve human rights in his homeland. Thereby Mr. Walesa became a symbol for freedom and free will, not only for his countrymen, but also for people around the world.
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Jan Ullrich
For his accomplishments in cycling which have made him an idol for a new generation.
He became the first German cyclist to win the prestigious Tour de France and is one of Europe’s most popular athletes. Jan Ullrich, 29, has reinvigorated the cycling sport in Germany as well as many other countries in Europe. Despite a doping scandal the Olympic Champion at Sydney has become a role model for a whole generation. He is a unique talent, along the lines of a Michael Schumacher or Boris Becker. He showed his sportsmanship at the Tour de France 2003 as leader Lance Armstrong took a spill and fairly waited for him to recover – a gesture which probably caused him to lose the race. He however won the hearts and respect of millions who watched on television. The mark of a true champion.
The doctors in Iraq
For their heroic efforts to aid the many wounded civilians, many of them children and whose care helped save countless lives.
They are the true heroes of the Iraq War: The doctors from Kuwait and Iraq who risked their own lives to save thousands of others. Defying the hail of bullets they bravely helped the wounded and due to lack of medical supplies they had to use ingenuity and unbelievable expertise to help the injured. Some doctors even defended their hospitals and patients with weapons. Others like Dr. Al-Shatti saved children such as the 12-year-old Ali, who not only lost his whole family but his arms as well. They are the true heroes of 2003.
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Christopher Reeve
For his efforts on behalf of people with disabilities and giving millions of people hope.
He became more of a hero in real life than he ever was on the big screen. Considering he portrayed “Superman” this hardly seemed possible. Since being paralyzed by a fall from a horse Hollywood Star, Christopher Reeve, has been paralyzed. He receives this year’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his tireless efforts on behalf of handicapped people as well supporting researcher attempting to conquer the most complex diseases of the brain and central nervous system. Mr. Reeve has been paralyzed from the neck down since May 1995, but his determination has raised public awareness about the significance of medical research and the challenges facing those with disabilities. He has given the injury that confines him to a wheelchair a human face and thereby provided countless handicapped people the courage to battle their disabilities as well.
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Bee Gees
For their life’s work in music.
They have sold over 150 million recordings making the Australian band one of the most successful music groups of all time. For over four decades they have fascinated their fans around the world with songs like How Deep is Your Love or Staying Alive and even produced international hits like Barbra Streisand’s, Woman in Love or Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers’ Island in the Stream. They have been nominated for 16 Grammy Awards and have won 7. After the tragic death of Maurice Gibb in January 2003, on the behalf of their millions of fans, they decided to continue to record and perform as a group. This will be their first public appearance to receive the WORLD AWARD

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