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Tiny Arch Live CD

There’s a new Arch-based Live CD out there called Minimax, which is kinda cool.

It’s very small (32mb) and all console-based. But it does include a lot of useful utilities and could be a handy little rescue CD. It also comes with the Arch installer, so you can use it as a very small FTP install CD.

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Conky is great!

When I was searching for new configs (features and plugins) for FVWM, came across Conky - a light-weight system monitor. No windows but directly displaying the information at desktop. First I thought its only to monitor CPU, RAM and space in file-systems, but it does much more. Any text can be used. Download web site information with Lynx, parse, and run Conky.

This screenshots shows the following information:
- System monitor
- Weather report
- Arch Linux recent package updates
- AUR recent package updates

Click here

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udev user headache

ok i have written a little howto about all recent changes and how to avoid to step into traps new udev might cause for you.
Stay tuned for it, atm some people will read it for error correction.
Hope to publish it tomorrow via a frontpage news. Then i hope all understand how the new system works.

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udev 083 headache is over

after 5 days of work (lots of headaches included) me proudly presents udev 083 with cdsymlinking :)
arch is now the first distro with latest udev and working symlinks.
kernel 2.6.15 is now definitly needed, again added quite some stuff, go ahead and test it that we can move it in soon.
Hope udev devs doesn’t change too much in the future.
greetings from Mr. Udev

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mono back on the way?

After some painful weeks with mono it seems that moving around all the files and omitting the MONO_PATH shows some success. There is a version 0.9 of monodevelop in “testing” that I label as “works for me”. Everybody is invited to test it and tell me if it also works for you.


UDEV 081, please read and test :)

After quite some extensive hacking and testing the last week, new udev is ready. It does now exactly the same job as hwdetect did, so don’t be suprised that udev startup takes a bit longer but loading modules is finshed immediatly.
On my systems i had a slightly speedup on boot too.
Parameters are the same to activate the autoloading so no change is needed here.

Alsa users be aware of removing the OSS modules from /etc/modprobe.conf else it could be that your soundcard is not loaded correct.
MOD_BLACKLIST= (moduleA) and MODULE=(!moduleA) is now the same, please keep that in mind.

Added quite a lot of rules, so please test it well that it can be moved in soon.


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ArchWD news

Its one thing to develop a project and a different matter how to present it to the public. The feedback from the public before they have tried the project, comes from what they see not what the developer(s) thought.

From the recent feedback, the Usercb wiki gave a wrong idea what is ArchWD-FVWM when looking at the screen shots. Also the introduction was confusing.

With this valuable feedback, I changed the pictures, rewrote / edited major parts, and less text on front page. Take a look at the new presentation at Usercb Wiki.

Most interesting part in ArchWD is the sharing of configs (features) with other Fvwm users from one centralized repo. What is lacking in most WMs and DEs today, is the invention of new ideas when depended on the developers alone. When sharing with other like minded users, inventions increases. New themes and wallpapers are no longer a new thing, but new plugins and features are in demand.


AUR Package Count Surpasses Official Repos

The title pretty much says it all. The AUR has grown to the point that it now has just over 2000 packages in unsupported and community combined. This is equal to the number of packages in all official repos combined.

For those who may be browsing and unfamiliar with the AUR, an introduction. The AUR (Arch User Repository) is an effort to give users a way to share package build scripts in an organized, central location. In short, the project aims to increase the selection of packages available to users by employing the most powerful force available to Arch, the community.

The fact that a project such as the AUR is able to achieve this level of success attests to the strength of the community driving it.
Keep up the good work!

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ArchWD Config Manager - a simple editor to manage ArchWD-FVWM configs (written by Natan Zohar), developed in pyGTK. Its far from an efficient “editor” but handy to develop user packages when required to divide a config (feature) into sections i.e. daemons, modules, scripts and settings. ArchWD CM has a tab for each section.

conf.d - user preferences to set color and postion of modules.
local.m - local configs.
rc.d - background configs e.g. desktop functions.
rc.m - modules configs e.g. pager, panel, etc.)
rc.s - FvwmScripts scripts.

Read more in Usercb Wiki and take a look at the screenshot.


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