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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster talks with
APJ's editor-in-chief Gene Gaudette about Neocon Sociopathy, the John Fund debacle and the future of Congress

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"And finally, I would say that, you know, we are a little bit out of touch in Hollywood every once in a while. I think it's probably a good thing. We're the ones who talk about AIDS when it was just being whispered, and we talked about civil rights when it wasn't really popular. And we, you know, we bring up subjects. This Academy, this group of people gave Hattie McDaniel an Oscar in 1939 when blacks were still sitting in the backs of theaters. I'm proud to be a part of this Academy. Proud to be part of this community, and proud to be out of touch."
George Clooney, March 5, 2006
The Wit and Wisdom (NOT) of Ann Coulter
Paul Wellstone 1944-2002
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Steve Young
The Aristocrats... Bush Administration Style!

Bernard Weiner
Anti-Semitism and the New "Jews"

Pundit Pap
Crappy Anniversary, Iraq

John Connolly
: Sex, Lies and the Tape -- The John Fund Story
Here it is -- the breakthrough article by brilliant investigative reporter John Connolly that blew the lid off the scandalous behavior of the "leave of absenced" Wall Street Journal opinion page pundit. Originally published by WeaselSearch, the article is now available ONLY at American Politics Journal.

Steve Young
Another 16 Words

Seems every time someone tied to the administration utters 16 words, it's time to fire up the ol' BS detector...

Steve Young
Gridiron Roast: One Night of Honesty A Year

Pundit Pap
Ports, 'Peachment, Palaver

If it's Sunday, it's time to down the coffee and Compazine

Steve Young
Everyday is Opposite Day on O'Reilly

It's sort of like watching cartoons

Ernest Partridge
An Appearance of Guilt

Electronic voting and ballot rigging, 21st-century style

Steve Young
When the Press Starts Pressing, the Pressured Start Pressing the Press

Bernie Weiner
Bush Is Going Down

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Get Ready to Meet the Wolves of Fate

An object lesson in survival of the fittest, NeoCon style

Pundit Pap
Claque of Hacks Attack, Papsters Fight Back!

Jeff Koopersmith
Koop's Bird Flu Diet

Load Up On l'Ortolon (in Paris or DC) and/or Barbequed Wings in Cleveland... Because Here Comes H5N1! Wolf down up those birds while you can or forever hold your napkin… linen, that is!

The Smirkfather!
"I'll make Prince Bandar an offah he can't refuse..."
Courtesy Wizard of Whimsy

Steve Young
Judgment At Nuremberg II, Day 1

An incident from 2000 involving John Fund, John McCain and an ugly rumor

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
The Brown Badge of Courage

An incident from 2000 involving John Fund, John McCain and an ugly rumor

Church of Reality
Perkel, CoR Will Challenge South Dakota Abortion Law

... it turns out it violates religious freedom. Grab the popcorn and get ready to watch some fundie heads explode...

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
Why Scooter Libby Is Toast and Karl Rove Will Provide the Butter...

and why no one connected with John Fund can get life insurance

Pundit Pap
No safe port for Bush and the GOP?

A big Pundit Sunday: Lambert translates the Big BushCo/GOP Talking Points, George Will calls it Civil War, and Chris "Tweety" matthews... well, you've just gotta read it...

Steve Young
Bush White House: Truth or Onion?

It's not exactly "Batboy Impregnates Shroud of Turin" but a month ago, some headlines we're seeing today would have been assumed to be lifted from satirical swags like The Onion or The Daily Show.

Steve Young
FOX News Continues to Air Offensive Cartoons!

APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap
Chertoff Gets a Pass, vanden Heuvel Kicks Ass

Steve Young
Heads Up!

Alan Bisbort
Cheney Unchained!

Jerry Politex
Bush, the Gravedigger, and Cheney's Gunshot Victim

APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap
So Many Scandals, So Few REAL Democrats!

... but this week, they delivered the goods, particularly Howard Dean and Rev. Joseph Lowery. Okay, Lowery's not a Democrat, but he sure demolishes Chris Wallace like a real one!

Bernie Weiner
If Bush Were On Oprah's Couch...

Mailbag: Bill O'Reilly and Corrupt Media

Ernest Partridge
The View from Abroad: A Personal Reflection

Gene Gerard
Tax Shelters Disguised as Health Care Reform

The lowdown on so-called "health savings accounts."

APJ/Correntewire: Pundit Pap
Glittering Georgie's Gasbag Gaggle

Ken Mehlman comes out of the closet (well, not completely) and John Boehner breaks away from his pack of smokes to unleash their latest talking points...

Bernie Weiner
Reform the Democrats... Or Form a Third Party?

Steve Young
Bill Hides Behind His Poll

Blaming it on "the folks."

Mailbag: These concentration camps brought to you by Halliburton

Check out Steve Young's All the News There Is to Spoof at the LA Daily News!

Steve Young
The TalkShowization of the Mainstream Media

How refreshing! We heard reality, not fabrication -- truth, not lies -- and evidence rather than dissemination of the sort of ignorance that talk radio/TV thrives upon, and which this administration has joyfully embraced.

Holy Cro-Magnon Mail!
Sleaze e-mail from a "Christian" Pastor

Ernest Partridge
"Evidence? We Don't Want Your Stinkin'Evidence!"

Bernie Weiner
"Weaving the "Why?" Strands: The Bushevik Tapestry

Mailbag: Terrorists Won't Be Able to "Hate Us For Our Freedoms!"

JJ Balzer
Alito Astroturf Exposed!

Ditto-chimps send duplicate e-mails telling us to support Sam Alito -- using the same words from an evangelical activist press release. The mystery: who wrote it?

Steve Young
Save the Unindicted Republican!

Our man in Hollywood launches his campaign to prevent the extinction of the Beltway's most endangered species...

Pundit Pap: Real nausea, "synthetic outrage"...

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster: The NeoCon Fantasy Becomes Reality

Ernest Partridge:
The Gulliberal Problem

Bernie Weiner meets "Shallow Throat": Do Democrats Have a Death Wish?

Steve Young: ... and God Created Bill

Jeff Koopersmith

Jeff Koopersmith

Jeff Koopersmith


Gene Gaudette
Hunter S. Thompson, Outlaw American Giant

Cro-Magnon Mail -- and a contest!
Charlie Wilson's War
It's Wilson vs. reality -- but you could be the lucky winner!

Mailbag: Alito Must Not Be Confirmed

Jeff Koopersmith
William Bennett's "Mourning in America"

Bernie Weiner: Fear, the Future & the Other F-Word

Mailbag: First Things First / Tammy Bruce

Pundit Pap: Democrats Show Spine

Mailbag: We Get Astroturf!

The Lord (via Steve Young): An Open Letter to Pat Robertson

Bernard Weiner: Your 2006 Starter Kit

John Connolly: Sex, Lies and the Tape -- The John Fund Story

Here it is -- the breakthrough article by legendary investigative reporter John Connolly that blew the lid off the scandalous behavior of the former Wall Street Journal opinion page pundit. Originally published by WeaselSearch, the article is now available ONLY at American Politics Journal.
Flush twice...

it's a long way to Sally Quinn's place!
Pundit Pap
"One of the indispensable rituals of 
every thinking American's week."
-- Alan Bisbort, Hartford Advocate
"Pundit Row" courtesy Wizard of Whimsy
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“I like guys who got five deferments and (have) never been there and send people to war, and then don’t like to hear suggestions about what needs to be done.”—Rep. John Murtha on Dick Cheney, Nov. 17, 2005

"I look at it this way: If a year ago, anyone had predicted that Tom DeLay would be under indictment, Bill Frist would be under the microscope on a cheesy stock deal, a guilty plea would have been obtained in the AIPAC scandal, and one of the leading neo-cons--Cheney's #2--would be hit with five indictments and forced to resign--we would have thought the fortune teller was dipping into the cough medicine. So let us give thanks for the statues that have toppled, and hope that more crashes will echo down the hall."–James Wolcott, Oct. 29, 2005

"It's a lot different now since Armstrong Williams. The airwaves should be used for public benefit. It's broadcasters' one obligation for condition of license. There's no question they don't operate in the public good."
—Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), 2/1/2005

"It's better to be sworn in than sworn at."
Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), in reference to a certain incident involving Dick Cheney, 1/4/2005



Taylor Marsh
The cure for right-wing talking points, chock full of bloggy goodness

Dave Bruderly for Congress
Democratic candidate for the House from Florida's 6th Congressional District -- and just the man to send Cliff Stearns into well-deserved retirement.

Michael Moore
The latest news on America's favorite filmmaker/activist.

Cool Tool!
Rep. Henry Waxman's searchable database of 237 Bush Boy Misadministration lies about Iraq!

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Jane Hamsher to Jim Brady: WaPo Still has a Ben Domenech Problem | PJ O'Rourke says he never gave WaPo ex-blogger permission to use his material | WaPo's Jim Brady: He Can't Google, So He Should Be Replaced | National Review finds even more pieces plagiarized by WaPo ex-blogger | National Review not happy with Washington Post ex-blogger | The other Roger Ailes drops a friendly line to Howie "Married to the GOP Mob" Kurtz | Words mean things: did WaPo actually fire Vermin Ben? | The Depressing WaPo | Even NRO's Corner leaves Vermin Ben twisting in the wind | "That they still don't understand the difference between the conventions of overt partisan media and mainstream online criticism like Dan Froomkin's column is painfully clear." | What The Domenech Affair Really Says About Bloggers | Bush to Be Impeached for Plagiarism | Stop the Presses! A Right Winger Lies! | Ben Domenech's defense distorted apparently plagiarized column | Rehab for Ben? | Ben's college newspaper catches multiple instances of plagiarism | Kurtz minimized, mischaracterized criticism of WaPo's Red America blogger | Who's the liar at WaPo, Hal Straus or Jim Brady? | Ben's Virtues: Stealing and Lying | So Vermin Ben blogger does or doesn't think Coretta Scott King is a commie… | Ben Caught Stealing, Dance Remix -- RedState's hilarious defense of Vermin Ben | Uh oh, time for another Republican blogger at the Post | Despite past Froomkin criticisms, WaPo ombudsman "Little Debbie" Howell claimed's "Red America" controversy is outside her jurisdiction | WaPo blogger's lame excuse: Maybe it's my editor's fault
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CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Katherine Harris Flip-flops, Won't Spend Inheritance After All | Barbara Bush is an investor in the company to which she funneled a "charitable contribution" | Another Blow To Jack Abramoff In Corruption Case | Santorum Funneled Charity Money To Faith-Based Group Accused Of Political Activity| Crooked Contractor Tried to Bring "Democracy" to Iran | Barbara Bush: Un-compassionate Conservative | Those GOPers love Bush and his money | DeLay loses license to conceal gun | Disgraced defense contractor planned to promote democracy in Iran | Watch this! TDS mocks Cheney Downtime Requirements | Neil Bush's Investors | The DeLay-Abramoff Money Trail Reaches Moscow | Good Riddance: Democratic Political Aide to Plead Guilty | Red Cross Volunteers Say Organization Has No Cost Controls, No Oversight | Calling Ken Mehlman! Look who was working with convicted political dirty trickster James Tobin in New Hampshire! | McCain defends Bush; Bush signed budget law knowing it had typos | What would the Bush boys do without their mommy? | Abramoff to Testify on Mob-Style Hit? | Gov. Perry's Secret Deal? | MZM's Pentagon Work Broader Than Reported | Jackie Walnuts? Lobbyist Abramoff gets subpoenaed in Boulis murder case
HOT POLITICS -- Impeachment Whispers Get Louder As Corrupt Press Frames Story With Stale, False "Democrats Are Divided" Myth | Journey with us to the Northeast's "impeachment belt," where citizens are livid over Bush's incompetent rule | The conventional wisdom shifts — in Feingold's direction | "Every Named [GOP Presidential] Candidate Is Making A Play For" Conservative Evangelicals | Kevin Phillips: "I believe that Democrats and liberals in 2006 stand to have their greatest opportunity since 1992." | Harry Reid debunks Cheney's latest lie | FEC Rules Would Regulate Paid Internet Ads | Programmer who alleged plot to steal Florida election runs for Congress | Cue the music -- for Cheney's latest lying insult! | Hillary Drives GOP Candidate Insane -- Literally! | Joe Lieberman: Loves Our Leader, Hates Grandmothers! | Senate hearing set on move to censure Bush | RI-Sen: Candidate Accused of 'Donation Swapping' | Eliot Spitzer backs marriage equality drive | Hagel positioned as the anti-Bush | GOP official defends sleazy anti-Feingold ad | Senate race poll numbers bad for GOP | Gold Medalist GOPer Jim "Carpetbagger" Shea Drops Utah Bid | Bloggers hit Sen. Joe Lieberman hard
WAR -- Iraq invasion: miserable failure | Delta Force founder: Bush may have started World War III | Iran Ramps Up Uranium Enrichment... May Be Able Build Bomb Within Three Years | Fighting in Afghanistan Kills U.S. Soldier | Russia Denies Giving U.S. Intel to Iraq | Bomb in Police Booth Kills 4 in Baghdad | Battle for Baghdad 'has already started' | Congress Has Spoken: No Permanent Military Bases In Iraq | Inconvenient Facts: Russian Government Tipped Off Hussein To U.S. War Plans | Iraq hostages 'were saved by rift among kidnappers' | Your Friday Evening Media Horror: Russia had sources in U.S. command | Two Soldiers Killed in Anbar Province | U.S. to Iraq: You're on your own to rebuild
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Judge Quashes Subpoena for TSA Lawyer set to testify in Moussaoui fiasco
MILITARY TORTURE SCANDAL -- Magistrate: Lawyer Can Meet With Gitmo Detainee
DEAD DUBAI DEAL -- Homeland Security Chief: US Would Be Safer If Dubai Company Owned Ports[
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Madeleine Albright: "Good Versus Evil Isn't A Strategy" | Slipperier Slope
PRESS CORRUPTION -- Walter Cronkite Slams TV News | A Media of Appeasement | Matthews Rips Bush For Misleading Nation; White House Praises Matthews | How Low Will 24-Hour News Go For Ratings? | Watch this! Shocker as Tweety Matthews blasts Bush Regime: "They don't want the whole truth out and that's the fact." | Top VT Officials Send Protest Letter to AP about Fired Bureau Chief | Watch this! CNN's John Roberts asked Tammy Duckworth if her primary victory signaled failed strategy | Watch this! White House, conservative surrogates continue their "blame the media" campaign | Yahoo To Broadcast 60 Minutes, Attempt To Lure Young Viewers | Lou Dobbs poll: Which is Hillary Clinton most out of touch with? | Hardball website continues to host GOP "virtual straw poll," but no Democratic poll, almost two weeks following completion of actual straw poll at GOP conference | Of Mice and Moore: WSJ's Stephen Moore misled on Colorado mouse controversy | Poor boy's confused! Despite Bush's heavy emphasis on WMD, Jonah Goldberg "baffle[d]" that WMD in Iraq "became the only argument"
FOX WATCH -- Watch this! Sean Hannity falsely claimed Sen. Clinton "says immigration reform is un-Christian" | Watch this! Bill O'Reilly claimed Hillary Clinton supports "things most Christians do not," then dismissed example of GOP support for death penalty | Watch this! Neil "Poledance" Cavuto to Congressman: Who Would Jesus Like -- Democrats or Republicans? | Watch this! Hannity misleadingly claimed unemployment "lower than the '70s, '80s, and '90s"
WHAT A RUSH! -- Now hear this! Self-absorbed, self-inflated, self-important drug addict Rush Limbaugh blasted kidnapped peace activists again: "self-absorbed, self-inflated, self-important people" who made their rescue "all about them"
$MIRKONOMICS -- Personal bankruptcy filings up 30% last year | Bush Blasts Democrats on Economics: "We've got a record to stand on" -- record deficits, record tax givebacks to the super-rich, record drop in real income… | Pop goes the bubble! New home sales plunge 10.5% in Feb
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- Washington worried about a GM bankruptcy | Reebok Recalls 300,000 Bracelets After Child Dies Of Lead Poisoning
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- New Orleans Levees, Corps of Engineers Faulted | FEMA breaks promise, won't reopen no-bid contracts | Hero of Katrina, "Ice Pirate" sheriff may be prosecuted | FEMA breaks promise on Katrina contracts
JUSTICE WATCH -- Judge: AIPAC case unconstitutional? | Roberts Appoints Conservative Ex-Starr Deputy to FISA Court | Another Right-wing Nominee for Appeals Court, Henry Saad, Withdraws
EDUCATION IN THE SMIRK AGE -- More concerned with the rock of ages than the ages of rocks
OH, GOD! -- Afghan Christian's plight draws U.S. pressure; will Bush lose Xtian support?
RACISM AMERICAN STYLE -- The immigration debate -- which exploits the most base racist tendencies of the right -- creates special problems for the Republican Party
ENERGY SCANDALS -- Chemical company: Outlawing MTBE is, y'know, dangerous!
HEALTH DEBACLES -- Single payer grows in popularity, just not in name | Study Doubles Estimate of Smog Deaths
TRASHING NATURE -- NYC, London, Miami Underwater by 2100 -- with maps

A Portrait of the Blogger As a Young Plagiarist
As a college student Ben Domenech lifted arts criticism; as a GOP henchman, he was accused of fabricating a Tim Russert quote. What was the Washington Post thinking?

Media Matters to WaPo brass: Fire bigoted blogger
Exxon sock puppet sends the IRS after Greenpeace
| Pentagon Orders Investigation Of Cunningham's MZM Earmark | Bush's Uncle "Bucky" Earned Millions in War Firm Sale
So now Bush wants to hire a Chinese company to be in charge of finding nukes in cargo?
Bush shuns Patriot Act requirement; In addendum to law, he says oversight rules are not binding
Women Wage Key Campaigns for Democrats | Candidates Distance Bush, but Not His Cash | "Is President Bush the leader of our government, or is he just a right-wing talk-show host?" | Bush fatigue could hurt the party's chances in November | It's time for Dems to announce the obvious, they've got the far stronger hand walking into the 2006 elections | Why The GOP Has Already Lost 2006: They've Lost Control Of Three Key Frames Heading Into 2006 Elections, Framing Now Favors Democrats
Bush's Media Blame Game | "If the mainstream media hope to even be relevant, much less pressing a claim of plenary indulgence to be agents of the sovereign republic, they must wise up quickly and stop being agents of the right wing propaganda mills." | Watch this! Jack Cafferty smacks down Karl Rove's meat puppet Howard Kurtz for pushing the "biased media, no good news from Iraq" nonsense

Serious buyers' remorse: Sidney Blumenthal on Republicans horrified by the influence Bush has given to the evangelical right
Homeschool Ben Domenech exposed: "In the past 30 years, how many innocent lives has the KKK ended? How about the Judiciary?"
Pennsylvania religious groups helping Santorum are breaking the tax laws, says CREW
Bob Woodward's Plame-leak Deep Throat
State after State Repudiates Bush
Desperate to convince voters we're winning, Bush is denying that Iraq is having a civil war. But the facts contradict him

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