Randy Given

3 Kathleen Way

Manchester, CT 06040-1991



public key: http://members.aol.com/GivenRandy/pgpkey.asc




Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI

B.S. with concentration in Electrical Engineering, 1986




High Level Languages:

·   Visual Basic: 13 yrs ('93-'05) including VB.NET, VB6, and AppForge

·   C++: 7 yrs ('97-'02, ‘04)

·   C: 12 yrs ('89-'00)

·   HTML: 11 yrs ('95-'05)

·   PL/M: 4 yrs ('86-'89, '99)

·   Prolog: 1 yr ('88)

·   Pascal: 1 yr ('86)

·   Basic: 4 yrs ('82-'85)

·   Fortran: 2 yrs ('82-'83)

·   Cobol: 2 yrs ('80-'81)



·   Access: 10 yrs ('96-'05) using Visual Basic and SQL on Win9x/NT/2000/XP

·   Oracle: 2 yrs ('98-'99) using C++ (Borland Builder) and SQL on WinNT

·   Ctree: 2 yrs ('94-'95) using C on SCO Unix


Data Acquisition and SCADA:

·   iFIX with VBA

·   CIMScan with VBA



·   Windows XP: 4 yrs ('01-'05)

·   Windows 2000: 5 yrs ('01-'05)

·   Windows NT: 4 yrs ('98-'01)

·   Windows 98 / 95: 8 yrs ('95-'02)

·   Unix: 7 yrs ('92-'99) with Linux, HP-UX, SCO, Coherent

·   DOS: 8 yrs ('86-'94)

·   PalmOS: 1 yr ('01)

·   iRMX: 1 yr ('99)



·   TCP/IP, UDP/IP: 10 yrs ('96-'05) with Linux, WinXP, Win2000, Win95/98, WinNT

·   GPIB / IEEE-48 / HP-IB: 1 yr (’05)

·   Modem: 15 yrs ('87-'02) with Hayes-compatible modems

·   Serial: 17 yrs ('86-'03) with PC and embedded products (RS-232, RS-485, DDE)


Assembler Level Languages:

·   64180: 2 yrs ('95-'97) for printer, display, and serial communications

·   8051: 7 yrs ('86-'93) for data collection, math processing, serial/modem communications

·   8096: 2 yrs ('87-'89) for data collection and motor control



·   Software version control: Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, RCS

·   Unit testing: NUnit

·   Performance optimizing: DevPartner Studio

·   Editors: UltraEdit



·   Web design for corporate, personal, and non-profit use [HTML; JavaScript]

·   65+ WPM typing

·   Certified expert Master level on Experts-Exchange

·   Available for permanent and temporary (contract) positions

·   Available for Expert Witness, both research and testifying




May 2005 – Jun 2005 (Contract) : UTC Fuel Cells, South Windsor, CT


Added features to various test software.

·         Fixed and enhanced software to test electrical current corrosion experiments.

·         Added features to “freeze”-test products using VB.NET.


Jun 2004 – Jul 2004 (Contract) : UTC Fuel Cells, South Windsor, CT


Implemented access to Internet-based system from client and server sides.

·         Developed server-side Internet-based code using C++ in Hitachi Embedded Workshop (HEW)


Feb 2004 – May 2004 (Contract) : HydrogenSource, South Windsor, CT


Implemented user interface to interact with hydrogen fuel processor.

·         Designed and developed user interfaces using iFIX with VBA (ala LabVIEW)


Jan 2003 – Jan 2004 (Contract) : UTC Fuel Cells, South Windsor, CT (continued from Oct 2002)


Designed and implemented user interface and communications to interact with fuel cell controller and also provided database storage, graphing and logging.

·         Designed and developed user interfaces using Visual Basic 6

·         Designed and developed propriety protocol using UDP/IP

·         Created DLL to make protocol available to other projects

·         Wrapped DLL into OCX so that it could be easily used from MATLAB

·         Created similar interfaces using VB.NET as well as some in-house utilities

·         Database interface was built using Access 2000

·         Initial user interface for Web-based system using Java (Borland JBuilder X)

·         Provided documentation and project management information


Nov 2002 – Dec 2002 (Contract) : Carrier, Farmington, CT (on loan from UTC Fuel Cells)


Upgraded portions of system software for air conditioner systems.

·         Modified existing code using C++ in Hitachi Embedded Workshop (HEW) and GNU

·         Modified code allowing Internet and modem access

·         Interfaced with controller using CodeLab


Apr 2002 – Oct 2002 (Contract) : UTC Fuel Cells, South Windsor, CT


Brought GUI front-end development up to speed for fuel cell controller.

·         Accelerated and provided iFix development for user interface

·         Provided direction for two other developers


Developed device drivers for controller I/O.

·         Developed device drivers using C and embedded tools


Aug 2001 – Mar 2002 (Contract) : Insurity, East Hartford, CT


Developed intranet applications to allow agents to use browsers to issue quotes, policies and ratings for commercial lines of insurance.

·         Developed user interface using Visual Basic 6 classes and JavaScript

·         Accessed XML and SQL data servers


Jul 1999 – Jul 2001 (Contract) : UTC Fuel Cells, South Windsor, CT


Developed software control for commercial, residential and automotive fuel cells.

·         Designed and implemented serial protocol using Visual Basic 6 and C

·         Provided SQL database interaction with Access

·         Generated DLLs, EXEs and OCXs for other projects to use

·         Developed secondary powerplant monitor using CIMScan and VBA

·         Developed profiling and monitoring tools using C++


1995 – 1999 (Full-Time) : Veeder-Root, Simsbury, CT

Technical lead and software designer for PC products.

·         Led project from start (planning and prototypes) to finish (product shipping)

·         Product was well-received in domestic and international markets

·         Product was multi-language (eight foreign languages)

·         Developed displays and communications using Visual Basic

·         Developed quick database response using Access

·         Provided rapid prototype demos using HTML

·         Was the optimization “guru”, making applications 10 to 100 times faster


Provided remote monitoring system for over 1000 remote sites.

·         Interacted with Oracle database via SQL and OCX in Visual Basic

·         Provided high-speed system simulation for advanced development


Designed and implemented graphical displays for embedded system.

·         Produced graphical displays for embedded system using C++

·         Developed alternative user interface with C++ on Linux


1991 – 1995 (Full Time) : Tokheim, Fort Wayne, IN


Designed software for POS systems and fuel dispensers.

·         Provided communication with fuel dispenser systems using C and Unix.

·         Implemented financial network interfaces (Phillips, Sears)

·         Developed peripheral interfaces for card readers and cash acceptors

·         Developed fuel dispenser control and user interfaces


1989 – 1991 (Full Time) : Bennett Pump, Muskegon, MI


Project leader and software designer for fuel dispenser payment system.

·         Developed control and user interface using C and PL/M

·         Developed card reader interface using C and Assembler

·         Implemented dispenser control on SCO Unix

·         Provided PIN encryption using DES


1986 – 1989 (Full Time) : X-Rite, Grandville, MI


Designed software for densitometers (quality control instruments for printing and film processing) and modem based communications.

·         Developed core software in many products using PL/M and Assembler

·         Designed modem-based remote monitoring system using PL/M and Assembler

·         Provided high-speed data acquisition for automated quality control

·         Was the math "guru" for high precision algorithms

·         Share patent #5015098 for work in colorimetry algorithms