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Mr Beaks gets down to the truth regarding CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!

Hey folks, Harry here... Well - seems many of us, myself included got excited about that peek behind the Wonka Walls at John August's script for Tim Burton's next delicious cinematic confection... but alas... it was as substantial as Fizzy Lifting Drink itself. Just a lot of air. John August wrote Beaks to set the whole thing straight and that Stud, Mr Beaks set me straight, and well... I'm passing it along to y'all. Sorry bout dat, here's the lowdown...

Hey you big hunk of red maned lust material,

John August sez the script review is bogus. As you'll read, he at least gives us an idea of what the adaptation we'll be like, though much of that information was dropped in my interview w/ him back in December.

Mr Beaks

Note: forwarded message attached.

Subject: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Hey Beaks,

Since you're the one person I can actually put a face to over at AICN, I wondered if you could pass along a note to the Powers That Be regarding Michael Marker's glowing script review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

This guy is completely bullshitting. He hasn't read my draft, or as best I can tell, any draft at all. At best, I can guess he's a slightly-obsessed fan. Notice that it's signed:

"-A loving work of fiction by Michael Marker-"

He made up the entire thing.

I really shouldn't care, but I don't want there to be any vast cognitive dissonance when the movie comes out and 1) Mrs. Bucket doesn't work at a Tennis Shoe Factory, or 2) nothing is even remotely as it is in this guy's review.

If people want spoilers, they can read the original book by Dahl. The movie is ALMOST EXACTLY like the book, with a little extra to explain how Willy Wonka became a candy magnate, and an ending that goes a little further to pay off Wonka's handing-off of the factory to Charlie. With Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, I think the movie will absolutely rock.

Anyway, hope you're doing well.

-- John August

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Somebody is on that bullshit tonight
by Terry_1978
2004-03-22 23:34:51
Does this mean Marilyn Manson might be involved after all?
by BurnHollywood
2004-03-22 23:38:26
Harry didn't even read the whole Miochael Marker artcile before he posted it.
by SmarkJobber
2004-03-22 23:47:31
Hey, Mr. August
by Stanley Spector.
2004-03-22 23:49:20
Oh, if only the same could be said for Goyer's BATMAN BEGINS script!
by moviemack
2004-03-22 23:49:56
I don't know what to say
by Redbox
2004-03-23 00:27:14
Well it was a damn site better than that 'HAS A BEER AND CHEETS...' bullshit.
by Cash Bailey
2004-03-23 01:03:33
by Bryan
2004-03-23 01:28:41
Take Back The Planet
by morningstar321
2004-03-23 02:20:40
This place is becoming the Fox News of movie websites
by St.Buggering
2004-03-23 02:22:11
Marker told us it was fiction
by DannyOcean01
2004-03-23 05:48:22
by Heleno
2004-03-23 06:14:52
The Oompa Lumpas should be played by Hulk Hogan
by Judge Doom
2004-03-23 07:55:42
by Pontsing Barset
2004-03-23 09:04:28
Willy Wonka has a beer and cheets on Charlie!
by raw_bean
2004-03-23 09:28:52
they should make wonka 2: electric boogaloo with hulk hogan as the blueberry girl and john waters as wonka
by zombiejesus666
2004-03-23 10:05:12
Kudos Mr A for putting the record straight
by Redundant
2004-03-23 10:37:26
Heh! you bad bugger bean!
by Pontsing Barset
2004-03-23 11:02:40
tim burton is the hottest tomboy bean pole on the planet
by cornstalkwalker
2004-03-23 13:05:01
So that whole stupid robot introduction isn't real?
by 007-11
2004-03-23 14:02:28
i can't believe the guy actually admits it's a "work of fiction" IN the "review" and harry puts it up anyway. good going dude. keep up the good work???
by BEARison Ford
2004-03-23 14:15:58
by Blok Narpin
2004-03-23 15:17:52
by NotchJohnson
2004-03-23 15:33:05
by MattyBoomStar
2004-03-23 18:17:50
Tim Burton is a genius, and Johnny Depp owns U all
2004-03-23 20:03:36
by Lion Fire
2004-03-24 00:37:58
By the way..
by Lion Fire
2004-03-24 00:39:46
More Hulk Hogan...
by AdonisFigure
2004-03-24 01:37:04
by DeadRapedDeer
2004-03-24 07:43:48
I knew it was a fake when it had Grando stealing the Glass Elevator to go out on a date.
by Can of Bees
2004-03-24 09:49:01
Now I want to read the book.
by islander
2004-03-27 01:05:51
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