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Deeds not words
Diane Atkinson
6th June 2005
On the anniversary of Emily Wilding Davison's fatal Derby Day protest, Diane Atkinson suggests there are links between the Edwardian suffragette and today's suicide bombers, and recounts the iconic moments of that historic event

Emily Wilding Davison's deadly dash on to the race course at Epsom on Derby Day, 4 June 1913, guaranteed her a place in history. Captured on 20 feet of silver nitrate, her blurred, jerky, silent movements have been playing ever since: an iconic moment in the struggle for women's liberation. But although her family and friends were shocked by her suicidal protest, they can hardly have been surprised. Three years of suffragette militancy had taken their toll; even the sympathetic press refused to publish her memoirs of her time in Strangeways and Holloway prisons. Davison may not have shared the . . . (continues: 1905 words)

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