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Action is Back on the Diamond in Macon

In due time these bases will be loaded, and hopefully so will the stands. The South Coast League of Professional Baseball entered into official contracts with the city of Macon and handed over a $32,000 dollar check to get the ball rolling.

Mayor C. Jack Ellis/ City of Macon
"We are just elated to have baseball coming back to Macon."

Jamie Toole is chief executive of the league and says Macon is the ideal spot to set up a team.

Jamie Toole/ South Coast League Chief Exec.
"Macon was a no brainer for us, in fact we recruited them from the very beginning, back in early summer of 2005 we made our initial contact with the ball park and the city. The history of baseball here at Luther Williams Field is pretty awesome and we are looking forward to building upon that history.

The city signed a three year deal with the new league who have actually only been up and running for about 9 months. But with six teams under their belt, they feel the public is ready for their product.

Jamie Toole/ South Coast League Chief Exec.
"We feel like with our brand of baseball and our commitment to the community its going to be a little different of what Macon's seen before."

Mike Anthony/ Dir. of Macon Bibb Co. Parks and Recreations
"They're here a year early from when the league opens. They are going to go out and meet the community, whether its schools."

Now this time around the league actually owns the team for the first year, and thats different from the past where before private owners owned the team. And the city says they are hoping that will be a positive move.

Mayor C. Jack Ellis/ City of Macon
"One with a commitment to this community ...we've never had before, from any owner group including the Braves in terms of what they plan to do with this community."

The new team will officially take the field in 2007.

Now this new team is going to need a name, and thats where you can help.
The league is having a "Name that Team" contest. Click on the Links Mentioned section of our web site.

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