DUS 2006
Individual GBN Members
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Russell Ackoff  
Consultant and educator, systems and management sciences; professor emeritus, University of Pennsylvania; author, The Democratic Corporation and Redesigning Society

Laurie Anderson  
(advisory) Performance artist, writer, and musician; creator, Home of the Brave, Stories for the Nerve Bible, and Songs and Stories from Moby Dick

Brian Arthur  
Economist and pioneer in complexity sciences, Santa Fe Institute; author, The Economy as an Evolving Complex System 

John Perry Barlow  
Grateful Dead lyricist; cofounder, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Wyoming rancher; fellow, Harvard Law School

Steve Barnett  
Anthropologist; president of consumer insights, SmartRevenue; visiting professor, e-commerce, the Wharton School; former strategist with OgilvyOne, Citibank, and Nissan; editor, The Nissan Report

Mary Catherine Bateson  
Anthropologist; visiting professor, Harvard University; professor emerita, George Mason University; author, Composing a Life and Full Circles, Overlapping Lives

Frank Beal  
Executive director, Chicago Metropolis 2020; former president, Inland International Inc.

Susan Blumenthal  
Physician; U.S. Rear Admiral; former assistant surgeon general and first deputy assistant secretary for women's health; medical adviser to the White House and the U.S. Department of Agriculture; Internet medicine pioneer

Raimondo Boggia  
Founder, X-sights (strategic visioning) and Boggia Partners (global/local brand equity assessment and positioning), Milan; former vice president, Fiat Group; author, Time of Uncertainty and Mondovisione

Albert Bressand  
Economist; former vice president, Global Business Environment, Shell International; founder, Prométhée, Paris; coauthor, In the Company of Visions and Enhanced Transparency: Meeting European Investors Needs

Larry Brilliant  

Physician, epidemiologist, technologist, philanthropist; executive director, Google.org; helped lead WHO's successful smallpox eradication efforts in India, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Iran; former professor, international health, University of Michigan; founder, The WELL, Cometa (WiFi); founder, Seva Foundation, combating blindness in developing countries

John Brockman  
Literary and software agent; president, Edge Foundation; author/editor, The Third Culture: Beyond the Scientific RevolutionDigerati: Encounters with the Cyber Elite The Greatest Inventions of the Past 2000 Years, and Curous Minds, How a Child Becomes a Scientist 

Peter Calthorpe  
Architect and planner of environmentally progressive community development and "new urbanism" design; author, The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl

William Calvin  
Neurobiologist, University of Washington; author, Conversations with Neil's Brain, The Cerebral Code, and A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change

Rob Carlson  
Physicist exploring the future of biology as technology; research scientist, electrical engineering, University of Washington; senior associate, Bio Economic Research Associates

Doug Carlston  
Technology entrepreneur; cofounder, ICPlanet and Broderbund Software; trustee, Santa Fe Institute

Denise Caruso  
Executive director, Hybrid Vigor Institute, supporting cross-disciplinary inquiry into science, technology, and social issues; leading technology commentator and entrepreneur; former technology columnist, The New York Times

Manuel Castells  
Professor of sociology and planning and chair, Center for Western European Studies, U.C. Berkeley; author, The Rise of the Network Society, The Power of Identity, The Internet Galaxy, and End of Millennium

Joseph Chamie  
Demographer, specializing in South and Western Asia; research director, Center for Migration Studies; former director, United Nations population division; 25 years with the U.N.

Eric Clemons  
Professor, operations and information management, Wharton School; director of Wharton's MBA e-commerce major and the Jones Center's research on strategic and competitive information systems, coauthor, The Marine Corps Way 

Sandy Close  
Journalism pioneer and executive director, Bay Area Institute/Pacific News Service; founder, YO! (Youth Outlook) and New California Media; MacArthur fellow

Chip Conley  
Founder and CEO, Joie de Vivre hospitality company; philanthropist focusing on teens at risk; author, The Rebel Rules: Daring to Be Yourself in Business

Doug Coupland  
Novelist, Generation X, Microserfs, All Families Are Psychotic. Contributor, The New York Times, Wired, Time, New Republic.

Ged Davis  
Managing director and head, Centre for Strategic Insight, World Economic Forum; former head of scenarios team, Royal Dutch/Shell; director of UNAIDS's "AIDS in Africa" scenario project

Arie de Geus  
Adviser, World Bank, government and financial institutions; visiting fellow, London Business School; former director, Shell International Petroleum; author, The Living Company

Mia de Kuijper  
Senior managing director and global head of transactions development, Bear Stearns; formerly vice president, AT&T; head of strategy and M&A, Pepsi Cola International; investment banker, Morgan Stanley and CS First Boston

Alain de Vulpian  
Analyst of sociocultural change in Europe and North America; founder, Groupe Cofremca and Sociovision, Paris

Leslie Dighton  
Founder and chair, Corporate Renewal Associates and The Chairman's Club, London, specializing in complex organizational change and management

K. Eric Drexler  
(advisory) Director, The Foresight Institute; author, Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology and Unbounding the Future

Gwynne Dyer  
Journalist; syndicated columnist on international affairs; military analyst; documentary radio and filmmaker; author, Ignorant Armies, Future Tense, and War (second edition)

Esther Dyson  
Publisher and editor, Release 1.0, technology newsletter; venture capitalist, Eastern Europe; author, Release 2.0, technology columnist; former chair, ICANN

Freeman Dyson  
Physicist, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University; author, Infinite in All Directions and Disturbing the Universe; recipient, 2000 Templeton Prize for progress in religion

Bo Ekman  
Founder, Nextwork AB, Stockholm; former CEO, SIFO Management Group and Volvo executive; author, Himmel och helvete (Heaven and Hell: On Enterprising, Power and Leadership)

Niles Eldredge  
Paleontologist, American Museum of Natural History; author, Reinventing Darwin, Dominion, and Rethinking Sex 

Douglas Engelbart  
Founder, The Bootstrap Institute; inventor and pioneer in personal, interpersonal, and organizational computing

Brian Eno  
Avant-garde artist and musician; producer of U2, David Bowie, and others; author, A Year

Gerard Fairtlough  
Biochemist and venture capitalist; former CEO, Shell Chemicals UK and Celltech Group; author, Creative Compartments and Getting Things Done

Betty Sue Flowers  
Poet; scenario writer; director, the LBJ Presidential Library; former English professor, University of Texas; author/coauthor of eight books, including The Power of Myth, Healing and the Mind, and Presence 

Francis Fukuyama  
International political economist; professor, Johns Hopkins University; consultant, the Rand Corporation; former deputy director, U.S. Department of State; author, The End of History, Trust, and Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution

Robert Fuller  
Citizen diplomat; former president, Oberlin College and professor, theoretical physics; author, Somebodies and Nobodies: Overcoming the Abuse of Rank

Peter Gabriel  
(advisory) British rock musician, composer, and world music producer; cofounder, On Demand Distribution (OD2); human rights activist

John Gage  
Cofounder and director of the science office, Sun Microsystems

Joel Garreau  
Geographic demographer; senior writer, The Washington Post; author, Radical Evolution, Edge City, and The Nine Nations of North America

William Gibson  
Science fiction writer, Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, All Tomorrow's Parties, and Pattern Recognition

Michel Godet  
Professor, strategic prospective, Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, Paris; author, Scenarios and Strategic Management and Creating Futures: Scenario Planning as a Strategic Management Tool

Brenda Gourley  
Vice chancellor, Open University, UK; former chancellor, University of Natal, South Africa; founding board member, the Centre for Higher Education Transformation

David Hale  
Global chief economist, Zürich Group

Gary Hamel  
Chairman, Woodside Institute; professor, London Business School; coauthor, Competing for the Future; author, Leading the Revolution

Charles Hampden-Turner  
Organizational psychologist, Judge Institute of Management Studies, Cambridge University; cofounder, Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Group; author, The Seven Cultures of Capitalism, Mastering the Infinite Game, and 21 Leaders for the 21st Century

David Harris  
Journalist and political analyst; author, Our War (on Vietnam), The Last Stand (on old-growth forests), Shooting the Moon (on Manuel Noriega), and The Crisis (on Iran) 

Paul Hawken  
Chair, The Natural Step; cofounder, Metacode, Groxis, and Smith & Hawken; author, Growing a Business and The Ecology of Commerce; coauthor, Natural Capitalism

Barbara Heinzen  
Geographer and scenarist specializing in public/private development processes in advanced and developing countries; author, Feeling for Stones

J.C. Herz  
Principal, Joystick Nation, a research and design firm applying principles of game design to products, services, and learning systems; first New York Times video game citic and a technology columnist; author, Surfing on the Internet and Joystick Nation

Daniel Hillis  
Inventor and computer scientist; cofounder, Applied Minds and The Long Now Foundation; former Disney fellow and vice president, R&D; founder, Thinking Machines; author, The Pattern in the Stone

James Hillman  
(advisory) Jungian analyst; author, Kinds of Power, The Soul's Code, and A Terrible Love of War; founder, Spring Publications; former director of studies, Jung Institute

John Holdren  
Professor, environmental policy, Harvard University; chair, executive committee, Pugwash conferences; author; MacArthur fellow

Robert Hormats  
Economist; vice chair, Goldman Sachs International; author, Reforming the International Monetary Systems

Robert Horn  
Political scientist and visual communicator, Stanford University; founder, Information Mapping. Inc.; author, Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century

Charles House  
Founder, the Center for Information Technology and Society, U.C. Santa Barbara; former executive with Dialogic and other technology, software, and communications companies, including 28 years with Hewlett Packard

Joel Hyatt  
Entrepreneur; CEO, IndTV; lecturer, Stanford Business School; founder, Hyatt Legal Services and Hyatt Legal Plans; coauthor, The Long Boom

Joe Jaworski  
(advisory) Cofounder, Generon Consulting and The Global Institute for Responsible Leadership; former head of scenario planning, Royal Dutch/Shell; author, Synchronicity: The Inner Path of Leadership; coauthor, Presence 

Kathryn Johnson  
Healthcare advocate and educator; president and CEO Health infoSource; former president, The Healthcare Forum

Shaun Jones  
Navy commander and physician; advisor on advanced medical science and technologies to the national security community; former program manager, DARPA; assistant professor, National Naval Medical Center

William Joy  
Venture partner, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byer; cofounder and former chief scientist, Sun Microsystems; software architect and technology futurist; author, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us

Adam Kahane  
Cofounder, Generon Consulting and The Global Leadership Initiative; facilitator, national scenario projects in South Africa (Mont Fleur), Colombia, Guatemala; former scenarist, Royal Dutch/Shell; author, Solving Tough Problems

John Kao  
Serial innovator; founder The Idea Factory; former director, executive innovation programs at Harvard and Stanford; film and theater producer; author, Jamming

Bruce Katz  
(advisory) Chair, The WELL, Hooked, and Rosewood Stone Group; founder, The Rockport Shoe Company

Kevin Kelly  
Writer on technology, culture, and change; former executive editor, Wired; author, New Rules for the New Economy and Out of Control: The Rise of Neo-Biological Civilization

Irene King  
Economist; former vice president, commodities research, and senior energy economist, JP Morgan

Art Kleiner  
Editor-in-chief, Strategy + Business; instructor, New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program; author, The Age of Heretics; coauthor, The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, Dances with Change, and Schools That Learn

George Lakoff  
Cognitive linguist; professor of linguistics, U.C. Berkeley; author, Metaphors We Live By, Moral Politics, and Philosophy in the Flesh: How the Embodied Mind Challenges the Western Tradition, and Don't Think of an Elephant 

Jaron Lanier  
Composer and musician; computer scientist; visual artist; writer; virtual reality pioneer; lead scientist, The National Tele-immersion Initiative; visiting scholar, Columbia University

Lawrence Lasker  
Independent film writer/producer; co-producer, Awakenings and Sneakers

Jaap Leemhuis  
Economist and specialist in scenario and strategy development; cofounder, Fairsights; former president, GBN Europe; 25 years in planning and management with Royal Dutch/Shell; musician and former Olympian

David Liddle  
Founding partner, US Ventures; cofounder, Interval Research; chair, Santa Fe Institute board of trustees; computer science professor, Stanford University

Amory Lovins  
Energy efficiency pioneer; cofounder and CEO of research, Rocky Mountain Institute; director of Hypercar Inc., MacArthur fellow; coauthor, Natural Capitalism and Winning the Oil Endgame 

Michael Maccoby  
Organizational psychologist; president, The Maccoby Group; consultant on leadership and strategy; author, The Gamesman, Why Work?, and The Productive Narcissist; coauthor, Agents of Change

Thomas Malone  
Professor, information systems, MIT; director, Center for Coordination Science and the Inventing the Organzations of the 21st Century Initiative; author, The Future of Work 

Lynn Margulis  
Biologist; professor, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; devisor of the symbiotic theory of cell evolution; coauthor, Five Kingdoms and What Is Life?

Nancy Maynard  
Media consultant; president, Maynard Partners Inc.; former publisher, Oakland Tribune; attorney; journalist; author, Mega Media

Pamela McCorduck  
Science and technology writer; author, Machines Who Think and Aaron's Code; coauthor, The Futures of Women

Jon McIntire  
(advisory) Artist, entertainment consultant, and screenwriter; former manager, the Grateful Dead

Irving Mintzer  
Economist and environmentalist; editor, Global Change

Ian Mitroff  
(advisory) Founder, the Center for Crisis Management, University of Southern California; author, Business NOT as Usual, Smart Thinking for Crazy Times, and A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America

Michael Murphy  
Cofounder, Esalen Institute; author, The Kingdom of Shivas Irons, Golf in the Kingdom, and The Future of the Body; coauthor, The Life We Are Given

Michael Naylor  
Management consultant; former president, global operations, Rubbermaid; past director, strategic planning, General Motors

Edward Newland  
(advisory)International energy consultant; former head of scenario planning, Royal Dutch/Shell

Maureen O'Hara  
Clinical psychologist; emeritus president, Saybrook Graduate School; educator, writer, and innovator in human and gender relations, organizational and relational psychology, the future of consciousness; video producer, Myths that Maim

Pierre Omidyar  
Philanthropist and entrepreneur; chair and CEO, Omidyar Network; chair, eBay

Walter Parkes  
President, Dreamworks SKG; film producer, Awakenings, Gladiator, Minority Report

John Petersen  
President and founder, the Arlington Institute; specialist in national security issues; author, Out of the Blue: Wild Cards and Other Big Future Surprises and The Road to 2015

Michael Pillsbury  
Senior fellow, Atlantic Council; former assistant undersecretary of defense and congressional adviser on national security, intelligence, and Asia; author, Chinese Views of Future Warfare

Michael Porter  
(advisory) Professor, Harvard Business School; cofounder, Monitor Consulting; author, Competitive Strategy and The Competitive Advantage of Nations; coauthor, Can Japan Compete?

Rafael Ramírez  
Fellow, Oxford University; associate professor of management, Groupe HEC, France; author, Designing Interactive Strategy and Prime Movers; coauthor, Agents of Change: Crossing the Post-Industrial Divide

Nancy Ramsey  
Writer, futurist, entrepreneur; president, Morning Star Imports; former legislative assistant; coauthor, Nuclear Weapons Decision Making and The Futures of Women

Howard Rheingold  

Author, Tools for Thought, The Virtual Community, Smart Mobs; founder, Electric Minds; two-decade track record of foreseeing and interpreting the societal impacts of information and communications technologies

Chris Riley  
Founder, Studio Riley, specializing in brand strategy and communications design; former head of strategic planning at Wieden & Kennedy Worldwide; founding director, the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art

Richard Rodriguez  
Author, Brown: The Last Discovery of America, Hunger of Memory, and Days of Obligation; associate editor, Pacific News Service; contributing editor, Harper's; essayist, Jim Lehrer News Hour

Heather Ross  
Scholar, Resources for the Future; former member, U.S. National Economic Council; former regional coordinator, BP Europe

Paul Saffo  
Director, Institute for the Future; specialist in emerging information, communications, and consumer technologies

Brian Sager  
Entrepreneur; life sciences venture, technical, and management adviser; biochemist; founder, Nanosolar, a nanotechnology startup; new classical music composer

Jonathan Sallet  
Attorney specializing in technology, public policy, and politics, Glover Park Group; former assistant secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce; presidential campaign strategist

AnnaLee Saxenian  
Political scientist specializing in regional economic development and information technology; dean, School of Information Management and Systems and professor, city and regional planning, U.C. Berkeley; author, Regional Advantage and Silicon Valley's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Ed Schein  
Organizational psychologist and author; professor emeritus and senior lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management; author, Organizational Culture and Leadership

Orville Schell  
Dean, Graduate School of Journalism, U.C. Berkeley; China scholar and journalist; author, Discos and Democracy, Mandate of Heaven, and Virtual Tibet

Lee Schipper  
International transport expert who took Shell Foundation's sustainable transport program to the World Resources Institute; jazz musician

Michael Schrage  
Writer and consultant on digital innovation and collaboration; fellow, MIT Media Lab; author, Shared Minds and Serious Play

Russell Schweickart  
Consultant, satellite technology and space development; Apollo 9 astronaut; cofounder, Association of Space Explorers and the B612 Foundation (addressing astereoids) 

Clay Shirky  
Consultant, teacher, and writer on the social, cultural, and economic effects of Internet technologies; adjunct professor, NYU's graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program; former vice president, New York chapter, Electronic Frontier Foundation

David Sibbet  
Organizational consultant and information designer; founder, The Grove Consultants, specializing in the design, development, and distribution of tools for collaboration

Alexander Singer  
Film and television director ("Star Trek," "Hill Street Blues"); consultant on digital technology in entertainment and media

Gary Snyder  
(advisory) Poet and author, Turtle Island and Mountains and Rivers Without End; professor, U.C. Davis; homesteader; Buddhist ecologist

Neal Soss  
Managing director, senior adviser, and chief economist, Credit Suisse First Boston; former vice president, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Robert Spinrad  
Information technology consultant; former vice president, technology strategy, Xerox; former director of Xerox PARC

Angela Stent  
(advisory) Foreign policy professor specializing in Russia and Eastern Europe, Georgetown University; author, Russia and Germany Reborn

Karen Stephenson  
Anthropologist; president, NetForm, specializing in research and consulting on virtual work and human networks; visiting professor, University of London

Bruce Sterling  
Science fiction writer, The Hacker Crackdown, Holy Fire, and Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years; popular science journalist; catalyst, the Viridian movement; design instructor 

Nan Stone  
Historian; partner, Bridgespan, specializing in strategy for nonprofits; writer on management ideas and practices; former director, the Peter Drucker Institute; former editor, Harvard Business Review

Hirotaka Takeuchi  
Dean of the graduate school of international corporate strategy, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo; visiting professor, Harvard Business School; coauthor, The Knowledge Creating Company and Can Japan Compete?

Hardin Tibbs  
Scenarist and pioneer in sustainability and industrial ecology and design; founder, Synthesys Strategic Conuslting, U.K.; former consultant, Global Business Network and Arthur D. Little 

Joseph Traub  
Pioneer in complexity research; professor of computer science, Columbia University and the Santa Fe Institute; author, Complexity and Information

Fons Trompenaars  
Cofounder, Trompenaars Hampden-Turner Group; consultant of cross-cultural management; coauthor, Building Cross-Cultural Competence and Twenty-One Leaders; author, Did the Pedestrian Die? Insights from the World's Greatest Culture Guru

Sherry Turkle  
Computer sociologist, professor, and director, Initiative on Technology and Self, MIT; author, Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet

Laura Tyson  
Economist; dean, London Business School and former dean, Haas School of Business, U.C. Berkeley; former National Economic Adviser to President Clinton and chair, council of economic advisers; author, Who’s Bashing Whom?: Trade Conflict in High Technology Industries

Kees van der Heijden  
Management professor, Strathclyde University, Glasgow; former head of scenario planning, Royal Dutch/Shell; author, Scenarios: The Art of Strategic Conversation; coauthor, The Sixth Sense

Herman van Gunsteren  
Political theorist, Leiden University; pianist; author, The Quest for Control, A Theory of Citizenship, and Stopping

Vernor Vinge  
Science fiction writer, A Fire Upon the Deep; retired professor of mathematics and computer science, San Diego State University

Heinrich Vogel  
Specialist on Russian and Eastern European transformation; board member, German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Berlin; retired professor

Peter Warshall  
Biological anthropologist; consulting ecologist to the UN, African nations, and American Indian tribes; former editor, Whole Earth Review

Carl Weinberg  
Principal, Weinberg Associates; specialist in renewable and distributed power systems and research and development; former manager, Pacific Gas & Electric

Anders Wijkman  
Member, European Parliament, focusing on sustainable development; Ambassador, Swedish Foreign Ministry; former assistant director, Bureau for Policy and Program Support, United Nations Development Program; former director general, Swedish Red Cross

Lawrence Wilkinson  
Founder, Heminge & Condell, an investment and advisory firm; cofounder and vice chair, Oxygen Media; film and television producer; cofounder and former president, GBN

Alain Wouters  
Viability entrepreneur, pioneering the use of integrated, human-centered, systemic approaches to enable viable enterprises and solutions; founder, Whole Systems, Belgium; coauthor, The Millennium Bug

Daniel Yergin  
President, Cambridge Energy Research Associates; author, The Prize; coauthor, Russia 2010

Michael Zielenziger  
Former Tokyo-based bureau chief for Knight Ridder; long-time Asia-Pacific foreign correspondent; Pulitzer Prize finalist; author, Shutting Out the Sun: How Japan Lost Its Way

Andrew Zolli  
Founder, Z+ Partners, a foresight, brand, and design lab; futurist, Popular Science magazine; curator, Pop!Tech conference; former chief marketing officer, Seigel & Gale brand strategists; editor, Catalog of Tomorrow

John Zysman  
Professor, political economy, U.C. Berkeley; director, Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy (BRIE)

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