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Projects - Jam Side Down

Launched the new weblog for Alibris CEO Martin Manley Jam Side Down.

Projects - The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit

Launched the companion site for the book, The Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit.

Projects - Dave's Not Here

Launched the new design of Dave's Not Here, including automatically-generating photoblog pages, powered by these two very helpful plugins: Brandon Fuller's MT-PhotoGallery plugin and Stepan Riha's Grid plugin

Projects - Weblog Awards

Launched the redesign of the Weblog Awards

Projects - Japundit Logo

Designed several logos for Japanese culture blog Japundit.


Projects -

Launched the new weblog.

Projects - HobNobBlog

Launched the new weblog for group behind, HobNobBlog.

Projects - Tammy

Launched the redesign the website of talk radio's Tammy Bruce, featuring an integrated MT powered weblog and a sideblog into which she throws quick snippets during her radio show.

Projects - Skylink Networks

Launched the weblog to go with Skylink Networks brand new site.

Projects - Red State Patriot

Launched the new blog Red State Patriot.

Projects - Room 12A

Launched the the new blog Room 12A

Projects - Michael

fumento.gifLaunched the redesign of the Michael website. The site also features an integrated weblog, with excerpts from the last few entries pulled onto the main page for quicker thumbnail browsing.

Projects - Hugh Hewitt.

Launched the redesign of the website of radio host Hugh Hewitt.

Projects - Northern Plains Fire

npf.gifLaunched the website for Northern Plains Fire, Inc.

Like many other businesses, NPF has discovered the benefit of having a weblog integrated into their site, the better to make quick updates and receive instant feedback from their target audience.

Projects - A Guy In New York E-zine

Utilizing the highly flexible Movable Type, we launched the A Guy In New York, an e-zine about the "good (and affordable) places to eat and fun things to see and do in Manhattan."


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