'To Hell With Motives'

In Passing 'Look Alive' $10
CafFiends 'Fission, Fusion and Things Made of Concrete' $10
Odd Project 'The Second Hand Stopped' $10
South Carolina Softcore at its best. Full Length out April 25th 2006!
Posted by Glory of This - James on Mar 13, 2006

Thats right. We pretty much have the rest of the year on the road it seems like. Make sure to make your way over to the tour page or our site at Our Myspace!!!

Check for updates on that and for our new record updates!!! Set to be released July 11th.

Glory of This done in the Studio!
Posted by Glory of This - James on Mar 04, 2006

Thats right. Glory of This' new record "The Lover, The Liar, The Ruse" is officially mastered and sounding phenomenal. We are currently sleeping our last night in Vudu Studios in Freeport, NY and have a few shows on the way home. We'll be spending most of March earning some loot and making sure we have everything tight for our 4+ months of solid touring coming up starting in April. Stay excited and get motivated because the GOT train is coming through and you better have a ticket or you are getting booted!!! ARGHHHHHH
Your Eyes My Dreams
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Feb 28, 2006

Has posted a track from their June 6th release "Weapons are Useless" here.
A5A Reissue now in!
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Feb 24, 2006

That's right, we have it in at the store two weeks before anywhere else. New layout, live songs, and enhanced disc features...order away.
Glory of This Daily Studio Videos
Posted by James - Glory of This on Feb 12, 2006

Our website and myspace both host daily videos of our studio performance and progress. Each one comes with a written summary of accomplishments. Once again they are updated daily. For the whole diary go to our myspace and its in the blog. Thanks for checking in. Keep up to date with the tours and all.
Across Five Aprils Video Shoot
Posted by Whiskeyjack on Feb 04, 2006

Wednesday February 15th @ Vito's in Valdosta Georgia, Across Five Aprils will be playing alongside labelmates Lokyata and shooting a new music video for their upcoming full length. Free Across Five Aprils/Lokyata poster, Indianola Records Sampler CD, and other assorted swag for the first 50 paying customers. Doors @ 7 Show @ 8. For directions, price, and other info click here. Everyone come out, support the bands, get crazy, have some fun and get in the video.
Back to the Front: A Jealousy Issue rejoin Active Roster
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Jan 28, 2006

After some time off, Duane Jealousy departing the band and returning, and the addition of a second vocalist for a dual attack, we are happy to announce AJI is on board for their next full length which they are currently writing for release later this year. Rumor is that the band is also looking to get out and do some shows/touring in the near future as well. Stay tuned.
A Day to Remember Seeks New Drummer
Posted by ADTR on Jan 27, 2006

A Day to Remember is currently looking for a new drummer. Said person needs to be able tour whenever and wherever starting as early as February 15th. Must also be willing to practice two times a week minimum in Ocala Florida and be familiar with the bands current full length. If your interested contact
New Glory of This Demo Up!!!
Posted by Glory of James on Jan 18, 2006

Thats right. We are actually working on some stuff. We are writing and trying to track all while living our double lives as lawn furniture. This is a rough version of stuff that we are sending in to our producer. You can hear it at our myspace page.

The song is complete with lyrics and gang vocals, and sweet potato pie. It will only be up for a few days so get your fill of it if you'd like. Hopefully we'll have another one up next week this time too. Just to get a few up and out before the record!.

Rock it.

Where I Am Now

Glory of This
Posted by Colonel Sanders on Jan 08, 2006

Preorder LOKYATA'S debut record Purified by Anger NOW!

If you haven't checked them out yet, do so.
Odd Project
Posted by Indianola Matt on Dec 29, 2005

Check out a new demo track the band has posted on their myspace site here.
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Dec 16, 2005

Dover Delaware’s YOUR EYES MY DREAMS recently signed a deal with us and we are happy to have them on board. The band is currently recording their debut record with Century’s Carson Slovak at Aurora Studios. The 11 track effort entitled “Weapons are Useless” is due out May 23rd. To listen to the band’s demo recordings please click here.

Also, in a somewhat belated announcement, Erie PA hardcore outfit STRUCK DOWN signed a deal in last few months with Indianola and will be releasing their debut album entitled “Revolution” January 10th. To listen to some tracks from the album click here.

We are very excited about both these bands and hope you are too!
Across Five Aprils News and Notes
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Dec 05, 2005

For those who didn't know, we are happy to announce that Across Five Aprils has resigned with Indianola and will be entering Earthsound Studios in February to record their second full length. The record is as of yet untitled but more info will be coming soon. In other news, on March 14th we will be reissuing their debut full length "A Tragedy in Progress" with new artwork and added live tracks along with enhanced disc features containing music videos, pictures, and live footage. Finally, check the tour section for an upcoming tour with labelmates Glory of This.
New Signing
Posted by Indianola Matt on Nov 29, 2005

We'd like to welcome Jacksonville Florida's LOKYATA to the Indianola roster. The band's Indianola debut "Purified by Anger" will be released Februrary 7th. Check out some unmasterd tracks here. Finally, LOKYATA will be touring the east coast in December so check out the Tour dates section.
Posted by sirFaceBrian on Nov 28, 2005

Well here it is. After months of delays and setbacks we've finally rolled out the new site and it seems to be running well. If there's any bugs or problems please email and we'll get right on it.

Oh ya and; welcome Firefox and Opera users (Finally!!).
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Nov 22, 2005

I know, I know, it's been a long time coming and yes we know that this site does not work with anything but Internet Explorer it seems but we are 2-3 weeks away now from a new site so thank you for all your patience. When the new site goes up there will be lots of new band announcements as well as other news that you may or may not have heard through the rumor mill by now. Finally, The Never Enders cd “Air Raid Romance” came out today, you can buy it here or hopefully at a store near you. Want to see them live? Well their video is on the front page of the site.
Caldwell Tour
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Nov 01, 2005

Dates added for The Fully Down, Caldwell, and Mason tour in the tour section.
Life in Your Way Dates
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Nov 01, 2005

Some dates from their upcoming European tour have been added to the dates section.
Across Five Aprils Video Updates
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Oct 17, 2005

The band will be appearing on an upcoming DVD entitled “This Ain’t Your Mom’s Hardcore”. For more bands appearing on the DVD and a rough edit of Across Five Aprils video of “Saving Seats” click here. In other A5A news, the band’s video for “Blue-Eyed Suicide” is this weeks featured Video at Fuse TV’s myspace page, go check it out.
Cancellations & Additions
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Sep 23, 2005

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control, A5A has had to cancel the remainder of their current tour. In all likelihood however they will be out of the road in the near future so keep checking back here for updates. In the addition department we have added a good deal of dates of Life in Your Way’s October tour with Inked in Blood along with select dates with Alove for Enemies. You might find some random tour additions for other Indianola artist’s as well in the tour section so go check it out.
Life In Your Way
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Aug 28, 2005

More tour happenings with the first wave of fall Life in Your Way dates added to the tour section. More dates coming as well on their late November/December European tour.
Indianola Bands Gearing Up For Tour
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Aug 24, 2005

If you hadn't noticed, Across Five Aprils has been added to the upcoming Glory of This tour. Go to the tour dates section to get more info. In other tour news, A Day to Remember will be heading out with Foreknown and Blessed by a Broken Heart in late September and October. The first few tour dates were just posted. Finally, Caldwell will be hitting the road with The Hope of Change in October, keep checking back for those tour dates.
Oingo Boingo Tribute Giveaway
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Jul 31, 2005

Throughtout the month of August here
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Jul 20, 2005

Just to let everyone know, a new site is indeed close to being uploaded; along with the new site there is going to be a lot of news involving signings and an old friend coming back to do another record. Prepare to see the Indianola band roster drastically changed!!!
Glory of This Dates
Posted by IndianolaMatt on Jul 14, 2005

More Tour Dates have been added...

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